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14 Ways To Kick Out Frustrations And Gloom To Move To Paradise

How to fight disappointments and stress

My Life Is Miserable. Help Me

The stress is rising. You’re starting to feel frustrated with the situation you’re in. Or angry. Or maybe sad and like you just want to pack up and go home.
But at the same time, you also know that you need to relax and keep calm.
What to do to be able to think clearly and not overreact, make the wrong decision or to not say the wrong thing in a moment of anger or confusion.
I’m sure just like me (though in a creative profession), you probably have been in situations like these many times.
So, I’d like to strongly recommend these 13 habits and strategies I practiced that have helped me immensely

How to Stay Calm And Keep Moving Forward In Life:

1. Tricky Situations-Breathe In and Out

Just take 10 deep breaths, exhale as slowly as you can and give auto-suggestion to self ”I’m feeling relaxed and calm”. If you’re in a situation where you need to reply to what someone just said which you don’t like then think about the consequences if you reply with overly tough words or if you back down instead of calmly standing your ground. If you have an email or a phone message you need to reply to then consider taking more time to cool down – anywhere between 10 minutes to the next day – to get yourself into the right headspace before you reply.

2. Do Not Take Everything Personally

Remember: It’s not always about you.
If someone attacks you with harsh words in a conversation or via email or phone then remind yourself that this may not even be about you. Think for a minute and calm down instead of being reactive and escalating the situation.

3. Question your stance and outlook to a situation.

If you feel that you’re starting to get really frustrated, angry or sad about a situation then question your approach and interpretation before it goes any further.
Ask yourself:
How would I think and feel it if I were in his or her shoes? This one can help you to go from negative emotions to empathy and understanding. And that tends to help to both calm down and to find a solution for the both of you.
What matters to my objective now and in future?
Let me focus my time and energy on what truly matters in my life.

4 What would someone else do?

Another way to change your perspective in a tough situation is to get outside of your own head a bit.
Try to recollect from your memory some calm and really cool guy, a happy person or a celebrity
Do that by asking yourself: what would this X do in this situation?

5. Balance work and relaxation

This could be a solution if you’re stressed today.
A start time and stop time for your work day. Maybe that’s 8 o clock in the morning and 7 o clock in the evening.
A break every 45 minutes. After about 45 minutes of work, I take a 10-15 minute break. If you have trouble with following that guideline and work too much then use the alarm function on your smartphone to stick to my work/rest cycle.
No work on weekends. Try to stay away from the work computer except for doing one quick check of your inbox to only reply to emails there that are urgent. The rest can wait until Monday. Avoid work phone or at least keep it off and only check the messages.

6. Keep life simple

“Keep things extremely simple”.
Do not overcomplicate things and think of situations and solutions in the simplest way. Focus on simplifying problems and solutions. Overthinking is a big contributor to stress and to spending too much time and energy on things that aren’t really that complicated.

7. Ask instead of guessing.

Trying to read someone or his/her mind can quickly increase stress and frustration. Because it’s pretty much impossible to do.
Plus, it can easily lead to a much worse scenario in your mind than what is actually going on in the other person’s head.
The simple solution is to communicate and ask what you want to ask.

8 Plan to be10 minutes early.

You are already in a stressful situation. Most of us are poor in time management and the consequence is anxiety, tension, and fear. Planning activities of your life and undertaking action in advance can help you to be tension free and calm

9. Reduce your to-do list.

A big or seemingly endless to-do list can cause a ton of pressures and stress.
To calm down simply ask yourself: what would I work on if I only had 2 hours for work today?
Then work on that task one step at a time.
This one helps you to quickly find your focus and to get started with doing one of the truly most important things when you are stressed. And it helps you to be selective with time to calm down.

 10. Go for a 5-15 minute laugh break.

When you feel overwork and tense having a regular break to have a fun, smile and laughing your heart out is the best medicine for stress
After that break, you can return to your work or the situation that you’re trying to figure out with a lighter mind.
If you can't smile and laugh, Fake it till it becomes natural! Learn to act like an actor

11. Take some time to be in nature

Take a break where you go out in nature and spend some time in silence there to recharge yourself. Maybe by going out for a slow walk in the nearby forest where you take in all the sounds, sights and smells for a little while.

12. Ask for help

You don’t always have to go it alone in these situations. You can ask a friend, family member or even someone you may not know that well for a bit of help.
You might not always get it but you may be surprised at how helpful people can be if you just ask.

13. Learn Acting

Yes, Being a good life actor helps to be successful and happy. The techniques teach you to develop confidence, better body language, manage life situations, how to really feel, smile and laugh, how to impress and win people and how to be mentally tough

14. Just take care of today.

It’s hard to keep calm if you look at all the things you have to do to solve a situation or to overcome a challenge.
What you do is simply to tell yourself: I 'll just take care of today.
Concentrate only on that. Forget about all the tomorrows for now. Narrow your focus and take care of only today.
Tomorrow will come in time and you can take care of it then.
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14 Ways To Kick Out Frustrations And Gloom To Move To Paradise


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