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Week 3: September 18, 1995

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In week 2, the two programs were neck and neck in the ratings, with RAW just beating Nitro. Now, it’s time for round 2 of the head-to-head competition. Let’s see how the two shows perform.

(All screen captures are the property of World Wrestling Entertainment)

WWF Monday Night RAW #127

September 18, 1995

Canton Civic Center

Canton, Ohio

RAW is still in Canton because they filmed two weeks worth of shows while they were there. This means that they still haven’t had the chance to adjust to what WCW has been doing recently. This episode is the go-home show before In Your House 3. The show opens with a recap of the last episode, complete with a “Last week on RAW” voice-over. Then, the opening video begins and they have already ditched the lyrics to the new theme song. Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler welcome everyone to the show and Vince calls this a special Thursday edition of RAW. I am a little confused because the network lists this as airing on the 18th and everything that I looked up says the 18th. That’s the date I’m going with. Perhaps Vince simply lost track of the days.

The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Razor Ramon

They show highlights of The Kid beating Razor, back in May of ‘93. It was that fluke victory that earned him the nickname of “The 1-2-3 Kid”, in the first place. Then, they show a clip from last week of Razor slapping The Kid after his challenge and The Kid crying. I don’t recall that happening. I guess it was during the commercial break. Lawler tells us that Dean Douglas will be in his remote classroom later to give his critique on this match and then they show a clip of Razor getting in a fight with Douglas at SummerSlam.

The Kid jumps Razor as he gets into the ring and hits him with both a back kick and spin kick, which knocks Razor to the outside. Razor enters the ring and ducks a clothesline before catching him on an attempted cross body. He places Kid on the top and hits a fall away slam from the second turnbuckle, which gets him a 2 count. Razor then chops him hard in the corner and beal tosses him across the ring, before hitting a discuss punch that sends Kid to the outside. The Kid comes back in and tries a hip toss, but it’s blocked. He then does a flip off of Razor but gets caught in a chokeslam. Razor charges, but Kid sidesteps him and sends him outside. He then hits a slingshot dropkick and throws him back into the ring. He hits a spin kick for a 1 count, before going to the sleeper hold and the show goes to commercial. The show comes back just in time to show Razor gyrating in the sleeper hold. Apparently, this gives him the power to fight back and he turns the hold into a back suplex. The two men get to their feet and trade punches before Razor hits a clothesline in the corner. A little criss-cross leads to them colliding and referee Earl Hebner gets grazed. This is enough to send him to the outside, so Dean Douglas seizes the opportunity. He runs to the ring and hits a splash onto Razor off the top rope. He then scurries away to the back. The Kid recovers and slides into the ring to cover. A groggy Hebner makes one of his trademark slow 3 counts to give Kid the win.

This was a fun opener. It did a good job of furthering both the Kid/Razor and Douglas/Razor feuds. Plus, it was a good hint at the forthcoming Kid heel turn. However, I was a bit distracted by the obvious canned heat that the WWF had dubbed over this match. It was a constant white noise and it’s obvious from looking at the crowd that they weren’t making that sound. I was also distracted by the creepy goth guy in the second row that looked just like Brain Guy from MST3K.

Winner: The 1-2-3 Kid

Dean Douglas is in his classroom. For some reason, he’s quickly changed into his ring gear, despite wearing street clothes for his run-in. He uses his chalkboard to critique the match. He gives The Kid a grade of “D” for dumb because The Kid thinks he was the one who won the match. Douglas says he’s the one who did it. He gives Razor a grade of “E” for elevate because that’s what Razor is trying to do by facing Douglas. He gives himself a grade of “A” for his performance. He then says that Razor also gets an “N”, which stands for no-brainer. He says that is what it will be at In Your House and if you want to know who will win then just look at the acronym. He circles all of the grades to show that they spell out “Dean”. He then finishes by running his fingernails down the chalkboard.

Kama & Tatanka (w/ Ted DiBiase) vs. Savio Vega & Bob Holly

During Kama & Tatanka’s entrance, they show a clip of Ted DiBiase being slopped by Henry Godwinn on Superstars. Vince informs everyone that Godwinn will now have to face Sid at In Your House because of this. Savio & Holly enter next, to some stereotypical Caribbean music. Lawler tells Vince to stop dancing because he looks stupid. The show then goes to commercial before the match starts.

