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2012-10-05 19:48
I can't believe my last post date is April 26. I knew it was a while...but that date feels like a lifetime ago. Though absent from posting, I have been on a journey since Spring and am now… Read More
2010-05-07 01:27
Now that Spring has definitely sprung, it's a lot easier to start the day. But there is nothing quite like a cup of morning coffee to inspire that first step out of bed. For a few years co… Read More
2010-04-27 01:13
This is a plea for anyone who travels with a young child with asthma. We are still shaking off the sleep from a 15 hour drive home from Florida after de-boarding the plane because there wer… Read More
2010-02-26 15:21
Here we go again...another snow day! As creativity begins to wane after surviving several of these cozy cooped-up days, don't forget about that old reliable - playdough. While it may not… Read More
2010-02-18 18:10
With the sight of snow falling for several days now, this seems an apropos post! It's a simple "secret", yet yields an abundance of satisfaction. Stock up on some confectioners sugar and f… Read More
2010-02-03 16:48
One of the greatest joys in life is reconnecting with dear friends, which I was lucky enough to do last week. And a very unexpected and added perk to my visit was learning about the Shark S… Read More
2010-01-06 18:49
Ahhh...nothing like a New Year! Resolutions and reflection are always a good thing in my book, and no time like the present to get cracking. The start of this year serendipitously began wi… Read More
2009-12-21 14:30
Finally! I have been so eager for this post topic - but the baking pan I use is no longer in stock anywhere so I couldn't do it. Until now - I just found a replacement on-line and it looks… Read More
'Tis The Season!
2009-12-02 04:12
Ta ta's time for Season's Greetings! And I am over the moon this year to be able to include a chocolate advent calendar in our festivities. We scrounged years past with a fabri… Read More
2009-11-17 02:14
The smell of homemade waffles wafting through the air is certain to wake the sleepiest of sleepy heads! Easy enough for a "before the bus breakfast" and decadent enough for a "Sunday Specia… Read More

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