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Forbidden Planet
2014-08-21 19:35
I love comics - and manga, graphic novels, etc. I have to admit that if it weren't for my brother and some friends I probably wouldn't know anything about that, but since I was a kid me and… Read More
2014-08-21 19:31
Today I'm here to talk about an ice-cream shop that rules. Even if it's still winter... Who cares? It's ice cream! This is Cocorino.  The shop is located on Thayer Street, and it's not… Read More
Café 1001
2011-11-29 15:09
Dear friends, Yann Tiersen is awesome. I don't listen to him that much, but right now I'm living a highly emotive moment listening to "La valse d'Amélie" (the orchestral version).But… Read More
Blaze On
2011-11-29 15:09
Hello friends.These days I can't stop listening to Laura Veirs, especially her song "Where Gravity Is Dead", from her album Year of Meteors. I don't think she is the best singer ever, but he… Read More
Tenshi Restaurant
2011-11-29 15:08
I must say that I love Japanese food. I recently realized, while browsing through my London photos, that most of the restaurants I have talked or will talk about are Japanese. Therefore I ho… Read More
Louis Patisserie
2011-11-29 15:07
Hello, world. I'm Andrea and I usually blog over at the art of staying up all night. Ever since I first went to London, the only thing I knew I wanted in life was to move there. I've visit… Read More
After Noah
2011-11-29 15:07
Generally in life people tend to look at the bad things that happen everyday. It is understandable. Rapidshare, for instance, is a complete scam. But sometimes we have to look the other way… Read More
The Tea House
2011-11-29 15:06
Since this is a blog about London, it was obvious that I would end up talking about tea at some point. Although I must admit that I don't like tea at all, but I am a bit weird when it comes… Read More
2011-11-29 15:06
With this somewhat blurry picture, I introduce you to Stanfords. Stanfords is a big store devoted to traveling, and since I'm a huge fan of traveling, I had to talk about it. The store you c… Read More
Candy Cakes
2011-11-29 15:05
First of all, I'm terribly sorry for the delay but I honestly suck at blogging. I'm not good at keeping up with this... but I'll do my best, so that you can have an extensive guide of London… Read More

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