They come back from the break to show Tatanka missing a clothesline on Savio, who then does a leapfrog and hits a hip toss. Savio hits a couple of dropkicks and Kama comes in to attack, but he gets dropkicked out of the ring. He gets back on the apron and tags into the match, so Savio tags Holly. Bob slides under Kama and hits a couple of arm drags before working the arm for a bit. Savio wants some of that arm action, so he tags into the match, but gets a forearm for his trouble. Kama tags out, but Tatanka nearly gets hit with a spin kick. He bails to the outside to get his bearings and decides to lure Holly off the apron. Kama uses this distraction to ambush Savio. Bob tries to stop the attack, but he only succeeds in distracting the ref. This allows Kama & Tatanka to do some double teaming. Tatanka keeps luring Holly into the ring for more distractions, which prompts Vince to ask whose side Holly is on. Tatanka and Savio end up hitting a double clothesline that puts both men on the mat. They then crawl to their corners for tags, but the cameraman only captures Kama’s tag. Holly comes in and kicks Kama down, before hitting a missile dropkick. However, Tatanka breaks up the pin attempt. Savio and Tatanka end up fighting to the outside, while Holly goes for a flying cross body, but Kama reverses it. He nearly breaks Holly’s neck because he stumbles in mid reverse, but thankfully Bob is okay. The reverse is enough for Kama to pick up the win.

Other than the scary end, it was an okay match. There was some decent heel work from Kama & Tatanka. This match was basically filler so they could have an excuse to mention the Sid/Godwinn match on commentary. Plus, Savio will be embroiled in a feud with the Million Dollar Corporation for quite a while.

Winners: Kama & Tatanka

There is an odd moment here where Lawler makes a tasty…I mean tasteless joke about Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother preserving his brain for research. Lawler says he thinks she will have it for breakfast with some eggs. Geez, what the hell, Jerry? They then recap Dean Douglas’ interference from earlier, before going to a promo from Razor Ramon.

Vince asks Razor for some comments about Douglas. He says that if Douglas wants attention then he’s got it. He says that if Douglas wants to take him to school then that’s okay, but the classroom will be at Razor’s house, which is the gutter. Man, you’d think Razor would have been able to afford a better house after 3 years in the WWF. He then says that Douglas’ Ivy League education won’t save him because he’s going to carve him up.

The show goes to commercial and they show an ad for the WrestleMania special that will air on FOX. They are going to show the HBK/Diesel and Bam Bam/L.T. matches in their entirety. The narrator calls it the greatest event in sports entertainment history. That is Tony Schiavone levels of ridiculous claims.

Jean-Pierre Lafitte vs. Brian Walsh

Pierre Carl Ouellet is having a career resurgence on the indies right now, but back in 1995, he was stuck with a pirate gimmick. It was a bit silly, but the match he has with Bret Hart at In Your House 3 is an underrated gem. Sadly, Lafitte would soon run afoul of the Kliq and we all know how that ends. Jean-Pierre comes to the ring wearing the jacket that he stole from Bret Hart. During this match, Bret calls Vince from the set of Lonesome Dove and we hear the phone call. Bret mocks the pirate gimmick for a moment and then talks about how he has pride in his young fans. He says that Lafitte will have to deal with him because of how he’s been treating those young fans. Lawler predicts that Lafitte will win and Bret says it’s fitting that Jerry would pick him because a liar and a thief go together. He then says that Lafitte will be put in his place on Sunday.

The match starts with Walsh ducking a few lock-up attempts, but he gets chopped into the corner. Lafitte misses a splash and Walsh manages to get a headlock and a trip-up, but Lafitte sidesteps his dropkick. Jean-Pierre punches and slaps Walsh down to the mat and then drapes him over the apron. He goes to the outside and slams Brian onto the apron a few times, before slapping him some more. Lafitte gets back into the ring and telegraphs a backdrop, so Walsh punches him. Brian then goes to the top and tries a jumping nothing, but Lafitte catches him and slams him. He drapes him over the ropes and hits a running double knee, before slapping him again. He then hits a backbreaker and signals for the end. Lafitte goes to the top and nearly loses his balance, before hitting the cannonball for a 3 count.

This was a bit drawn out for a squash match. I guess they needed to pad it out to fit in the Bret Hart phone call. Otherwise, I don’t know why Walsh would get in so much offense.

Winner: Jean-Pierre Lafitte

After the match, Lafitte drapes a pirate flag over his opponent and the show goes to a commercial break. They return to show the ring crew reinforcing the ring for the main event. It was kind of neat to see that. They always talk about them doing that, but they never show it. They then show an ad for In Your House, which highlights the Triple Header Match.

