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Update: A Bird’s Nest Made Of Bees
2016-02-28 21:32
Remember when I said something about trying to post an update every week to keep myself on track? Yeah, I knew even then that it wasn’t going to happen. Apparently it’s now been… Read More
What The Hecks Am I Doing: Part I
2015-12-02 05:11
Since I’ve begun my Masters program in cognitive science, I’ll every so often be faced with a person asking me what specifically I’m studying. My usual reaction is to panic… Read More
A Brief Thought About How We Think
2015-11-02 04:56
(Ok, so maybe I’ll get one real blog post a month. That’d still be pretty good, right? This won’t count as one of those.) So I’m doing a lot of reading about what thi… Read More
Prison Of Words/Prism Of Words
2015-10-07 20:12
I’m a big fan of Carleton University’s MacOdrum Library. On my first weekend in campus, when I first took an hour to wander campus and find my bearings, I stumbled across it and… Read More
2015-09-27 20:26
I’ve been in Ottawa for four weeks now, and life is indeed very different. The city is very flat and greenish. From the window of the library I’m currently in, I look over a pano… Read More
Looking Deep Into Your “I”
2015-01-30 20:55
Being a human is a pretty wild experience sometimes, wouldn’t you agree? To be a collection of cells generated by a particular string of DNA, with the amazing ability to perceive relev… Read More
Getting Pedantic About “Problematic”
2015-01-23 21:56
I dated a lovely human once for whom “problematic” was one of those go-to words, by which I mean, it was an unthinking, comfortable speech pattern to fall into. For example: &ldq&hell…Read More
Why Is A Poem?
2014-10-07 14:16
Listening to Beck’s Morning Phase album, and was immediately inspired to write about sunbeams and glockenspiels. And the euphoric feeling – small, but real – generated by a… Read More
Comfort Vessels
2014-05-22 17:47
The kettle in my house is broken. It was a shitty kettle. I bought it at Honest Ed’s (an infamous discount store in Toronto) just before Christmas, and it was probably one of the chea… Read More

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Red Hot Esoterica | Stuff I write about a variety of topics of personal relevance. Maybe they'll be relevant to you too?


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