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2016-10-14 01:24
I couldn’t vote in the 1992 election, I was only 14 years old. But I remember the saxophone, and the Man from Hope, and the crazy half-brother. And I remember the cookies. And I rememb… Read More
2016-06-18 01:37
I just want to write. Every night as my head hits the pillow, my eyes blink open and that thought flashes across my mind. I just want to write. But when? How? What do I even write about? Bra… Read More
2015-09-10 01:51
We told the boys they could have a kitten. This doesn’t seem like a huge deal, except I have been saying for the past year that I am in no uncertain terms, done with pets.  D.O.N… Read More
Communication Is Key
2015-06-01 01:55
If you are going to make big sweeping changes to how something is done, you need to communicate early (and often!) to the people those changes will be affecting.  This seems like a sim… Read More
This Feels…Weird
2015-01-28 04:57
It’s been just over 4 years since the word “autism” was brought into our life. The boys have had many (MANY!) evaluations.  They have logged countless hours of speech… Read More
Merry Christmas!
2014-12-20 23:58
I’ve done it- I actually got my Christmas cards ordered, addressed, stamped, and MAILED…this year!  BEFORE CHRISTMAS! I actually had 4 different orders. When you have such… Read More
2014-08-30 00:59
A few months ago, I joined a book club. I really needed an outlet that didn’t have anything to do with a) Autism, or b) parenting, and this was right up my alley.  The books have… Read More
2014-05-07 01:56
I’ve been saying it for a long time.  Judah is by far, our hardest kid.  He meets his milestones.  He has conversations at a level far above that at which he should.&nbs&hell…Read More

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