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My Introduction
2016-09-08 01:27
Hi everyone. Thanks for coming. I decided to introduce myself here because this is the web-site that I’ve used for six years as a supplement to my lessons. Through it I kept my stude… Read More
2015-12-21 06:46
Dear students, Below are your final marks. First, look for your class #. Then, find your Student ID#. Next to it is your final mark. You cannot ask for a higher grade. However, you can a… Read More
2015-12-08 10:28
Write or print out your name, class number, and the answers to the questions below. Write complete sentences and use the conditional (condition clause + result clause). Put your paper in a b… Read More
2015-12-02 05:44
You will do two tasks. You will have a maximum of four minutes. No reading. No Power Point presentations. Just you talking. Task 1: Give Advice to Two People * Your friend JP can&rsquo&hell…Read More
2015-12-02 05:42
Class 14 Wednesday, December 9 Student Name, Student ID #, Appointment Time 김구현 12150243 9:00 김만정 12121613 9:05 류지혜 12112044 9:… Read More
2015-12-02 05:39
* Homonyms (page 180, exercises 1 and 2; page 181, exercise 6) * Synonyms (page 182, exercise 1; page 183, exercise 2) * Conditionals (Type i and Type ii) * Inviting Someone Else to Speak, I… Read More
2015-12-02 05:32
Video . Where does this movie take place? . What is this movie about? . Would you like to go on an adventure like this? Why or why not? . Have you heard of this movie? . Did you see th… Read More
2015-11-22 09:12
* find the adjectives (Page 164, Exercise 1) * verb-ed vs. verb-ing adjectives (Page 164, Exercises 2 and 3) * adjective forms (Page 165, Exercise 6) * adjective forms of shapes (e.g. circle… Read More
2015-11-22 08:52
In this Unit, you will learn how to describe an object and its functions. Pair Work 1. What are some famous websites? 2. What do these websites do? 3. Which ones do you like? Why? 4. Wh… Read More
2015-11-08 05:36
* Vocabulary carry on: continue an activity or task look after: to take care of someone or something mentor: (noun) an experienced person who helps someone who has less experience, especiall… Read More

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