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Is Rice Bran Oil Healthy? 
2022-08-17 09:15
Extracted from rice bran, the outer layer of a grain of rice, rice bran oil is a common cooking oil in many Asian countries. Rice bran is a natural byproduct of rice milling, so it is typic… Read More
Why Does Coffee Make You Poop?
2022-08-15 09:04
Are you one of the millions of people who drink coffee? If you are, you probably know that coffee puts a little pep in your step and sets your bowels in motion. According to several surveys… Read More
Key Lime Pie Pudding
2022-08-13 17:36
The zesty and refreshing flavor of key lime pie in a jar of raw vegan deliciousness? Oh yes, we made that happen for you because we like to enjoy the sweeter things in life. Even though we… Read More
Golden Milk Chia Pudding
2022-08-12 17:43
For the people who work out a lot or need a little more sustenance, chia pudding is an excellent meal option. It contains lots of protein, fiber, and healthy fats that help to keep you full… Read More
5 Steps Towards Optimal Hydration
2022-08-12 09:30
Without water, you cannot survive. That makes it a pretty important liquid, to put it lightly. There are numerous reasons that you should drink enough water every single day of your life. F… Read More
Lemon Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
2022-08-10 17:32
Ready for a nutritionally balanced, zesty, refreshing, and filling smoothie? If yes, then you clicked on the right recipe. Made with eight ingredients, including blueberries, lemon, and avo… Read More
Tart Cherry Sorbet
2022-08-08 17:43
Summer is stone fruit season, which means that summer is cherry season! If you have the the ability, go to a cherry orchard and take part in some cherry picking. It’s a great activity… Read More
3-Ingredient Cantaloupe Smoothie
2022-08-06 17:45
Made with juicy, refreshing cantaloupe, banana, and freshly squeezed orange juice, this naturally sweet smoothie is perfect for summer. Not only is it an energizing and filling breakfast, b… Read More
Zucchini Noodles In A Lemon Tahini Sauce
2022-08-05 17:42
Every now and again, you come across a sauce that is a game changer. It makes you stop and think about all the other sauces, dressings, and marinades that you’ve eaten in your life. W… Read More
Drink Up: Health Benefits Of Cucumber Water
2022-08-05 09:04
Do you want a cheap and flavorful way to improve your hydration game while improving other areas of your health? You just found it in the form of cucumber water! Water helps to lubricate th… Read More
Dragon Fruit Banana Sorbet
2022-08-03 18:00
When the weather is hot, you want something refreshing to cool you down. Rather than eating a frozen dairy-based ice cream treat that can overheat you and cause inflammation, you can opt fo… Read More
Homemade All-Natural Eye Makeup Remover
2022-08-02 09:27
Who wants to save money and apply natural ingredients to the face in order to remove eye makeup? Everyone, we assume, because looking your best has a lot to do with what you put on your ski… Read More
Cantaloupe Gazpacho
2022-08-01 17:41
We hold a special place in our hearts for gazpacho. There’s something about the silky smooth texture and chilled, vibrant flavors that are very addicting. The cold, blended mixture se… Read More
5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yellow Squash
2022-08-01 09:34
It’s a yellow zucchini, right? Yellow squash is actually much less popular than zucchini, despite the fact that it is just as nutritious. Yellow squash is a form of summer squash that… Read More
Raw Vegan Cherry Lemonade Pops
2022-07-30 17:48
The great thing about a popsicle is that it doesn’t have to an elaborate concoction of artificial flavors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Shocking, we know, but the majority of store… Read More
DIY Honey Tea Face Wash
2022-07-30 09:14
Some people have naturally dry skin, so they frantically look for cleansers and moisturizers that help lock in moisture. It can be difficult to find cleansers that don’t dry your face… Read More
7 Surprising Foods That Have Added Sugars
2022-07-28 09:11
Everyone needs to pay closer attention to their intake of added sugars. So many foods have sneaky names for sugars, and the average person doesn’t read nutrition labels properly. The… Read More
Healthy Frozen Lemonade
2022-07-27 17:34
There’s nothing quite like sipping homemade lemonade on a hot summer day. It’s tart, refreshing, and nostalgic, but it often contains a lot of sugar or excess calories. If you&r&helli…Read More
The Best Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites
2022-07-26 09:18
If you make it through summer without a single mosquito bite, consider yourself one of the luckiest people in the world. Mosquitos are a nuisance, even if they don’t all spread diseas… Read More
