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2012-06-25 18:21
I’ve never been a big fan of ‘performance art’. I refuse any debate on what is and what isn’t an acceptable form of art because i’m aware its all a matter of p… Read More
Anthology Fashion Show
2011-05-27 06:27
Stylists Christine Dale and Monica Berg collaborate for Anthology indie fashion show By Sarah Rowland Publish Date: May 25, 2011 Usually designers and boutiques enlist the help of stylists… Read More
2010-09-09 06:49
This is a sample of one of the very first uses of motion colour picture, and it’s quite simply BEAUTIFUL. I want to surround myself with only this ethereal palette of colours and the w… Read More
Eugene Hütz Is The Sex.
2010-05-27 06:16
After seeing them 4 times live, it has me pretty stoked that Gogol Bordello has a new album (Trans-Continental Hustle) because this gives a pretty good indication that my favorite Ukrainian… Read More
Well Dressed
2010-05-26 06:17
To me, the words “fashion” and “style” have very different meanings. Fashion is for the masses. Style is a very personal thing. There are countless people I look up t… Read More
Fashion Taxidermy
2010-03-20 02:34
I’ve always found the idea of taxidermy to be a little on the strange side. When you think about it, it’s pretty grotesque to take a dead animal, take out it’s insides, and… Read More
2010-03-19 07:14
Back in December this mystery woman started posting these strange music videos via youtube by the title iamamiwhoami and caused quite a stir. The high quality levels in the videos have ignit… Read More
Feline Adoration
2010-03-19 01:34
Well i didn’t just post this picture here for the “aww” factor. This stylish feline has a purpose. Just so we’re clear, i cringe at the sight of gals prancing around… Read More

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