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2010-08-18 13:20
There’s still some unpacking and decorating to do, but we’re all settled in at our new home: and we’d love it if you’d join us there! In particula… Read More
Failsafe Chocolate Brownies*
2010-08-12 10:24
*with one caveat😉 The lovely @laythetable on twitter was asking for a chocolate brownie recipe with which she could grace some marvellous 90% cocoa solids chocolate. Now you don&rsqu&hell…Read More
2010-08-10 07:14
I wish that blog posts and emails that you carefully draft in your head in the hours that you *should* be asleep but can’t would miraculously be waiting in your drafts folder when you… Read More
2010-08-04 08:58
Today we have a post from someone who has asked to use one of the blognonymous blogs to write anonymously about something that’s just too personal to put on her own blog, at least just… Read More
2010-07-17 00:16
Those of you who know me on twitter might have heard me, and a number of others, talking about Blognonymous. If you are a visitor to the blog, you might have seen the pretty badge in the sid… Read More
The Gallery: (First) Holidays
2010-07-06 21:11
OK, so technically it’s not her first holiday. She came with us to California last year. And when she was tiny we went for a long weekend to the Cotswold Water Park… But it was… Read More
The Gallery: Creatures Under The Sea
2010-06-24 09:53
I don’t have time to write a lot tonight, but I just wanted to add some of my favourite photos to this week’s gallery theme. These photos were taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium… Read More
The Gallery: Motherhood
2010-06-11 19:23
I missed The Gallery last week, whilst Tara was on holiday. And I wasn’t going to have access to the internet this coming week, so I thought I’d have to sit it out again. But how… Read More
The Gallery: Still Life
2010-06-02 20:13
Cake. Flowers. Life. But still. This was a post in response to Tara’s brilliant Gallery, with this week’s prompt of “still life”.  Please click over here… Read More

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