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The chronicle of a journey - one in which the author hopefully loses 123 lbs.
2010-03-17 11:25
But if I waited until I had something interesting to post I'd never do it.I'm still on track.Yup - that's about as interesting as it gets right now Read More
2010-03-16 12:37
And for the first time in months, I'm looking forward to writing this post.I'm 100% back on track again. That is, back on track for me. I've definitely come to the conclusion that I'm a "slo… Read More
2010-03-15 12:13
And why it's a good thing.1) I got within three miles of the dealership Friday, all geared up for a fight. Then the light on the dash went out. I got to the dealership, and of course, they w… Read More
2010-03-14 14:35
And I dropped 3 lbs this week! It's so nice having a reliable scale that weighs me the same if I step on it twice in a row, even if it does say I weigh more than the old scale.More tomorrow… Read More
2010-03-12 13:51
As quickly as possible.So Chibi's idea (see yesterday) worked awesomely. In fact so awesomely I'm doing it again today. With one small difference. Because I'm headed to camp out at the Ford… Read More
2010-03-11 14:45
The victory? I didn't use my stress and general crappy mood yesterday as an excuse to eat. I used it as a reason to do what I was doing and make sure I succeeded - I can't control other peop… Read More
2010-03-10 13:33
Not at the eating thing - I had a perfect day yesterday, and today is one of my easy long days at school.The think I'm irritated about is a personal thing - you know how some people just tak… Read More
2010-03-09 13:12
And I'm proud of myself! Yesterday was perfect - I just need to string about another 500 days like that together and life will be great!OK, back to reality - yesterday really was perfect, bu… Read More
2010-03-08 13:01
The numbers are not fabulous. On Sunday morning I weighed myself and decided that instead of the 20 lb goal I have I need to shoot for a 25lb goal this time.It might be a combination of the… Read More
2010-03-04 14:23
So the responses I got from my last post totally made me cry. In a good way, though. This week, having been slightly more stable, has definately been better. On saturday my plan is to weigh… Read More

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