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It’s 2016 and You’re Still Not Blogging?!

It’s 2016 and You’re Still Not Blogging?!

Let’s be fair – for most, the idea of sitting down and writing something evokes unpleasant memories of schools days gone by, when homework was either completed or teachers sent notes home to the parents.

Nobody enjoyed writing in school, and aside from the small numbers of half-mad types who write for a living, doesn’t it seem like nobody writes unless they absolutely have to?That attitude isn’t just wrong, it’s costing you money. It’s 2016 and the proliferation of the internet and constant connectivity has changed absolutely everything. Business has changed and the methods needed to reach new customers or keep the ones you already have are going to be changing, as well.

Here are a few reasons you should be Blogging already, as well as a few reasons why you should try to start blogging as soon as humanely possible.

Blogging can bring more people to your website.
If you are a business owner and you are reading this, but you do not have a website for your business, stop reading this immediately and go set up a website.

Unless you personally live under a rock and offer some sort of ‘live under a rock’ insurance plan, your business needs a website. It’s 2016 and people can search for businesses on a web browser from their cell phones while driving, even though they shouldn’t. If you do not have a website for your business, anyone who is searching for local service providers or stores will not know that you exist, putting your business at a severe disadvantage.

For those who are not offering ‘under the rock’ protection plans, or ‘I live under a rock’ awning sets, or whatever, your business website probably does not receive as many visitors as you would like. Yes, people may find your website when searching for your specific business in your specific location, but what else would they find?

Adding a blog can get people to actually visit your site. That leads to the next point, actually…

Fun Fact!
The more traffic your website gets, the better its SEO (search-engine optimization) will be. If you’re disinterested in technical jargon, SEO is a simple formula: better SEO = higher on the Google Search.

Studies show that most people are only going to look at the first page of a google search. Is your business on the first page? Even if it’s #1, are you willing to risk being knocked from your perch?

A blog with unique content can attract people to visit your website, which boosts traffic numbers, which boosts your google search results, which boosts traffic numbers… it’s a cycle that ends up with you getting more clients and more business.

The process will also give your business a little something extra…

Personality, impersonally
Those who fail to take the human element into account are often left behind. If you write a blog, people who read it will start to associate the content of that blog with your business and the people who work for your business.

Ivy league business schools spend whole semesters talking about ‘brands’ – brands being businesses that transcend simple transactions and begin to have a personality in and of themselves. Coke, Nike, Hugo Boss – these are companies that stand for more than just the products they sell. Rolex watches are more than just a timepiece – its a statement.

Believe it or not, having a competently written blog that is interesting and engaging to those who might read it establishes something of a brand for your business. You are no longer some guy who does vinyl siding: you’re the guy who does vinyl siding who has a very funny story about some nightmare job you did three years ago. You’re no longer the woman who cuts hair: you’re the woman who cuts hair while giving beauty tips to clients so they can always look their best.

Done correctly, an integrated business blog can give your clients and customers a personality to associate with your company. Great care and effort must be taken to ensure your blog is actually worth reading, but adding interesting stories to a blog makes your business interesting to anyone who reads that blog.

So, there you have it. If you haven’t been blogging up to this point, you do indeed have some homework to do.

Take solace in the distinctions between these writing assignments and the ones you did as a child, though. You no longer have to complete assignments in the vague hopes of plaudits from the illusory authority of some educator; this time, your report card is worth far more than a few letter grades.

With just a few blogs here and there, you can earn some tangible results: more money. Perhaps you don’t need to be half-mad to start writing, after all?

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It’s 2016 and You’re Still Not Blogging?!


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