Creamy Cashew Dill Salad Dressing
2022-07-25 17:48
Do you ever feel like you whip up a recipe without putting much thought into it? You examine what you have to work with and churn something out that ends up being a tasty creation. This is… Read More
4 Reasons To Add Broccolini To Your Diet
2022-07-25 09:21
Similar to broccoli, broccolini is a cruciferous vegetable that has a delicate texture and impressive nutritional profile. It is a hybrid between broccoli and Chinese broccoli, also known a… Read More
Summer Heirloom Tomato Salad
2022-07-23 17:43
If we had to describe this salad in one word it would have to be: refreshing. It’s a simple combination of vibrant, flavorful ingredients that seem to epitomize summer on a plate. Not… Read More
Foods That Help Boost Your Libido
2022-07-23 09:26
Do you find that your desire to binge your favorite TV show is greater than your sex drive? If you fall into that category, your libido may require a little boost. There is no need to worry… Read More
Raw Vegan Kiwi Sorbet
2022-07-22 17:44
The word “sorbet” sounds like it should come from a four- or five-star restaurant, but it is very easy to make. You can achieve a luxurious, flavorful sorbet with a few simple i… Read More
What Your Farts Say About Your Health
2022-07-22 09:05
Farting or passing gas is a natural part of life, even though it may be a little embarrassing, especially in an office or elevator. Most people don’t think twice about their farts, as… Read More
DIY Natural Produce Wash
2022-07-21 17:30
Cleaning your produce before you eat it is a lot easier than you think. Not to mention, it’s a healthy step that may protect you from food borne illnesses. In fact, the Centers for Di… Read More
Ginger Peach Smoothie
2022-07-20 17:53
Summer is a time for sunbathing and all of the fun activities that come with that, but it is also a season that offers gorgeous produce. Peaches, in addition to other stone fruit varieties… Read More
Homemade Grapefruit Mint Body Wash
2022-07-20 09:08
The great thing about homemade body washes is that they are very easy to make. Dare we say that the recipe in this article is tasty? We aren’t saying that you should give this soap a… Read More
These Drinks Are Shortening Your Life
2022-07-19 09:02
According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, the human body consists of 60% water. This high concentration of water means that the fluids you consume are of great importance. Regular c… Read More
Tasty Tabbouleh
2022-07-18 18:06
Good news, folks: we finally found the best tabbouleh recipe. It’s not just good, it’s great! In fact, it may stand up next to the tabbouleh at your favorite Middle Eastern rest… Read More
5 Signs That You Are Actually Hungry
2022-07-18 09:06
When you see a commercial for a delectable chocolate bar or juicy cheeseburger, it’s hard to resist the temptation. Perhaps you can’t stop thinking about the cookies or bag of c… Read More
Easy Cucumber, Peach, And Basil Salad
2022-07-16 17:43
Salads and summer go great together because you want to enjoy something light and refreshing when the temperatures rise. This cucumber, peach, and basil salad is both cool and crunchy, maki… Read More
Raw Vegan Vanilla Milkshake
2022-07-15 18:07
How do you create a milkshake on a raw vegan diet? Do you add ice to homemade almond or cashew milk and then add other ingredients to flavor the shake? Smoothies occasionally contain ice, b… Read More
2022-07-15 09:02
Kefir is a popular health “it” food that contains a plethora of bioactive compounds, up to 30 of which are beneficial probiotic strains. These healthy bacteria make kefir a bene… Read More
2022-07-14 09:08
Do you ever sit and wonder how you can naturally soften the skin without going to the spa? If you do, then you came to the right article because the lemon rosemary sugar scrub recipe rejuve… Read More
2022-07-13 17:53
The great thing about gazpacho is that it packs a flavorful punch and it is very easy to make. It’s a great summer appetizer or meal accompaniment, especially next to a large salad or… Read More
Homemade Sunburn Relief Cream
2022-07-11 09:28
There is so much to love about summer. From the glorious refreshing produce to the many outdoor activities, summer is a time of good vibes and tasty creations. The outdoor activities, thoug… Read More
A Beach-Friendly HIIT Workout For Summer
2022-07-10 09:13
We are in the middle of summer, which means that a beach vacation or at least a weekend outing should be on your to-do list. It’s such a fun outing, whether you are by yourself or wit… Read More
Cucumber And Radish Salad
2022-07-09 17:43
When it comes to cooking (or not cooking in the case of raw veganism), the best approach is to let the ingredients shine. Simple recipes are often the best, using seasonal ingredients whene… Read More
