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The Lake Garda Ultimate Travel Guide: The Best Things To Do and More!

Are you planning to visit Lake Garda but you’re still confused how to get there, where to stay, what to do or anything else of that sort? If you are for these is a big YES, then you are in the right place. Grab yourself a yummy drink and read on.

This is a guide to Lake garda. A guide where everything you need to know about this awesome place is written in great detail.

Here is what we will cover in this guide:

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The Weather In Lake Garda
Where to Land in Lake Garda?
Flights from and to Lake Garda
Where to stay in Lake Garda ?
Where to eat in Lake Garda ?
What To Do In Lake Garda?

The Weather In Lake Garda

One thing you should take note of before deciding on which plane to jump or what hotel to land in or everything else in between, is to have a clear idea when is the best time to go to Lake Garda. This of course depends on many factors, but the most important thing among all those is the WEATHER. The weather tells you whether your trip will be a wow or just a waste of money and time.

Let’s have a look at the weather in lake garda throughout the year.

Between July and August

The weather  in that period is really awesome, especially for people who love the beach. The temperature is usually high and the water is warm and everything is just perfect, except one single thing. The beach as well as everything you have in mind to visit in lake garda are crowded.

May, June and September

These are the best months to go to lake garda. You will not only enjoy the warm weather, but also ski the crowdedness of the two months before. The weather is warm, but not perfect for swimming, since the water coming to lake garda is a melting ice water.

April and October

Going to lake garda during these two months is not really advisable. The weather is crispy, and wet. In short, you will not feel like going on a vacation. You might get some sunny days here and there, but expect a temperature of less than 18°c and water temperature less than 10°c.

In short, this is just my opinion. It all depends on you and your tastes.

Where to Land in Lake Garda?

There are mainly three airports very close to Lake Garda. One being Verona-Villafranca and the other is Verona - Brescia. The third one is Bergamo airport.

Verona-Villafranca Airport

Verona Airport

That’s the nearest one to Lake Garda. It is situated only half an hour from Lake Garda. The problem with this airport however is the prices are a little high compared to the ones we will cover below.

If your budget allows to land here, it would be the perfect choice. Here is how to get from and to the airport.

Get from and to the airport:

A taxi from Villafranca airport to Lake Garda costs no more than 23 Euros.

A bus from Villafranca airport to Lake Garda costs about 6 Euros. There are two you can choose from. One is ATV line 164. This one connects the airport to Verona train stations as well as Lake Garda, the east coast. The second one is ATV line 184 and it connects the northern side of Lake Garda and Riva del Garda.

Airlines that fly from and to the airport:

  • Ryanair

  • Easyjet

  • Alitalia

  • British Airlines

  • Lufthansa and many more.

Have a look at their website here.

Verona - Brescia Airport

It is also known Montichiari Airport. The Montichiari Airport is located about 30km away from Lake Garda.

That’s a small but a very modern airport. Thus, you can easily find a flight here and cheaper than the one above.

Get from and to the airport:

By bus. Jump on . It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to get to Lake Garda. And it costs about 8 Euros.

By taxi. A taxi from and to the airport costs around 28 Euros.

You can also take the train. But we don’t suggest that as it takes much time and expenses to get to Lake Garda using the train.

Airlines from and to the airport.

  • Ryanair

  • Lufthansa

  • Austrian Airlines

  • Alitalia

  • British Airways

Have a look at their website here.

Bergamo Airport

Bergamo airport, also known as Orio al Serio, is the most famous among the three. Even though it is located a little away from Lake Garda, about 60 or 70 min, but it is really convenient. It is easy to find a flight to Bergamo airport, from all the over the world. And the good news is the flights are much cheaper than the two above.

How to get from and to the airport:

The taxi from Bergamo to the Lake Garda is expensive. We don’t advise you to choose that option. The best way is to take the bus from the airport to Brescia. It costs about 12 Euros for adults and 6 Euros for children. Then, you can take another one from Brescia to Desenzano del Garda, Peschiera del Garda, or Gardone Riviera. It takes about one hour to get to Lake Garda.

Airlines that fly from and to Bergamo airport:

  • Ryanair

  • Jet2

  • Lufthansa

  • Blue Air

Have a look at their website here for extra details.

Flights from and to Lake Garda

From US to Lake Garda.

  • A flight from New York to Lake Garda costs about 895 Euros on Aer Lingus.

