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2016-09-06 06:06
Vacation time again. We decided to take advantage of the record low British Pound and last-minute biz class airfare sale so we headed off to London for a few days Read More
2016-06-07 00:06
This video is about Over Daily Videos. (Got to love that helpful YouTube auto-generated description. Trust the algorithm!) Read More
2015-12-09 03:11
Got a new camera body this week. I splurged on the OM-D E-M5 mark II—an update to the original E-M5 that I have had for a couple of years. The new design fixes a few issues I had with… Read More
2015-12-01 05:57
Yes, I’m still here. The long gap is due to computer issues. First the new iMovie had just enough changes to throw off my editing workflow. Then my hard drive died. Fortunately I didn… Read More
2015-10-26 05:44
Not sure what to theme this week. Just day to day ordinary stuff for a long married gay couple in San Francisco. Driving around in the electric i3. Cute cats. Washing the 3-series. Hiking w… Read More
2015-10-15 03:55
SF Fleet Week. Ships and sailors and planes. Oh my. Cooked several vegetarian meals.Semi-annual eye doctor visit. Cute cat shots. Then Saturday, Rich tossed me out so he could clean and I t… Read More
2015-10-12 01:20
Here’s a catch up video. Two weeks in one. Rich reviews Scream Queens. Problems with Blue Apron have us considering cancelling our subscription. Our friend Marc showed up again. Mostl… Read More
2015-09-30 06:03
Discovered a big leak in the garage Monday then didn’t record anything else until Wednesday. Food, cats, friends, and cute boys in short shorts. So much fun Read More
2015-09-17 14:43
Labor Day week. Brutal heatwave hit. Got jarred out of bed by the fire alarm. Turned out a sprinkler in the parking garage went off. Big mess but no real danger. Lots of cute cat shots, too Read More

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