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Every Once In A While...
2016-10-23 13:09
Every once in a while, I feel compelled to write rather than record a video and edit. It brings no where as much traffic or exposure, but it's so much easier to gather my thoughts as I'm not… Read More
2016-08-08 03:44
I don't know where to start. On Pokemon Go, I'm currently level 13 which is several levels lower than everyone else I know who plays it. The girl that works at the boba shop I frequent is le… Read More
Pretty Bummed At Life.
2016-07-03 07:50
I always try to think of everything in a positive manner. I give myself a time frame of what should be happening but as time keeps moving forward and I'm not really progressing, I feel so di… Read More
AussieBum Haul (not Really).
2016-01-10 02:30
While I digest from eating way too much KFC fried chicken, I'll type here, I guess. WELP! I went back to my old job. I feel like a failure but at least I feel like I have more direction in l… Read More
The End Of Another Book
2016-01-01 02:58
Hello Blog!I guess I should get an entry in before midnight strikes. The year was kind of a shitty one, personally. It started off with ambition and a leap into the unknown but it has come t… Read More
Nightly Skin Care Routine For Guys
2015-12-26 10:18
You know that feeling when you feel great about how you look in the mirror and then, you see yourself on video and cringe. The camera adds ten pounds, they say. I'm owning up to it though. I… Read More
Finding Things To Have An Orphan Christmas
2015-12-19 03:30
I find taste testing videos pretty fun to watch, so I'm going to do one for next week. Not sure what I'd like to do for the week after Christmas though. I'm welcome to opinions, although no… Read More

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