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‘Til Death Do Us Part

June 2nd, 2014 is the day Tyler and I got Married; it’s also the day I thought Tyler and I were not going to get married. Since today is our fourth wedding anniversary, and Tyler is gone – again – I’ve been reminiscing and decided to blog about the day we became the Hambricks.

Wedding photo

Let’s start with a little back story. For those of you unaware, Tyler joined the army in 2012 shortly after we met. I was adamant about waiting to get married until we lived together first, which most likely was not going to happen until he was out of the military. Fast forward to May of 2014 when Tyler returned from a nine month deployment; I missed him so much that I changed my mind and we decided to get married so that we could live together. If you’re good at math you can see we didn’t even give ourselves a full month to plan anything before we got hitched.

After several conversations about how, where, and when we would get married, Tyler suggested eloping in Vegas and then we’d have a real wedding at a later date. I agreed. While Tyler was deployed, he bought a car that he arranged to pick up after he returned stateside. The car was in Salt Lake City, Utah right beside the state of Nevada, so we made a plan to fly to Utah, get the car, drive to Vegas, and then get married.

Outside of Little White Wedding Chapel

June 2nd started off with us at the car dealership at 8am, as the guy who sold Tyler the car said he would come in early for us. Lo and behold, he did not come in early. The secretary had to call him and let him know we were waiting, but he still did not show up until almost 9am. With a bunch of paperwork and nonsense that should have already been completed it was close to 10am by the time we had possession of the car and could finally begin the journey to Las Vegas.

We planned on arriving in the late afternoon, hitting up the strip to buy our wedding bands, then making our way to the Little White Wedding Chapel to be married. The universe had other plans. As soon as we reached Vegas, the temperatures were in the 100s and Tyler’s car began to overheat. Yay. We made it to our hotel, thankfully, and Tyler looked up a nearby AutoZone so he could get some more coolant for the car. We thought it might have just been from the quick transition from cool weather to insanely hot weather.

After walking there and back, we filled up the car with coolant and made the drive to AutoZone just in case. Which turned out to be a good thing because by the time we reached the parking lot, the coolant had evaporated completely. Five hours and over $200 later, the AutoZone technicians still hadn’t figured out what the hell was wrong with this car we just bought. And they were closing so we were out of luck. They told us to try the Pontiac dealership the following day, as they, too, were closed.

We got back to the hotel at 9:30pm and I was devastated. I literally sat on the bed and started crying because we were supposed to get married and the whole day was gone already. That’s when Tyler came up and told me we still had time before the day was over and that we were getting married on June 2nd.

We quickly got ready and hailed a cab in the hotel parking lot. First stop was the county clerk’s office to get our marriage license, which thankfully took less than five minutes to fill it out. Next on the agenda was rings. Our cab driver was so sweet and helpful in finding us an open jewelry store, as our first option was – you guessed it! – closed. She left us at Caesar’s Palace since this hotel has it’s own shopping area. We had two jewelry stores to choose from: Swarovski and Tiffany’s. And this girl could not say no to a little blue box. 😉

Equipped with wedding bands, we hopped in another cab and finally made it to our destination.Things were looking up, as the Little White Wedding Chapel has a military discount. They marry service members for F R E E. With our ceremony on the house, we splurged and added a photographer to capture our special day.

Finally, we met with the minister who’d be marrying us and he asked us a series of questions to ensure our ceremony was exactly how we wanted it. Unfortunately, he ignored those requests. We asked to be married in their outdoor gazebo and the minister said we’d rehearse in their church area first. However, that was it. He married us in the church. He also asked if we had our own vows to say, and even though I said I did, he still had me repeat the traditional wedding vows without allowing me to say anything I had planned.

While that was a little disappointing, I had just married my best friend. On June 2nd, with minutes to spare! It was so amazing to finally be able to call him my husband, especially after such a long day and having thought we’d have to postpone.

Here’s the kicker though, guys! The following day we made our way to the Pontiac dealership to find out once and for all what was going on with the car. It took about an hour for the mechanics to run a diagnostics test and determine the problem. The fuse for the fan was in the wrong spot, meaning the fan was not blowing to cool down the car. YEP, that was it! A tiny, little fuse almost derailed our plan to get married.

June 2nd, 2014 was such a crazy, chaotic day but honestly I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Everything that had happened before we found ourselves in that chapel had me thinking the universe was giving us a sign to abort the mission. But in the end we made it to that chapel, we married the hell out of each other, and here we are four years later! I truly think our wedding day is a testament to our relationship; no matter how much crazy is thrown our way we will always make it through, together.♡

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‘Til Death Do Us Part


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