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2011-08-22 19:16
I've noticed that the longer I've been married, the more I lose my hearing. For example during a fight, my husband told me that I "needed to stop it." (obviously speaking to my drug habit) a… Read More
2011-08-16 21:31
I told a pregnant friend today:"I can't wait until your baby comes out!!!!"I'm positive that she teared up at my words filled with encouragement and love. Doesn't that just have that certain… Read More
2011-06-30 14:29
I didn't think this would happen but after about a year without cable, we've finally hit threshold of good television available on Netflix. (And trust me we've watched everything.) So the ot… Read More
2011-06-23 03:14
Typically, B and I cook together. I base this on the theory that he cooks better than I do, I have zero patience for cooking times, I can't open a bottle of wine on my own, and the fact that… Read More
A Serious Conversation
2011-06-07 17:45
If you are trying to have a serious conversation over video chat with your husband at night after a long day, it's best to use childhood dolls. This distract him from the conversation but ke… Read More
Amazon Knows Too Much.
2011-05-27 14:31
As I scrolled down Amazon this morning, something caught my eye.No, not Lady Gaga's scary face or the "7 Weeks to 50 Pull-Ups" book (kindle edition, no less), but the row of Corn Nuts under… Read More
2011-05-17 18:33
Besides accidentally cursing in front of my 5 year old nephew, I've found a new reason why I'm not yet ready to be a mom. File this under Reason #437 Why I Am Not Ready to be a MomThere was… Read More
2011-04-19 00:57
Bryan and I just figured out we were on the same acne medication in high school. This means one of two things:1) our kids are doomed.2) we are soul mates Read More

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