  • A flight from Washington, D.C to Lake Garda costs about 1100 Euros on Lufthansa, Air Canada and British airways.

  • A flight from Philadelphia to Lake Garda costs about 1700 Euros on Air Canada, Lufthansa and Air France.

From U.K to Lake Garda.

  • A flight from London to Verona on Ryanair costs about 47 Euros.

  • A flight from London to Verona on Ryanair costs about 61 Euros

  • A flight from Manchester to Verona on British Airways costs about 140 Euros.

  • A flight from Birmingham to Verona on Lufthansa costs about 243 Euros.

From Canada to Lake Garda

  • A flight from Toronto to Verona on multiple airlines costs about 560 Euros.

  • A flight from Toronto to Verona on United costs about 580 Euros.

  • A flight from Toronto to Verona on Air Canada costs about 750 Euros.

  • A flight from Vancouver to Verona on Air Canada costs about 752 Euros.

From Australia to Lake Garda.

  • A flight from Sydney to Verona on Alitalia costs about 1500 Euros.

From Europe to Lake Garda.

  • A flight from Paris to Verona on Transavia costs about 70 Euros.

  • A flight from Paris to Milan on Ryanair costs about 42 Euros.

  • A flight from Paris to Milan on EasyJet costs about 47 Euros

  • A flight from Madrid to Milan on Ryanair costs about 50 Euros

  • A flight from Madrid to Milan on EasyJet costs about 90 Euros

Where to stay in Lake Garda ?

Here are the best hotels and hostels to book in for your stay in Lake Garda. They are listed from the most expensive to the cheapest. Ready? Let’s go!

Vivere Suites & Rooms

If you are not so much into hotels and want something almost like your own house, no need to seek privacy somewhere else. This place has got what you are looking for!

The hotel or the series of suites are situated in an attractive rural town called Arco, about 4km north Riva del Garda.

The hotel, with its minimalistic style, offers six amazing suites. Each one of these comes with a small kitchenette, a beautiful private garden and access to the awesome pool.

The hotel has many facilities to offer for its guests, a fitness center, spa, pool and a parking lot.

The prices are stable, all year round, €260 per night, including breakfast.

Have a look at their website here.

Lefay Resort & Spa

This is literally a heaven on earth. Don’t let that €240 you pay a night scare you. Just look at that view! Wouldn't a drink here make you forget every penny you pay?!

Lefay Resort & Spa is situated above Gargnano village, very close to Il Vittoriale, home of the famous poet Gabriele d’Annunzio.

The resort took inspiration for its style and decor from the lemon houses of lake garda, stone and wooden beams.

That’s a bio-eco resort. Everything in it is environment friendly. Rooms are decorated with natural fabric and the water used here is the rainwater, recycled. The electricity also is from natural sources. Even the resort restaurant serves only mediterranean dishes and relies on local farms to provide all the ingredients, vegetables and fruits. The resort has gone far away to produce its own olive oil.

The resort offers many facilities, including a spa, a pool, a bar, a hammam, and of course breakfast is included in the price you pay. For people with disabilities, there are two rooms in the resort well-equipped for them.

The price in low seasons is €260 and in high seasons it goes up to €750.

Have a look at their website


for extra details.

Due Di Moro

If you want to have the same view as the one before, with a very low budget, then this one is for you.

On a hillside is where this jewel of Lake Garda is sitting. Overlooking the Lake in a panoramic view, Due Di Moro is situated near the famous André Heller Botanical Garden and only 2km away from Gardone Riviera town.

Just like the previous resort, this B&B focuses on nothing but environment friendly on its making, the food it serves, and everything else in between.

The B&B comes with many facilities, a golf course, a spa, a parking lot, a restaurant and a and a pool. Breakfast is included in the price.

For the price, in low seasons, you pay €90 and in high seasons it goes up to €132.

You can take a look at their website here for the bookings and extra details.

Hotel Savoy Palace

Hotel Savoy Palace is a family run hotel. The hotel sits on top end of Lake Garda.

If you are coming alone to lake garda, make sure you avoid this hotel on high seasons. During high seasons, the hotel is filled up with families only. So expect kids to jump around like crazy! That’s just if you prefer a more peaceful atmosphere!

The hotel is very close to restaurants, bars and many other things you may need here. The hotel comes with many facilities, including two pools, an indoor and outdoor one, a gym, a kids’ club, parking lot, sauna, and a restaurant and many more.

