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Lead In The Mountains
The Diary Review · 13:01 27 Jun 2017
‘Passed Stonecyplus an old bachelor who they say knows where there is lead in the mountain near but will give no account of it. Left my wagon at Dyck Jones, and went on a couple of mil… Read More
Brontëblog · 07:09 27 Jun 2017
Yesterday, on the bicentenary of Branwell's birth, The Guardian thought that, 'It's time to bring Branwell, the dark Brontë, into the light'.We are currently in the middle of Brontë… Read More
George The Giraffe!
Baldock Bard | Verse… · 07:02 27 Jun 2017
The other day we went as a family to a local wildlife park. Now I know there are those who are adamant that the only place to see wild animals is in the wild in their natural habitat. Unfort… Read More
Why Book Trends Come And Go
Joan Reeves · 06:00 27 Jun 2017
Many authors constantly try to outguess what book publishers want to acquire. In the indie self-publishing world, we try to outguess what readers want to buy.Both of these actions are doomed… Read More
Sinister · 00:04 27 Jun 2017
“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by."  - Douglas AdamsYes, I was supposed to have my first podcast episode released last Saturday the 24th. … Read More
The Letter S
Linda Barnett-Johnso… · 19:55 26 Jun 2017
Drop the letter s. If you believe that one letter couldn’t possibly cause you to receive a rejection, I encourage you to think again, especially if the same mistake recurs throughout y… Read More
Chez Lo · 19:37 26 Jun 2017
de Blaise GuininBande dessinée - 144 pagesEditions Vraoum ! - mai 2014Grégoire, étudiant en fac d'Histoire de l'Art, est pressé par son père de ne pas trip… Read More
The Frugal Chari… · 15:52 26 Jun 2017
The Fountainhead  by Ayn Rand “I came here to say that I do not recognize anyone's right to one minute of my life. Nor to any part of my energy. Nor to any achievement of… Read More
I’m In Love With…
Alexandra Peel · 15:13 26 Jun 2017
…Sir Richard Burton, no not that one – This one – Born in 1821, Richard Francis Burton was something of a celebrity in his own time. Think of the typical idea of… Read More
Clásicos Para Aprend… · 11:45 26 Jun 2017
La peli de Alfred HitchcockSábados de mate cebado y tortillas, sin mucho que hacer y viendo la tele, cuando me llama la atención la peli que pasan en el cable. Era muy antigua… Read More
The Fountain
You Read It Here Fir… · 22:10 25 Jun 2017
We’ve all heard the joke about the guy who wished for “a million bucks” and awakened the next morning to the sight of a squillion deer grazing on his front lawn. As someon… Read More
Error 404 (Not Found… · 20:53 25 Jun 2017
... Criminosas, virtuosas; mãos amadas, desalmadas mãos. Mãos armadas, mãos floridas; libertas, mãos detidas. Contidas, incontidas mãos; mã… Read More
Alien Romances · 17:00 25 Jun 2017
I found just "about nothing" of interest to science fiction and alien romance authors on the copyright blogs this week, so my post title is Orwellian.The fuss over adaptations of one of Shak… Read More
Alfarrabista Quinto … · 10:58 25 Jun 2017
Nº68 - 7 de Dezembro de 1929 - Lya de PuttiNº70 - 21 de Dezembro de 1929 - Anny OndraNº71 - 28 de Dezembro de 1929 - Maria JacobiniNº72 - 4 de Janeiro de 1930 - Werner Fu… Read More
Poemas · 10:48 25 Jun 2017
Desde o verão de 1975, que eu me lembre, todos os anos, pelos meses do verão português, quente e seco, alguns incendiários criminosos, pegam fogo à floresta… Read More
Leer X Leer · 22:21 24 Jun 2017
Adolescentes y adultos. Autor: Mia CoutoEditorial: Cántaro, Puerto de PalosAño: 2017ISBN: 978-950-753-459-1Cant. de páginas: 80 La lluvia no se decide a caer. Queda all… Read More
Aramus Perterberator
Zombie Logic From Th… · 18:50 24 Jun 2017
I have been invited to join a Dungeons and Dragons campaign starting this Tuesday. The only rub: they're playing 5th Edition, and the last time I played we were playing first edition. So, I… Read More
Booktica · 16:20 24 Jun 2017
Just Another Fan by Jayeeta Ganguly is all about life-size thoughts irrespective of the precincts and eventual chase. The book is recounted with extreme elegance and a passage chock-a-block… Read More