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2016-03-27 08:24
Turkish secularism dates back to the origins of the Republic bases established by Mustafa Kemal said ‘Atatürk’ in 1923. Article 2 of the current Turkish Constitution specifi… Read More
2016-02-11 09:18
MAIN RELIGIONS IN GERMANY The German constitution guarantees freedom of religion for everybody; Germans are free to have a faith or not and to choose their religion.About 60% of Germans belo… Read More
Religion In Serbia
2016-02-09 16:05
In Europe, most of the main religions come from Christianity: in Belgium, the inhabitants are mostly Catholics as in Italy or in the Czech Republic even if Protestantism also has an importan… Read More
Secularism In The Netherlands
2016-02-09 10:30
The main religion in the Netherlands is Christianity, or better said Protestantism. In the southern parts of the country Catholicism is more dominant. This is mainly due to the Spanish occup… Read More
Religion In Denmark
2016-02-08 15:41
Of all the religions in Denmark, the most prominent is Christianity in the form of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark – the state religion. Approximately 75 % of the people who… Read More
2016-02-08 08:25
Click to view slideshow. A Esslingen en Allemagne, les signes religieux sont omniprésents, surtout lors du marché de Noël (cf. photos dans le diaporama). Aussi, le lyc&eac&hell…Read More
Sweden: Between Tradition & Novelty
2016-02-08 08:11
Sweden is not officially a Christian country, but Protestantism is the main religion. It is not sure how many people are Muslim since it is illegal to register people’s religion, but i… Read More
2016-02-06 17:27
STORY OF ALBANIA: The main religion in Albania is Islam, about 70% of Muslims but there are also lots of Christians (including the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church). This lack of bala… Read More
2016-02-06 09:52
Estonia is mainly an atheistic country, although the main religion in Estonia is the Lutheran church which is basically protestant. Nevertheless, no religion has privileges upon the others… Read More
Religion In Lithuania
2016-02-06 09:24
Lithuania is one of the Baltic countries, and it is probably the most religious. Indeed, 80% of the population is Roman Catholic and 5% of Lithuanians are orthodox.Edgaras, our native corres… Read More

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