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2016-09-22 23:21
Dear you,Help me out here. How in God's multicolor space opera does a dock worker on what is essentially a space station run by criminals earn, in 6 years, enough to BUILD a space ship large… Read More
2016-09-10 10:03
An open letter to the new player being a douchebag in the Etrian Odyssey Untold 2-based RP I'm playing an alchemist in.Hey you. Yeah you, the new guy. Knock it off.Yes, I know there's a cert… Read More
2016-08-23 02:27
I don't get much RP off E due to not being interested in the Flavor of the Month, over-hyped and overly popular fandoms and the like. But I do get a lot of PMs from players who want to start… Read More
2016-08-16 23:06
(It's been a long time since I have posted here! I've since changed fandoms, RP circles, all of it! I really hadn't had the need to come back to this community until now...)Anyway, onto why… Read More
2016-08-05 17:13
Very small gripe, actually, but still annoying.Dear you,Yes. I get it. You're a kid who is very excited about the new spells you got on leveling up. You can't wait to use them, and you can't… Read More
2016-07-11 21:42
Still reeling from this weekend. Launch game of a Weird West Horror LARP and highly enjoyable, but I can't get over THESE two clowns in the development discussion.To Assclown #1: Okay, so I… Read More
2016-07-08 00:11
Dear you,Okay... You've been a member of the site for all of six days. In that time, you've done the following:-Posted two characters, one of them the fictitious CEO of a a real-life company… Read More

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