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Rashid Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro NerdJosh

Line:76% Hey guys! Welcome to ‘Body Count Fighting’ and this is the ‘Hitbox’ where we learn from the pros. I’m your host Kyle Shire along with my co-host — Shayan Tamayo! And today in the studio, we have NerdJosh. How are you doing dude? Doing good, fellows. How are you all doing? Oh! We’re like on a date.

Oh, wow! It’s a triple date. Oh! A date with violence. Uh! Ah! -Yeah, I made that awkward. -I’m sorry. Ooh! Someone’s going to get hurt. Yeah, someone’s going to get hurt. [Laughter] Someone’s heart is broken already. So, you’re ready, are you ready… -Yeah, let’s do it. to -show us what’s up? Yes, let’s play some Street Fighter V. Okay, excellent! All right, so are you going to show us some Rashid? Yeah, definitely. Excellent! All right, so why did you… what is it… what is it what is it about Rashid that were that… you said you played him in season one, right? Uh, yeah. Yeah, so like, what is it about him that like really resonates with you? I’ve always thought a sultan character would be really cool in the game. [Laughter] But he’s not a sultan, but like…

[Laughter] I kind of was hoping they would have an outfit that was similar so That would be, with the soft shoes. Yeah. Always pissed off at his daughter with her tiger. I only know of Aladdin. Oh, nice! I think it’s a sultan. Yeah, that’s a sultan, right? -Oh! -Ah! There we go, all right. Ah! That’s done. -No! -There we go! All right so what… -Go! -What happened? What happened there? Why did Shayan suck so much? So, he… uh, when I was doing the ground game down there, he was committing to his crouch, roundhouse which is a very strong normal, but if I block it, it’s very negative and I can get a combo after.

So, while he’s calling me out if I happen to do block it, I get a full punish. So, he’s… if he did a little more Crouch Medium Kick in short where he wants to sweep, I feel he would get the similar results, but you know, it takes some feeling, you know. Mm-hmm. Geez! Be nice! Nice! Yeah, I can miss sometimes. No! Don’t be nice. Ah! That’s usually happens [Inaudible] So, any… what did I do wrong? So, basically I just didn’t commit enough? No, I feel… honestly, when I’m coming at you, you kept doing normals like I was saying before that if I block I’m going to get a punish.

If you try to push me out with more normals like a crouch medium kick, or a stand fierce, or just the sonic boom right there, it makes me have to look at how to approach. I have to attack earlier or commit to a jump. And if Guile is already holding down back, you know, he’s pretty… he’s pretty much in a good position to hit you with a flash kick, and if he’s even more ready, you can do the down forward roundhouse and the flash kick, to give him more damage Yeah. so, he’s got plenty of options there. All right, so now let’s go through some training. -Let’s -Yeah. what would say it’s like the first like good bread and butter move for Rashid? For Rashid? Yeah. Honestly, just learning how to deduce… like if you jump in and you combo with crouch fierce, you can link right after it.

And a link is basically like a… it’s not something that cancels right away, but it’s like the puzzle piece combo, it’s like one character has enough hit stun that a fast enough move will link right after, like it sneaks in, it’s… doesn’t might not necessarily see him like it’s a combo, -but, you know -It’s sneaky! Yeah. It sounds very sneaky. So, show us like what are your favorite combos of Rashid? Okay. So, really… so we have a full bar here… and you’re like, you need this come back. You can do crouch fierce and then do the EX. What? And that’s big damage like you…

-Yeah. -Wow! So, for… you don’t even have to just do a crouch fierce. There’s time sort of like you’re both in this range and everyone is like, you know, “You do it, you do it, no,” and then you start whiffing stuff, -and people start doing stuff. -Yeah. So like his stand medium kick is really good, it will go under a lot of low normals, so if you get it right at the tip, you can hit him, see if it hits but the thing that the power of tornado only happens if I’m in a tornado. -Okay -Oh! So, if I’m… go through it, I get wind influence. So, he gets a powered up tornado. Wind influence. Yeah, it’s very good. In certain situations you can do like… let me see if I remember some of it. Let’s say you do a standard combo like stand medium, crouch medium kick, medium punch spinner, then you put that it on them. You just do a fireball motion of kicks. The light kick one goes out… it’s not that safe on block. The second one is a little slower and hits twice.

And the roundhouse one is really slow, but it’s pretty much safe on block if they block it. -Mm-hmm. -With the roundhouse one, you can cancel to his V-skill or a crouch V-skill. So, he gets interesting followups like… here mash punch real quick. If I counter-hit you, I can roll… Oh! and get the whole… tornado combo, but if you don’t hit any buttons, the stand fierce, the EX won’t combo. So, it’s a specific to where… when you get used to your ranges in this game, you’ll get annoyed of certain normals. So, you got to be ready to do this like stand fierce or you know you get that counter-hit and then try to get it ready, you know? But generally, if you do get a jump in on Rashid, cross up, stand, light kick, crouch down and then fireball motion, down to forward punch and mash it.

And… Good knock down. You can follow it up and you get a set up, which is good, like they can still reversal against you… but, I mean sometimes you want them too or you do nothing. And waste your V-trigger. Yeah. What is like your favorite combo move with him? My favorite combo? Yeah. So, if you’re in the corner, if you get the MP spinner, you have enough time to link with a super, -which is very solid. -Whoa! That seems pretty easy. Just don’t mash the button. And there’s just nothing you can do about that. No! Take some good damage like that. -Yeah. -Yeah. That’s… Very solid. absolutely impressive. I’m a big fan of it. All right, you guys, that’s going to do it for this week’s edition of the ‘Hitbox.’ You guys, I’m Kyle Shire, that’s Shayan Tamayo, and this is Ben, NerdJosh in the studio, shown us some pro Rashid moves. Thank you so much for coming by, dude. -It’s a pleasure. -Oh, no problem! -Thank you! -Thank you so much! I wonder if…

I wonder if Rashid checks everyone’s power level. -Yeah. -Over 9,000! I don’t know as long as his daughter is hanging out with her tiger, I don’t think he cares. -Bye! Bye. -Later!.

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Rashid Combos & Tips with Street Fighter 5 Pro NerdJosh


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