The prices start from €70 per night with breakfast included.

Have a look at their website here.

Meet Gardalake Hostel

This hostel has an unbeatable location, very close to everything you need. The hostel is just a few kms from Verona, about 15 min on train. Located close to Verona, only 15 minutes by train.

And if you are traveling from Milan, 1h is all you need. An hour twenty from Venice.

The hostel comes with all you need for comfy and even a fun stay here. A garden with BBQ, a lounge with TV, board games, ping pong, fussball, billiard, two libraries, and pets are also welcomed here.

A one night here costs about €15, including breakfast and WiFi.

Have a look at more details about the hostel here.

Residence Bellavista

This property is situated in a very tranquil spot, only 1km is all it takes to cross to get to the beach.

After total reconditions, the residence offers 7 amazing apartments.

The view, the tranquility and the warm staff make of this place a unique destination for hundreds of guests around the world.

The Residence sits in a scenic, tranquil position just 1 km from the beach. The Residence Bellavista was completely reconditioned and has a total of 7 apartments now.

The hostel is situated in a place very close to a supermarket, a bakery, a butcher shop, a newsstand and many more.

Residence Bellavista Comes with a variety of facilities, including a pool with loungers and a bar, a restaurant, a terrace overlooking the lake and a parking lot but not guarded unfortunately.

A night here costs around €18, without breakfast.

You can book your place here.

Where to eat in Lake Garda ?

Le Gemme di Artemisia

Le Gemme di Artemisia is located in Albisano di Torri del Benaco, overlooking the lake in a spectacular view.

In addition to the view that will make you eat even if you do not feel like doing it, the five fixed menus including Vivace,Amarone, A Gem, Ef the Fusion and Vegan Meetings, will definitely make you forget time and just do nothing else but eat.

The five of them comes with a variety of courses and top notch quality, gourmet food.

The main specialization of the restaurant is seafood. But they offer meaty choices as well.

The restaurant opens its doors, from March to November, starting from 7.30 to 10.30pm. And if you are visiting it later in July or August, you have to book in in advance.

Have a look at their website here for more details.

Pizza per Caso Le Quattro Coppe

Situated in San Martino della Battaglia,Pizza per Caso Le Quattro Coppe is part of a B&B.

In here, one of the famous dishes they make is ‘al tagliere’ pizza. That’s a large pizza served on a round board, a chopping board actually.

The restaurant is situated in San Martino della Battaglia and a pizza here costs about 18 Euros.

What I like about the restaurant more than anything else is that the ingredients are all taken from local sources, meaning you know you eat something of high quality. Another thing is you have the choice to choose whatever ingredients you want your pizza to contain.

If you want to enjoy even more, try to order your pizza with a glass of local wine. You will never forget it.

The restaurant opens from Monday to Sunday starting from 6.30pm to 8pm.

Have a look at their website here.

Al Cardellino

Many visitors rated this as the best restaurant on Lake Garda for the simple reason that it is just wonderful, in every way! Their service, their friendly staff and the awesome dishes they offer are just amazing.

If you go to this restaurant and don’t order anything else but their pasta, you are a winner already! Their pasta is among the best in whole Lake Garda!

The restaurant is situated in Cisano, Bardolino. Its menu is so diverse, but if you are a seafood addict, it is not your best place. You can still find very yummy dishes in here though.

You can order Parma ham, with tomatoes on side or maybe some grilled meat. It is up to you.

The restaurant opens at 12am and closes at 10:30PM.

Prices range between €21 and €40.

Have a look at their website here for more details.

What To Do In Lake Garda?

Visit Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda is the biggest island in Lake Garda. In addition to its outstanding charm, Isola del Garda has a legendary story to tell.

Marco, the king of Brescia, along with his son Antonio were caged in here after the invasion of Brescia by the Longobards.

One day, Vitilde, Longobard King Vitolfo’s daughter, visited the prison. She instantly fell head over toe in love with the handsome Anthonia and secretly married him. When her father discovered that, he took her away to the opposite island and put Anthonio in an underground prison on the Rock of Manerba.

One day, Anthonio managed somehow to flee and met Vitilde and their story continued on Rock of Manerba. When Anthonio offered shelter there for many fishermen who were thrown by the storms, they named him the Hermit of the Island-Alberta Cavazza.

Back to nonfiction.

Where it is situated?

Isola del Garda is situated in the southwest of Lake Garda,in an area very close to San Felice del Benaco famous town in Brescia province.

