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Let me help you think about your world. Believe me fool, it's worth it.
2010-10-13 02:36
I find myself at extreme peace just sitting on top of the roof. It smells like shit, there are trees blocking the view of the bay, but there is still something. I think it's that I simply… Read More
2010-07-10 05:31
Okay so you know what makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit? Well I will tell you; love, but only some parts of it. The whole public display of affection thing is just wretche… Read More
2010-07-07 05:29
Fourth of July weekend baby. Apart from the fireworks and drunken mayhem, I also had some time to think. So life right. Being young I am still growing. I look back and Facebook some of t… Read More
2010-05-04 05:18
These were the wise words that I spoke to my roommate as she stressed out about her paper. And quite honestly, I think I had it right. Some of the greatest things that I have done have sta… Read More
2010-05-02 02:05
The king of rap is coming back with an album that will be at least five million times better than Relapse. That's right Eminem, we welcome you back from making crap music to the world of au… Read More
2010-04-28 01:25
These past couple of days I have been rather contemplative about, well, everything. I think what started this was my third roommate deciding to move out all of a sudden. Yes, I was and sti… Read More
2010-04-21 03:16
Okay I have seen this before and continue to see it all over youtube videos and it's one of the most stupid things ever. All right let me set the scene. I was succumbing to my pre-pubescen… Read More
2010-04-18 21:43
It's probably just because the weather outside is gorgeous but my mind is in that silly summer kind of mode. I just want to not do nothing and live simply. Go where I please in my shorts a… Read More
2010-04-12 05:52
So I have made it through the madness that is elections. By far these were the most intense four weeks of my life. I have learned a lot though. I have learned how to randomly approach peo… Read More
2010-03-01 07:59
So everyone has habits obviously. Some of us, I would say most of us, have one or two destructive habits. Some of these are worse than others, such as people who have eating disorders and… Read More

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