Owen Hart & Yokozuna (w/ Jim Cornette & Mr. Fuji) vs. Men on a Mission

King Mabel is carried to the ring on a throne. I feel very sorry for the indie wrestlers that had to carry him. They show a clip of Mabel’s coronation at King of the Ring. Vince says that everybody remembers it. I say that we’d all rather forget it. They also show a clip of Mabel doing a sit-out splash to Diesel at SummerSlam. The move would legitimately injure Diesel’s back. They go to another commercial before the match starts. They come back from break and Lawler points out that the last two Kings of the Ring are going against each other in this match. Then, they show a clip of Owen & Yoko winning the tag titles at WrestleMania. Before the match starts, Yoko and Mabel get in each other’s faces, but Mabel looks unfazed.

Owen and Mo start with a slug-fest and Owen gets taken down by a back elbow. Owen gets a boot up on a corner charge and gives the crowd a “woo”, before charging right into a powerslam by Mo. Mabel tags in and slams Owen by the hair, but he misses a corner charge and Owen goes for 10 punches. Mabel shoves him to the mat after a couple of them and tags out to Mo. Mabel kicks Owen in the back when he hits the ropes and Mo distracts the ref so that Mabel can choke Owen. This draws Yoko into the ring, but that distracts the ref even more. Men on a Mission work Owen over in their corner for a bit. Then, Mo slowly runs the ropes and attempts a sunset flip, but Owen reverses it for a 2 count. Owen sends Mo to the outside and tags in Yoko. Yoko then lures Mabel into the ring to distract the ref and Owen attacks Mo on the outside. Mabel runs out to help his partner and puts him back into the ring, but Yoko is waiting for him. Yoko & Owen then return the favor by doing their own double teaming, as the show goes to another commercial. They come back just in time to see Owen and Mo both attempt a wheel kick at the same time. The two men then tag out to their partners and we get a punch-out between Yoko and Mabel, as Vince gushes on commentary. Mabel clotheslines Yoko and it causes both the ring and the cameraman to shake. Owen comes into the ring, but he gets press slammed onto Yoko. Mabel then tags in Mo and they hit a double clothesline. However, Owen catches Mo in the back of the head with a kick and tags into the match. He goes up top but gets crotched by Mo, who then hits a superplex. He goes for a cover, but Yoko breaks it up. Cornette then distracts the ref and Yoko & Owen hit a drop toe hold/leg drop combo and get the 3 count, while Yoko holds Mabel back.

This was a surprisingly decent main event, considering it was a Men on a Mission match. It was also a heel vs. heel match, which doesn’t always come off well, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. I like the story of both teams using similar tactics.

Winners: Owen & Yokozuna

After the match, Mabel leaves Mo behind in frustration. Then, we go backstage for a pre-taped promo from Shawn Michaels & Diesel.

Shawn asks if it’s his imagination or has Owen Hart’s nose grown bigger from all the lies he’s been spreading. He says that on Sunday the time for trash talking is over, which makes him sad because it’s a game he plays awfully well. He then says that he and Diesel will become tag team champions. Diesel says that at In Your House he will be coming home to Michigan and he’s bringing a special guest, his good buddy the Heartbreak Kid. He also says that if Ace is the place then give John Madden a call because they’re coming home with all the hardware.

They go to commercial again and come back to Vince in the ring with Cornette, Fuji, Owen, & Yokozuna. Vince points out that Cornette has a smile on his face and he says it’s because history is in the making on Sunday. He says that they understand that Owen & Yoko could lose their titles and he tries to say more, but Vince interrupts. Vince says they’re talking about the WWF Champion Diesel and the Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels, Two Dudes with Attitudes. Cornette says they will be “Two fellas that are yella”, as Yokozuna yells “banzai”. Cornette then points out that either Shawn or Diesel could lose their titles, as well. He says that Yokozuna is looking to three-peat as WWF Champion and Owen wants the title to prove he’s the best there is, was, and ever will be. He also points out that last time Shawn and Diesel were partners, they broke up. He asks them what they will do if they have to choose between their partner or their title. Then, he asks if they can look themselves in the mirror and say they trust each other. He calls Yoko & Owen a unit and a better team and says they will add one of the singles titles to their collection on Sunday. He says it’s legal because “Magilla Gorilla” said so. He finishes by saying that they will have all of the gold and the glory on Sunday.

