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Quotes from around the world relating to just about everything. Improving lives one quote at a time.
2010-04-29 06:57
Unfortunately, I do not know who this quote is from, but it is still very powerful."Watch your thoughts, for they become words.Watch your words, for they become actions.Watch your actions, f… Read More
2010-04-27 13:27
How do we deal with temptation? Should we resist? Should we give in? Here's an opinion on the subject.“I deal with temptation by yielding to it”- Mark Twain Read More
2010-04-26 06:33
"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on"- Robert Frost Read More
2010-04-21 11:21
"Only those who dare fail greatly can ever achieve greatly."- John F. Kennedy Read More
2010-04-15 11:41
How can we truly trust someone? Are there any people who you could fully trust with everything? What would your reaction be if somehow you lost this trust?"I'm not upset that you lied to me… Read More
2010-04-13 11:32
If you want to achieve anything in life, you need to have confidence in what you do and who you are. Success and riches will follow."Whatever qualities the rich may have, they can be acquire… Read More
2010-04-12 08:34
Uri Geller, the infamous mentalist, has his received his fair share of criticism. However, this blog is not about whether he can bend a spoon with his mind or not, but about quotes and their… Read More
2010-04-11 10:33
Two quotes from former British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, about democracy. What do you think of this form of government?“The best argument against democracy is a five minute co… Read More
2010-04-10 12:03
People often reflect on their lives and say that they would have done things differently, but they forget that what is gone is gone, what happened cannot be changed.“The past is of no… Read More

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