How can you visit the island?

Well. On your own, you can’t! They accept only guided tours that start from April to October.

You get onboard a boat from various ports of the Lake Garda. Please note that you are allowed only to take photos of the gardens and outside the Islands but never inside the palace.

Note also that you have to book your spot in advance.

The prices and timetables of the guided tours, as well as other policies are gathered



Get A Tan

Beaches in Lake Garda are so clean and the water is crystal clear. The sun here is just perfect if you want to get your body to wear that sexy tan again.

What I like about the lake is the many beaches it has. You are not restricted to just one. If you don’t like one, just move a few walks and you will find another one.

The activities you can do here are various. If you are a big fan of night parties, in here, bars and alive music by the beach are famous.

If what draws you to the beach is water-sports, then in Lake Garda you will find pedalos and kayaks made just for you.

And if are not really into all those. You want to just relax and eat your favourite seafood, guess what, there are a line of fancy restaurants in here.

Mountain Biking Or Horse Riding

Exploring the Lake Garda, especially Valtenesi region, on a bike is an activity to never miss. Grab your bike and ride to the north If your fitness level is a little above average.

And if you are not that fit, the best way to ride is to ride to south. You will find there easy to tackle hills.

On your bike, don’t forget to pay attention to the track, as you will be lost in the beauty that place offers. Villages, nature and a lot of other scenery spots will leave you breathless.

There are a lot of organized bike tours in the Lake Garda. Some bike enthusiasts in the region of Valtenesi created a website, where they share everything related to this activity, including a map that shows you the tracks. You can access it here.

And for the prices, it depends where you stay in Lake Garda. Have a look at this website here for detailed pricing and bookings here.

And if a bike is not really something you would spend a day on, what about a horse then?

A famous place to get your a horse ride from in Lake Garda, exactly in Gavardo, is morso46.

Stimulate Your Appetite

This is known among all Italians. An aperitivo is a drink you take before meals for your appetite to be highly stimulated.

I know you are all aware of the concept. But the aperitivos in Lake Garda are a little bit different.

In here, a special aperitivo is served. Once in Lake Garda, you will notice people in cafés and restaurants sipping an orange and sometimes a red drink and wonder what’s that?

Of course, you are used to having an aperitivo just before a meal, but in here, all day long is time for an aperitivo. People are just so keen on that drink, be it early in the morning or late at night.

Opt for two types of aperitivo. One is Aperol, orange in color. Another one is Campari, red in color.

You can have your aperitivo anywhere in Lake Garda, but we suggest you check with Cafe Bloom.

Get To Know Where Things You Eat Come From

Want to know where the olive oil you eat comes from? A visit to the olive oil mill is all you need.

Lake Garda is known for quality olive oil since the Roman era. The Lake Garda oil was awarded DOP accreditation, since all the process of making it is done locally.

So visiting one of the local olive oil mills, will give you the chance to taste olive oil when it is first produced. You will also gain a deep understanding of the process of making olive oil.

Knowing where does something you consume comes from is a big plus in your stay here in Lake Garda.

Explore Lake Garda From The Air

In Lake Garda, all kinds of tours are available, in addition to the two mentioned above, another way to explore the beautiful Lake Garda is by air.

Tandem paragliding. You will have a little too much fan doing this. Don’t worry, before taking off, they will teach you everything you need for a safe and joyful trip on top of Lake Garda.

You pay 99 Euros for a classic flight and if you want a video made for you plus a flight, you pay something like 119 Euros.

Click here for more infos.

Drive Through Strada della Forra

If you ask anyone been to Lake Garda about Strada della Forra, they will advise to never drive through it if you are not a skilled driver.

I’d go a little far and add here another thing. If your car is too big and lacking an old-train-like- horn, then just forget about this place.

But hey, as scary as this place may look, it is really worth a very place in in your schedule.

Strada della Forra known as one of the landmarks of the Lake Garda. Officially known SP38, Strada della Forra is situated in the, lombardy to be precise.

The road is a link between Tremosine and Pieve and Vesio. Winston Churchill named this place as one of the wonders of the world. And in between, it really is!

Two things to keep in mind when visiting this place, as stated before, is a strong horn and a small car. These two are highly recommended, in addition to a good camera. Many scenes are to never miss here.

To sum up, let us know what you guys think about this guide? What other things you experienced in your stay in Lake Garda that we missed here?

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