They go to commercial one last time and come back to Vince and Lawler. Lawler wants to give his prediction for the Triple Header Match, but he asks for a drum roll first. He gets it and then says that Yoko will win the WWF Title. Vince then hypes next week’s RAW and tells everyone that Bulldog will face The Undertaker. The show then comes to a close.

(That will do it for RAW. As usual, I will give my thoughts on both shows after I cover Nitro.)

WCW Monday Nitro #3

September 18, 1995

Freedom Hall

Johnson City, Tennessee

After the intro, Bischoff, Mongo, and Heenan welcome us to the show. Bischoff tells us that Pepe the dog is back by popular demand, which brings us to a new segment on my blog called “Pepe Watch”.

This week, Pepe is wearing a little cowboy hat and a bandanna. The dog looks confused by all the attention. Mongo then tells us to get Grandma out of the bathroom because if you’re not here then you’ve got a bum steer. What?? How many concussions did McMichael get in the NFL? Bischoff starts to say more, but they’re interrupted by the sound of an ambulance siren.

Mean Gene is backstage in front of an ambulance that is backing into the arena. The doors open and out steps Kevin Sullivan and The Giant. Gene asks what is the meaning of this and Sullivan tells him to ask the only true immortal. Gene turns to the Giant, who says he’s been thinking about what it felt like for Hogan to ride in the ambulance. He says that 3 times now he has gotten his hands around Hogan’s neck and each time Hogan melted like putty in his hands. Giant says that Hogan isn’t the one true immortal, he is. Gene comments that if Giant’s father knew he was working with Sullivan then he’d be disappointed. They’re still running the storyline that Giant is supposedly Andre’s son. Giant says that if his dad were still alive then he’d be at his side, trying to destroy Hulkamania. He then says he wants Hogan to dream and think about what happened to him while miming the neck snap motion and laughing maniacally.

They go back to the commentators and Mongo is shaking his head in disbelief. Bischoff says that they will recap the events of Fall Brawl later in the show and Mongo claims that Giant has Pepe shaking in fear.

The American Males come out to the ring for a match with The Blue Bloods, so it’s time to sing along with their theme song, everybody! “American males…American males…American males…AMERICAN MALES…AMERICAN MALES!!!” I wonder how long it took them to come up with those lyrics. Mongo repeats his line about getting Grandma out of the bathroom because she has some cuties to watch on TV. Careful Mongo, your real feelings are showing. The Blue Bloods then make their way to the ring…BUT WAIT! Harlem Heat jumps them from behind and beat them up. They get into the ring and Booker T grabs a mic. He says that the Blue Bloods shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Harlem Heat are the new Tag Team Champions and they’re going to prove it by giving the American Males a title shot, right now! He then says they’re going to turn up the heat on Nitro. Why would they need to prove they’re the champs? Doesn’t having the belts prove that?

Tag Team Title Match: American Males vs. Harlem Heat (c) (w/ Sister Sherri)

The two teams get into a shoving match to start and all four men brawl. Referee Nick Patrick finally gains control. Scotty Riggs and Stevie Ray start the match. Riggs slides under Stevie and gets a couple of dropkicks. He then tags Bagwell, who comes into the ring with a forearm off the top, but Stevie quickly hits him with a side slam and tags in Booker T. Booker hits a shoulder block and catches Bagwell in a powerslam, but he misses a leg drop. Bagwell tags in Riggs, but Scotty catches a kick to the back from Stevie and a scissor kick from Booker. Stevie then tags in, but he just hits a few punches and kicks before tagging out again. Booker hits a Harlem side kick, that pops Bischoff on commentary, and gets a 2 count. Booker then ducks and Riggs goes for a sunset flip, but Booker tags out in mid-fall. Stevie hits a body slam…and then tags out again. Thank you for your contribution, Stevie. Booker misses a flipping leg drop, but Riggs goes to the wrong corner for a tag. Booker then misses a corner charge, so Riggs finally tags in Bagwell. Marcus comes in a house of fire and hits a couple of dropkicks, but he misses another one to Booker. Sherri gets up on the apron to interfere, but Col. Parker arrives and she decides to jump into his arms, instead. Parker carries her away and they kiss, as Bagwell manages to reverse a pump-handle slam into a pin for a 3 count for the titles!

This was a fun opener and a pleasant surprise. This was the first time a title changed hands on Nitro, so it shows that anything can happen on the show. They’re still running the storyline where Sherri hit her head and it somehow caused her to think she was in love with Col. Parker. It was a rather strange storyline that would go on for a while.

