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2010-11-18 22:24
I’m about as good at keeping up with this blog as I am taking care of my pet cactus. The only difference is this blog keeps coming back to life. So tonight was our last show of 2010… Read More
2010-09-07 01:11
Running with Joe this morning to support iWin and the Special Olympics was one of the coolest things I've ever been a part of. But you don't have to be an A-List Celebrity (like Joe Jonas)… Read More
Texts From Last Afternoon
2010-04-02 22:31
sometimes when Bulldozer works really hard and focuses all of our collective brain power on making awesome music, we forget how to do the simple - jack is still in the bathroom, bu… Read More
The Very Best
2010-03-29 07:20
I've recently gotten into a new band called "The Very Best." (kudos to whoever thought of that name.) Their first single is a tasty little number that came out last year called "Heart of Af… Read More
Two Point Oh
2010-03-27 08:33
Well, it's been a while. 654 days exactly. For anyone who's still interested, i'm gonna give this blog another run. A lot has happened since my blog closed it's e-doors on June 12, 2008. i… Read More
Garbo / Edwards '08
2010-03-27 07:28
I'm so glad i wore my sunglasses and Billy Ray Cyrus shirt when i was introduced to John Edwards...A political match made in Heaven. On my end, i bring the good looks, intellect, fresh-scen… Read More
Benji's B-day
2010-03-27 07:28
Yesterday Benji, our lovable guitar / drum tech turned 24. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, he jokingly mentioned he wanted a Jello Slip-and-Slide. After soundcheck we surprised… Read More
Spotlight On: Joel F.
2010-03-27 07:28
Hey blog fans!There is a special person I work with i want you to meet named Joel. He is seeking moderate fame and therefore requested a blog entry all about him. I met this magical, mythi… Read More
2010-03-27 07:28
Excuse my cameo (and the multiple shots of Ryan Liestman.) We'll be in England for a while; this is footage from our first few days here, mostly just walking around the area my hotel was in… Read More

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