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Benefits Of Cold Showers

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Are there any benefits of cold showers? Is it worthwhile to stand under cold running water? These are questions that many ask whenever the subject of bathing under cold water is brought up. You will find that a lot of people will not take a cold shower. In fact, they would rather skip it all together than expose their bodies to cold water. The truth of the matter is cold showers are good for us. In fact, if you knew just how good it is to bathe your body in cold water, you would make an effort of doing it as often as possible.

How does the body react to cold water?

First of all, what qualifies as a cold shower? Well, it is when you bathe with water that is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In waters of such temperatures, you will end up shivering and gnashing your teeth. However, it’s good to note that apart from the initial shock of the cold water touching your skin, the Body does adapt.

Our bodies can adapt quickly to changing temperatures. You’ve probably had to take a cold shower and used the inch by inch trick. It’s where you first wet a toe, the hand, and the shoulders and so on until your whole body is wet. Soon you find you are showering in the cold water that you were afraid of to jump into before. That is a clear example of how our bodies quickly adapt to drastic changes in temperature.

Is cold water really good for the body?

Once you get under a cold shower, you can keep the momentum going by thinking about all the great things it’s doing for your body. Surprisingly enough, washing in cold water has lots of benefits. It's a secret that many health enthusiasts, athletes, and physiotherapists have tapped into when it comes to keeping the body strong and healthy.

- Cold shower to improve metabolism

Top of the list of benefits of cold showers is improved metabolism. So it’s safe to say that you can use cold showers to cut down on unwanted weight. Although you cannot rely on this to shed large amounts of weight, it does help shed off a few here and there. It occurs when the body burns more calories to generate warmth that will counteract the effects of the cold water. It’s like the body is adding more wood to the fire to make it bigger and help it beat the cold. The wood in this analogy is those excess calories you carry around. In this way, making a habit of taking a cold shower will help your body burn unwanted calories, and with time it can help make quite a difference in your weight loss journey.

- Cold showers for circulation

Bathing in cold water can also increase circulation in the body. Even though it’s uncomfortable initially when you shower with cold water, you always come out feeling invigorated. It’s caused by the body boosting circulation to maintain your basic body temperature. The result is increased heartbeat and supply of oxygen into your veins that will leave you feeling flushed, alert and energized. It’s the best way to start a sluggish day! Just stand under a shower of cold water for a few minutes, and you will be revving to go.

- Boost muscle recovery with a cold shower

When you get back from a strenuous day of physical activity, the tendency is to take a hot bath. However, the best way to deal with those aching muscles is to have a cold shower. Among the well - known benefits of cold showers especially for athletes is promoting quick muscle recovery. That’s why you will find athletes taking an ice bath after a hard day of training. It helps them avoid the aches that come after a strenuous workout and helps their bodies recover faster ready for another day of sports practice.

- Cold showers for great skin

One of the things that beauticians encourage is that we splash cold water over the skin after a warm bath. Cold water can help you maintain healthy and moist skin. It closes off the skin pores and prevents moisture from escaping. You may not know this, but a hot shower or bath strips the skin of moisture leaving it dry and prone to irritation. If you must have a hot shower make sure you finish off with a burst of cold water to close off your pores and maintain healthy, glowing skin.

- Cold showers for a healthy heart

You can also boost your heart health by taking a cold shower every morning. Cold water forces the body to increase blood circulation to keep you warm. It requires the blood vessels to pump blood faster thereby boosting the rate at which your heart pumps blood. Keep in mind that the heart is a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. So boosting the rate at which it pumps blood is a good way of strengthening it. It’s the reason why cardiovascular exercises are so important.

- Cold showers and immunity

One of the least known benefits of cold showers is that it helps increase the body’s resistance to disease. It’s hard to see how your body’s immunity and a cold shower connect but it’s true. When you expose your body to cold water, it responds by increasing metabolism to protect you. In the process, the immune system revs up and releases white blood cells into the body to keep you from getting deathly ill from cold. The white blood cells are shot into the bloodstream to help prevent your body from catching any viruses. In the process, the body also strengthens its defense against other ailments.

- Cold showers and testosterone

Yes, that’s right! A cold shower can increase your testosterone thereby improving your libido. So the idea that men need to take a cold shower to damp down their sexual urges during a heated moment is wrong. For that, you need to focus your thoughts on other matters to stop the juices flowing. A cold shower increases the libido by boosting testosterone production, the same way it raises your energy levels. It’s the reason you feel energized and invigorated after a cold shower or bath.

- Stress reduction using a cold shower

We always focus on taking a warm bath after a stressful day. While it’s not a bad idea, an even better one would be to take a cold shower. When you step into the shower feeling dull and stressed you are sure to come out feeling sharp and with a positive attitude. It occurs because cold receptors send electric impulses to your brain from the nerve endings that result in a positive change of mood.

The cold also reduces the uric acid in your system and instead promotes the production of more Glutathione. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that ensures all other antioxidants in the body perform at their best. Just this boost of antioxidant power has a good effect on the body thereby reducing both physical and mental stress and flooding the body with feel-good hormones.

- Increase discipline and self-control by taking regular cold showers

One of the simplest ways to bend your whims to your will is to take a cold shower every morning. The act of getting out of the bed when the alarm rings and stepping into the cold shower without hesitation will improve your discipline significantly. Such an action takes a lot of focus and mental tenacity as you would just as easily lie back in bed or change the tap water to hot. The result is you become more in control of your impulses. If you stick to it and make it part of your daily routine, the discipline will soon trickle down to other areas of your life helping you to focus on and achieve other goals.

The benefits of cold showers are many, and hence it’s a good reason to incorporate them into your bathing rituals. You can start by finishing your hot showers with a few minutes under the cold water. With time you will find it easy to take a cold shower from start to finish. You can be sure that your body will be better for it!

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Benefits Of Cold Showers


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