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2015-12-10 15:31
It's been a couple of years since I last participated in this.. I've done an ornament exchange the last couple of years.. but I can't really see anyone wanting this one.. Actually it might l… Read More
More On Cat Head Pendants....
2015-11-24 15:46
My first cat head commission was Tucker a black cat with a white chin...  I didn't even have a picture of him  I can visualize that.....Next a Calico cat called Calipso  Cali… Read More
Playing With Paper.....
2015-10-28 14:33
Prototype paper necklace..  Made from paper strips, the blue beads are etched glass and the orange seed beads are seed beads which are an awesome colour and also an awesome price  … Read More
My Cat's Had Kittens!
2015-06-29 13:16
I bought a metal press from Bavarian Beads in November.  First bead I mad with it I added glass to the top edge instant ears... and decided that the bead looked like cat heads and that'… Read More
Think We're Loosing 'ground'!
2015-03-18 15:33
St Paddy's Day Joke? My car this morning... my car is the two little spots you see in the snow.. The car on the driveway with wheels is my husbands! Read More
Guess This Is Progress?
2015-03-12 18:19
Hate this time of year the snow is so dirty... but since it appears to be leaving ... all is good (for now anyway!)See it really was a car!Snow plow hit our railing....  looks pretty tr… Read More

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