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Go For It. Now.
Gym Quotes · 22:06 18 Sep 2017
“Go for it. Now.” Don’t wait. Don’t postpone anything. Go for it right now and chase your dreams. Make some magic happen today! Share this quote with someone you want… Read More
Doctor Frank · 18:00 18 Sep 2017
“Is medical marijuana really useful for managing pain?” Whilst the jury is out as to whether or not cannabis does function as a painkiller, and for what degrees of pain (mild, mo… Read More
Pilgrim Pathway/surv… · 14:55 18 Sep 2017
We all have that moment when we look in the mirror and truly see ourselves for the first time.  It might be the day of a big birthday, graduation from school, or for some, the diagnosis… Read More
Know Your Numbers Week 2017
Enhlife · 14:51 18 Sep 2017
Today marks the start of Blood Pressure UK’s flagship awareness campaign – Know Your Numbers Week 2017 (18th Sept – 24th Sept). This campaign encourages individuals in the… Read More
Blood In Semen
5 Easy Home Remedies… · 12:23 18 Sep 2017
Men feel anxious on seeing blood in their semen, during ejaculation. Hematospermia is the scientific term for this condition. It occurs in men usually after they attain the age of 40 years… Read More
The Hippocratic Post · 10:23 18 Sep 2017
National Eye Health Week (18 – 24 September 2017) aims to help improve the nation’s eye health. This short was an entry for the cathedral eye clinic. The brief was to make a… Read More
Too Much Awareness?
Childhood Obesity Ne… · 10:00 18 Sep 2017
This topic belongs in the “Everything You Know Is Wrong” category, especially during the official Childhood Obesity Month. Is there such a thing as too much awareness? Dr. Eric… Read More
Tips For A Healthy D… · 06:28 18 Sep 2017
What you can expect from IHHC Home Health Care Services: Introduction to IHHCEnsuring the highest standards in quality home health care It is vital that patients co… Read More