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Complete camping menu; five days of compact outdoor eating

Crackling campfire and sizzling sausages come together in symphony capable of saturating almost anyone’s taste buds.  Surely nobody with a nose can resist that smell rising up on plumes of smoke into the dazzling starlit sky.

Many people are put off by the practicalities of preparing such an idyllic outdoor dinner. ‘What to pack? How to pack it? Prepare it? Cook it?’ – questions that plague the mind of a first-time nature chef.

Making au naturel meals

Don’t be expecting Ramsay worthy meals on your first expedition. ‘keep it simple’ is the key to success when starting – but rest assured – ‘simple’ does not negate delicious.

With a cooler bag and some ice packs, you too can utilize my menu below for your own camping trip, or pick and choose from the dishes for a bbq day at the beach.

The items are all fairly light and compact, as we originally planned it out for a big backpacking adventure…

Five days of food

Day 1

Breakfast; in civilization

Lunch; pre-made baguette (turkey, cheese, spinach, mayo)

Dinner: pre-marinated chicken breasts (stored in a ziplock bag with soy sauce, garlic, and honey) cob corn and butter (wrapped in tinfoil placed near the fire)

Snacks: nuts

Day 2

Breakfast; granola bars

Lunch; veg wraps (soft tortilla shells, peppers, cucumbers, spinach, caesar dressing)

Dinner; turkey sausages, bread, cob corn, butter, salt

Snacks; grapes

Day 3

Breakfast: granola bars

Lunch; egg sandwiches (preboiled before or on the day)

Dinner; jacket potatoes (with cheese slices), roast vegetables (onion, carrot, garlic securely wrapped in tinfoil and placed near fire)

Day 4

Breakfast; grapes, blueberries

Lunch; grilled cheese (bread, cheese slices)

Dinner; packet noodle soup (adding leftover veg from previous night)

Snacks; trail mix

Day 5

Breakfast; finish fruit and trail mix

Lunch; back in civilization

Don’t want to prep and cook outside? Check out my recipe for the perfect, and super healthy, camp chilly – great for making at home before reheating in a pot over the campfire.

Top tips when outdoor cooking

1: Soak some toilet paper in cooking oil for makeshift firestarter.

2: Always bring your own grill.

3: Normal cookware discolours and may ruin over a fire.

4: Tinfoil can help roast vegetables, fry bacon, and stop anyone from controlling your mind.

5: Clean and disinfect metallic utensils in the flame of the fire.

6: Prioritise eating the perishable food first.

7: You can rinse your wares in the ocean and flowing streams.

8: Keep your food cooler in fresh streams and cooler oceans.

9: Always use the sniff test! You can easily sense when most items have gone off.

10: If people complain about over-done meat, offer them food poisoning instead.

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Complete camping menu; five days of compact outdoor eating


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