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2013-01-17 18:47
Don't even know when I last wrote. And I guess all my posts starts like this. I'm on the train and bored to death.. meaning I forgot my iPod at home. But I get the time to listen to podcasts… Read More
2012-05-20 09:02
just decided to get some more ink done. it's been a plane a while now, but I havn't really had the time to work for the money, find a tattooer and sketch something.. but now I have! haha.. I… Read More
2012-05-18 08:31
I'm sitting once again with a headache.. and like it couldn't get better, I had to get up early to go to the dentist. So now I'm sitting here and waiting for the pain of mrs Carmen.. haha. I… Read More
2012-05-16 10:56
Guten Tag, it's been a while, again.. but I actually discovered this blogg .se app today, I have been waiting for it quite some time now since I never manage to find the time to write when I… Read More
2012-04-10 08:51
Woah, forever since I last wrote.. I complained that some blogs never update and then my bf showed me a blog on his laptop.. "Yeah, I know the feeling.." and it was my blog, haha. I've been… Read More
2011-11-22 20:15
BAM and our project is on! I got the photograph role and I'm pretty psyced about it.. can't wait to just do the intro with my group. such creative souls, you can't get anything else than exc… Read More
2011-11-21 19:51
I feel kinda lazy, been just lying on the couch since I got home from school.. but then on the other hand, it's a pretty hectic time in school right now.. so I might have deserved that time?… Read More
2011-11-19 18:36
at updating this blog, haha. not the big blogger.. and I'm not really a fan of blogging, but sometimes I just feel like writing.. like right now. just to update the last post, I didn't get t… Read More
2011-10-22 18:26
woah. quite a while since I last time updated this place, huh? well, got way too much to do.. so I just forget that this blog even exists. school has made my schedule pretty crammed.. I spen… Read More

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