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2012-10-03 16:01
If you're the kind of person who has a preference between Jamba Juice and Juice It Up or Pepsi and Coke, I think you have too much time on your hands. Just putting that out there.I'm current… Read More
2012-09-28 05:07
I feel like you can't really consider yourself part of the internet generation if you don't say "But I'm le tired" if you're asked to do something.My Spanish professor hates me. And I don't… Read More
2012-09-17 04:34
Holy infant, aren't you ASHAMED, Instagram-people?I'm slowly getting used to the somewhat disturbing bathroom-mirror pictures with captions like "oh, lol, just rolled out of bed", "just me b… Read More
2012-09-16 17:44
Oda,  I know this is going to come out of  nowhere.   My apologies in advance if i offend you. Youre really sexy by the way.  Well you replied to a singing ad a while bac… Read More
VMAs 2012
2012-09-07 17:14
So the first thing that happened was that I was trying to stay awake in Spanish 101 and decided to Tweet this whole internet machine to see who could take me to the VMAs. I got zero response… Read More
Why I Don't Like Musical Theatre
2012-08-30 23:34
The people who know me will probably assume that I am influenced by some kind of substance when they see this headline. I'm not. I'm a big advocate for people being creative; singing, dancin… Read More
2012-08-24 19:16
I don't understand the world anymore. Muse is starting suck, Taylor Swift is starting to suck and what the hell, Avril Lavigne is getting married for the second time? She's on my top 5 list… Read More
I Love Spice Girls
2012-08-13 06:46
Let this be a lesson to all of you mean girls out there. Geri quit the Spice Girls because Mel B kept making fun of her for being too fat. The greatest girl group of all time split up becaus… Read More
Unicorns With Unibrows
2012-08-10 03:51
Just logged onto my computer as "Guest". I thought it would be funny. And now I can't remember why.  I don't like Facebook anymore. I feel like it's becoming a place where people go to… Read More
Tiny Trip Down Memory Lane
2012-08-08 19:29
5 years ago I went to Paris to take dance classes with 3MD and dyed my hair red with Daniel. 2 years ago I was splashing around in the pool in Seminyak...  while creating a future… Read More

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