DIY Deodorant For Summer
2022-07-09 09:31
Sweating is a natural part of life, and it is a necessary bodily function. It is the body’s way of regulating core temperature. The unfortunate reality is that with sweating comes a c… Read More
Raw Vegan Cherry Avocado Smoothie
2022-07-08 17:48
Is there anything better than cutting into a new avocado and realizing that is wonderfully ripe and ready to devour? Well, there are better things, including petting a puppy, winning the lo… Read More
6 Impressive Health Benefits Of Peaches
2022-07-08 09:31
Is it safe to say that peaches are the best summer fruits? This may be a contradictory thought, considering that summer boasts an incredible selection of fruit. In the stone fruit category… Read More
Raw Vegan Chocolate Orange Energy Balls
2022-07-06 17:47
Is there a better pairing than chocolate and orange? It’s a unique flavor combination that plays on the bitterness of chocolate with the acidity of orange zest. You don’t have t… Read More
Honeydew Cucumber Smoothie
2022-07-04 17:39
This is one of the lightest, most refreshing smoothies that you’ll ever drink. It’s a great recipe to incorporate into your summer smoothie rotation, especially since it contain… Read More
Mango Spinach Salad With A Lime Dressing
2022-07-02 17:30
How do you keep your taste buds interested in salads? The simple answer is that you have to change up the salad ingredients and the dressing. Now, there are salads that you can enjoy over a… Read More
The Best Raw Vegan Cashew Queso Dip
2022-07-01 17:49
Legend states that anyone who tries this dip falls in love with it. That’s true for anyone who enjoys food, not simply people who follow a raw vegan or vegan diet. It exhibits a velve… Read More
Spicy Melon And Cucumber Salad
2022-06-29 17:30
It’s melon season, people! They are everywhere, from your local farmer’s markets and grocery store to restaurant menus that highlight seasonal produce. Melons are great summerti… Read More
Blueberry Peach Smoothie
2022-06-27 17:32
One of the best ways to embrace any season is to utilize seasonal produce. Since summer is here, you have probably seen different produce on grocery store shelves. Stone fruit tend to take… Read More
Here’s How Mushrooms Benefit Your Health
2022-06-27 09:06
Mushrooms come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, offering different flavors and health benefits. Even though they are technically fungi, many people around the world love to enjoy… Read More
Watermelon Avocado Salad With Cucumbers
2022-06-25 17:45
Is there a more beloved summertime fruit than the gorgeous, juicy watermelon? It’s so refreshing, sweet, and is a wonderful source of water, which can aid your hydration efforts durin… Read More
Honeydew Avocado Kale Smoothie
2022-06-24 17:59
What inspires you to create a new smoothie recipe? Some people see an attractive smoothie on Tik Tok or Instagram and want to replicate it in their own kitchen. Others tend to find inspirat… Read More
Summer Peach And Arugula Salad
2022-06-22 17:40
Biting into a ripe, juicy peach may be one of the best parts of summer. Peaches and other stone fruit like nectarines, cherries, plums, and apricots are some of summer’s tastiest frui… Read More
These Are The Worst Foods For Your Skin
2022-06-20 09:11
As the largest organ in the body, the skin requires extra special care. Most people tend to focus on topical or external care, applying all sorts of serums, oils, moisturizers, creams, loti… Read More
Home Remedy For Sunburn Relief
2022-06-19 09:09
Summer means that schools are out, the weather is warmer, and there is more time for relaxation, or so we hope. One of the easiest full-day summer activities for families is a beach day, or… Read More
Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie
2022-06-18 18:09
If you want to pack lots of fruits and vegetables into one meal, make a smoothie. For example, you can blend pear, kale, homemade almond milk, bananas, chia seeds, and alcohol-free vanilla… Read More
 Raw Vegan Cilantro Lemon Sunflower Dip
2022-06-17 17:48
To all the people who love cilantro, this dip is for you. Not only is this dip raw vegan, but it is also nut-free, gluten-free, and absolutely delicious. Sunflower seeds offer a unique nutt… Read More
Pecan Pie Energy Bites
2022-06-15 17:47
If you love pecan pie and snacks then you clicked on the right recipe. These energy balls are both filling and filled with incredibly healthy ingredients, four simple ingredients to be exac… Read More
All Natural Pink Lemonade Juice
2022-06-13 17:42
When is the last time you saw a pink lemonade that was completely natural? Most pink lemonades contain artificial colors and sweeteners, and they typically come in powder form. This is not… Read More

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