Winners: American Males (New champions)

The Males celebrate with their new belts, but Heenan complains that no contract was signed for the match, so it shouldn’t count. They then go to commercial and we get a Slim Jim ad with Randy Savage. He waves a watch in the viewer’s face and tells us we’re getting sleepy. He then hypnotically suggests for us to snap into a Slim Jim.

After the break, Mean Gene is in the ring and welcomes Ric Flair for an interview. Gene says that Ric has to be disappointed after Fall Brawl because Brian Pillman got involved in his match. Flair says that Arn Anderson broke the code. It was okay for them to feud among themselves, but Arn brought an outsider into the forbidden land. He says that they’re the Horsemen and they were going to settle it within the family, but Anderson broke the code twice. He brought their behind the scenes family upfront and he brought an outsider into the ballgame. He then addresses Pillman and calls him a former great football player. He says that he’s going to chop him so hard that Boomer Esiason will feel it in Long Island. Then, he says, “Double A…,” then struts a little before finishing with, “…I’m gonna find you and kick your ass, brother!” Gene tells him that he can’t say that.

Bischoff then hypes WCW Saturday Night. He says that Sting will face Lord Steven Regal, Cobra will have a rematch with Craig Pittman, there will be an interview with Dusty Rhodes, and there will be an update on Hogan’s condition.

Paul Orndorff vs. Johnny B. Badd

Orndorff comes out to his hilarious new opera theme “They Call Him Mr. Wonderful”. Bischoff hates it and says they should censor the music. Mongo even howls like a dog to the music. Orndorff looks at himself in a small mirror, as he walks to the ring. Badd is out next and Bischoff tells us he had a grueling test of endurance at Fall Brawl. Mongo says that no one else can wrestle on back to back nights like Badd is doing. Um, I’m pretty sure most of the people on this show are doing that. Badd gets into the ring and threatens to set off his Badd Blaster in Orndorff’s face, so Paul bails to the outside.

Paul gets back into the ring and starts the match by dropkicking Badd’s knee. He then kicks and punches Badd into a corner and chokes him until the ref breaks them apart. Orndorff gets in Nick Patrick’s face and complains, as Nick threatens to DQ him. He turns his attention back to Badd, but gets hip tossed and slammed. Badd then attempts a flying axehandle off the top, despite Orndorff being flat on his back. Paul gets his boot up into Johnny’s face. Is Badd an idiot? Never mind, don’t answer that. They go to commercial and come back in time to see Orndorff get his knees up on a splash by Badd. Mongo says that this is more action than a rooster sees in a hen house. Does he realize what he just said!? Orndorff misses a splash off the top and Badd hits a knee lift that sends Paul to the outside. Orndorff grabs his mirror, to check his face, but Johnny kicks him. Badd then hits a slingshot cross body to the outside, before throwing Paul back into the ring. He hits a flying axehandle and gets a 2 count. Orndorff fights back and attempts a piledriver, but he gets backdropped. Badd then attempts a sunset flip, but Orndorff catches his legs and leans into a pin for a 3 count.

I get that they’re trying to rebuild Orndorff’s character, but Badd had just won the #1 contendership to the U.S. Title. Why have him lose this match? Sometimes I don’t understand WCW.

Winner: Paul Orndorff

Bischoff talks about how he and Mongo went to Los Angeles to visit the set of Baywatch. Heenan seems surprised and Eric says they didn’t invite him. They show a clip of an incident from their trip. Randy Savage is lifting weights on the beach, while members of the cast cheer him. Kevin Sullivan arrives and attacks Savage. He chokes him with the weight bar and then throws sand in his eyes. Sullivan starts beating on Randy, but Ric Flair shows up with some other cast members and pulls Sullivan off of him. When Sullivan sees Flair, he says, “Not you!” Sullivan then leaves, as Flair says that he’s lost it.

