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Why your home needs power cords for safety purposes

Our homes are a central part of our lives and electric devices are an integral part of our home. We use several electronic devices in our home, both large and small. While most of us are extremely reliant on these electric gadgets to have a smooth day, we often neglect taking care of them. We need to maintain these so that they can serve us for longer. When we buy any electronics, the main instructions that come with it is proper installation. This part is vital and may affect the functioning and the life of the device. Therefore you need to have the gadget installed correctly.

One of the many ways to ensure this is to have appropriate installation. All electronic devices survive on electricity for their functioning. One of the most critical aspects of a safe home is proper wiring. It is necessary to have good wiring to support heavy electronics and minimize loss due to a short circuit. Some times, the power outlets in our homes may be at inconvenient locations for our use. In such cases, power extension cords become our savior. Power extension cords provide us with a solution to help connect our electronics with a proper power outlet. However, power cords come in a variety of sizes and you should use them safely. Though power extension cords may be quite convenient at times, they can wreak havoc if not used properly. While out shopping for a power cord, you may come across a ton of options. Different power cords serve different purposes.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while buying and using power cords safely in your home - 

1. Choose your power cord wisely-

There are many power cords on the market which are intended for a specific use. Good quality and safe electrical cords are essential if you are using them to power heavy electronics like a dishwasher or a T.V. It is crucial to match your gadgets voltage requirements while buying an electrical cord. Also, the cord should be able to withstand the resistance from the gadget. If all this confuses you, you can always take the help of a professional to guide you into buying the right electrical cord for your requirements. 

2. Follow the instructions on the power cords of the devices-

Many a time, the electronics come with an instruction manual. You can go through this manual to find out about the power required for the device to operate normally. You cannot use extension cords with certain devices for a variety of reasons. In such cases, you may want to get the help of an electrician to install a proper power outlet in the wall and refrain from using an extension cord

3. Do not try to modify any part of the power cord by yourself-

You need to refrain from cutting the length of the cord or taking off any prongs as it may alter the safety feature of the device. Any modifications to the power cord may be quite dangerous. Also, most of the power cords are not suitable for outdoors. Being exposed to the elements can corrode their outer layer and may lead to electrocution. You should install power cords only as instructed.

4. You should use extension power cords only as a temporary option-

This is the most basic rule for using an extension cord. These only serve as a temporary solution. Extension power cords although convenient, may not be as safe as your typical power outlet. Also, due to the ease of use, there are more chances of them being misused. Therefore, it is crucial to connect your electronic device to a power outlet for a more permanent solution.

5. Refrain from plugging in too many gadgets into your power extension cord-

Though power extension cords have multiple outlets, it is essential not to overload them. This may cause the power cord to heat up and cause a fire. If you are using a power cord to power heavy appliances, it may be sensible not to use it for anything else. You may have to add the wattage of smaller electronic items before plugging them into a power cord to avoid overload.


A safe home depends on some factors. For example, monitoring your power cords periodically to check for corrosion or other signs of wear and tear will help protect your gadgets and your loved ones from any catastrophe. Also, you are required to keep electrical cords and outlets away from the reach of children or pets. If you have a toddler at home, it may be smart to childproof these electrical outlets for their safety. Keeping your electrical gadgets in a good condition is a good way towards achieving your goal of a safe environment for your family

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Why your home needs power cords for safety purposes


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