Mean Gene is in the ring and welcomes Savage for an interview. Gene asks about Flair coming to his aid and Savage says, “Thanks, but no thanks. See you in the next lifetime. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!” Gene then asks about Sullivan and Randy says that to kill a snake you remove the head. He says he’s going to destroy Sullivan himself. Gene brings up Hogan and Savage says he doesn’t know if Hulk is in a hospital or at home, but he knows the strong survive. He says that no one is stronger than Hogan. Did Hulk write that line for him? He says he knows Hogan is watching on the “videoscope” and tells him that he’s a horrible judge of character because Luger cheap shotted him at Fall Brawl. Gene says he’s talked to wrestlers who watched the match and they say it was unintentional. Savage asks who he talked to, Sting and Jimmy Hart? He says Sting is Luger’s best friend. Savage then says you’re either with him or against him. He then insinuates that Sting, Luger, and Hart will all soon join the Dungeon. This brings Luger out to the ring to confront him. Luger says that Savage is out there talking about personal agendas and then Lex forgets his line, so Savage says, “Come on. Talk to me, brother!” Luger asks why Savage is so wound up. Could it be jealousy? Could it be that Savage also wants to be WCW Champ? He says that qualifies as having an agenda and Savage says that’s a good point. He does have aspirations. He then brings up Luger’s cheap shot and Luger repeats his line about being tired of dealing with kids. He says he wants to take on the big boys and Savage says there’s no bigger boy than Randy Savage. Randy takes off his coat and dares Luger to fight him, but Gene pleads with them not to do it there.

They go to commercial with a graphic for the upcoming Pillman/Flair match. They come back and Bischoff talks about the events from Fall Brawl. They show a clip from the pre-show of The Giant running over Hogan’s Harley-Davidson with a monster truck. Then, they show clips of Giant coming to the ring after the War Games Match. Giant gets into the cage, while Hogan is fighting with Sullivan, and does the neck snap to Hulk. The show then cuts to another commercial, as Pillman comes out for the main event.

Ric Flair vs. Brian Pillman

Flair makes his entrance after the break. He wastes no time in taking off his robe, as he is ready for this match.

The two men slap each other to start and Pillman chops Ric into the corner. Flair reverses and hits some chops of his own, but Pillman gets an eye rake. Pillman misses a dropkick, so Flair struts around and then chops him and stomps him. He tosses Brian to the floor and surprisingly hits a flying axehandle off the top. They fight on the floor and Ric chops him against the guardrail, before strutting a little more. Pillman acts like he’s going to walk away from the match, but Flair throws him back into the ring. Pillman catches him entering the ring and attacks. He slaps Flair again and chops him into the corner, before whipping him across to the other side. Flair does his trademark bump to the apron, but ducks a clothesline and knocks Pillman down. Flair comes off the top again, but this time Pillman dropkicks him out of the air and tries a couple of pins with his feet on the ropes for 2. He then slams Flair’s arm into the post and gives the camera a maniacal look. Flair fights back and hits a snake eyes onto the guardrail. He heads into the ring and the two of them fight at the ropes. Pillman tries a sunset flip but gets punched. They then fight into the corner, but Flair gets a foot up on a charge. He then makes his usual mistake of going up top and getting slammed, but Brian misses a splash off the top. Flair goes for a Figure Four but gets rolled up for a 2 count. Both men then end up colliding. They slowly reach their feet and Flair gets a shinbreaker. He then locks in the Figure Four and Pillman gives up.

This was a fun main event. I was surprised by how quickly Pillman gives up, but then I remembered where this storyline is going. On a side note, Flair’s chest was beet red from all the chopping in the match.

Winner: Ric Flair

After the match, Flair gets a mic and says he’s waiting on Anderson. He struts around and motions for Arn to join him. He points at a sign in the crowd that quotes his famous “To be the man…” line and tells Arn to learn to love it because next week he will get his ass kicked by the Nature Boy!

They go to one last commercial and come back to the commentator’s booth. Bischoff says that they will try to get an interview with Hogan soon. Mongo asks what they’re going to do if Hogan don’t get up. Heenan then talks about Flair/Anderson and says that Arn means business. Bischoff says that they will talk to Bockwinkel about the tag title situation and then Heenan claims that something is going on in the back. Bischoff doesn’t seem that concerned. He hypes next week, instead. He says that Disco Inferno will face Alex Wright, Kurasawa will be in action, and Savage will face Sullivan. Sadly, we never find out what was going on in the back, as the show comes to an end.

Thoughts and comparisons:

I would say that both shows were about even, this week. They both did a good job of building their current feuds and both had some decent matches. The nice thing about these one-hour episodes is there’s not a lot of time for wasted moments. The storylines and feuds have to take the main focus. WCW was good about keeping their builds straightforward. The content might have been silly, but the build was solid. However, the ratings told a different story.

TV Ratings:

RAW: 2.7

Nitro: 1.9

Oof, I don’t know why Nitro took such a large hit. I guess people were disappointed with Fall Brawl, the night before. I thought Nitro was a decent show, but apparently, people were more interested in RAW that week.



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Week 3: September 18, 1995


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