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[Latest Dumps] New VMware VCP6-DCV 2V0-621D Dumps Exam Materials And 2V0-621D Dumps VCE Youtube Demo (Q1-Q15)

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New VMware VCP6-DCV 2V0-621D Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q15)

Which three components should an administrator select when configuring vSphere permissions? (Choose three.)
A. Inventory Object
B. Role
C. User/Group
D. Privilege
E. Password
Correct Answer: ABC

In vSphere, permission consists of a user or group and an assigned role for an inventory object, such as a virtual machine or ESX/ESXi host. Permissions grant users the right to perform the activities specified by the role on the object to which the role is assigned.

Which two methods are recommended for managing the VMware Directory Service? (Choose two.)
A. Utilize the vmdir command.
B. Manage through the vSphere Web Client.
C. Manage using the VMware Directory Service.
D. Utilize the dc rep command.
Correct Answer: AB

To manage VMware directory service, you can use vmdir command and vsphere web client. VMware directory service is always managed using vmdir command which is specifically used for directory services.

Which password meets ESXi 6.x host password requirements?
A. 8kMVnn2x!
B. zNgtnJBA2
C. Nvgt34kn44
D. !b74wr
Correct Answer: A

A valid password requires a mix of upper and lower case letters, digits, and other characters. You can use a 7-character long password with characters from at least three of these four classes, or a 6-character long password containing characters from all the classes. A password that begins with an upper case letter and ends with a numerical digit does not count towards the number of character classes used. It is recommended that the password does not contain the username.
A passphrase requires at least 3 words, can be 8 to 40 characters long, and must contain enough different characters.

An administrator would like to use a passphrase for their ESXi 6.x hosts which has these characteristics:
Minimum of 21 characters
Minimum of 2 words
Which advanced options must be set to allow this passphrase configuration to be used?
A. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 7, 21, 7 passphrase=2
B. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 7, 7 passphrase=2
C. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 2, 21, 7
D. retry=3 min=disabled, disabled, 21, 21, 2
Correct Answer: B

To force a specific password complexity and disable all others, replace the number with the word with disabled. For example, to force passwords containing characters from all four- character classes:
password requisite /lib/security/$ISA/ retry=3 min= disabled,disabled,disabled,disabled,7

An object has inherited permissions from two parent objects. 2V0-621D dumps
What is true about the permissions on the object?
A. The common permissions between the two are applied and the rest are discarded.
B. The permissions are combined from both parent objects.
C. No permissions are applied from the parent objects.
D. The permission is randomly selected from either of the two parent objects.
Correct Answer: B

Most inventory objects inherit permissions from a single parent object in the hierarchy. For example, a datastore inherits permissions from either its parent datastore folder or parent datacenter. Virtual machines inherit permissions from both the parent virtual machine folder and the parent host, cluster, or resource pool simultaneously. To restrict a user’s privileges on a virtual machine, you must set permissions on both the parent folder and the parent host, cluster, or resource pool for that virtual machine.

Which three options are available for ESXi Certificate Replacement? (Choose three.)
A. VMware Certificate Authority mode
B. Custom Certificate Authority mode
C. Thumbprint mode
D. Hybrid Deployment
E. VMware Certificate Endpoint Authority Mode
Correct Answer: ABC

You can perform different types of certificate replacement depending on company policy and requirements for the system that you are configuring. You can perform each replacement with the vSphere Certificate Manager utility or manually by using the CLIs included with your installation.
VMCA is included in each Platform Services Controller and in each embedded deployment. VMCA provisions each node, each vCenter Server solution user, and each ESXi host with a certificate that is
signed by VMCA as the certificate authority. vCenter Server solution users are groups of vCenter Server services. See vSphere Security for a list of solution users.
You can replace the default certificates. For vCenter Server components, you can use a set of commandline tools included in your installation. You have several options.

An administrator is able to manage an ESXi 6.x host connected to vCenter Server using the vSphere Web Client but is unable to connect to the host directly.
Which action should the administrator take to correct this behavior?
A. Restart management agents on the ESXi host.
B. Disable Lockdown Mode on the ESXi host through vCenter Server.
C. Disable the ESXi firewall with the command esxcli network firewall unload.
D. Reboot the ESXi host.
Correct Answer: B

Disable lockdown mode through the DCUI and then enable it through the vCenter Server instead. The vCenter Server does not keep track of lockdown mode state changes that initiated outside of the vCenter Server itself.

Which three connection types are supported between a remote site and vCloud Air? (Choose three.)
A. Secure Internet Connectivity
B. Private Connect
C. Direct Connect
D. Internet Connectivity
E. Secure VPN
Correct Answer: ACE

The connection types supported between a remote site and vcloud Air is secure VPN, direct connect and Secure Internet Connectivity.

An administrator wants to configure an ESXi 6.x host to use Active Directory (AD) to manage users and groups. The AD domain group ESX Admins is planned for administrative access to the host.
Which two conditions should be considered when planning this configuration? (Choose two.)
A. If administrative access for ESX Admins is not required, this setting can be altered.
B. The users in ESX Admins are not restricted by Lockdown Mode.
C. An ESXi host provisioned with Auto Deploy cannot store AD credentials.
D. The users in ESX Admins are granted administrative privileges in vCenter Server.
Correct Answer: AC

The setting can be altered if administrative access for ESX admins is not required. The second rule is that the ESX admins users should not be restricted by Lockdown mode.

An administrator wishes to give a user the ability to manage snapshots for virtual machines.
Which privilege does the administrator need to assign to the user?
A. Datastore.Allocate Space
B. Virtual machine.Configuration.create snapshot
C. Virtual machine.Configuration.manage snapshot
D. Datastore.Browse Datastore
Correct Answer: A

Datastore.Allocate space allows allocating space on a datastore for a virtual machine, snapshot, clone, or virtual disk.

An administrator has configured three vCenter Servers and vRealize Orchestrator within a Platform Services Controller domain, and needs to grant a user privileges that span all environments.
Which statement best describes how the administrator would accomplish this?
A. Assign a Global Permission to the user.
B. Assign a vCenter Permission to the user.
C. Assign vsphere.local membership to the user.
D. Assign an ESXi Permission to the user.
Correct Answer: A

Global permissions are applied to a global root object that spans solutions, for example, both vCenter Server and vCenter Orchestrator. Use global permissions to give a user or group privileges for all objects in all object hierarchies.

Which two statements are correct regarding vSphere certificates? (Choose two.)
A. ESXi host upgrades do not preserve the SSL certificate and reissue one from the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA).
B. ESXi host upgrades preserve the existing SSL certificate.
C. ESXi hosts have assigned SSL certificates from the VMware Certificate Authority (VMCA) during install.
D. ESXi hosts have self-signed SSL certificates by default.
Correct Answer: BC

Of course, ESXi host upgrades preserve existing SSL certificate and it also have assigned SSL certificates from VMCA during the installation process.

An administrator is configuring the clock tolerance for the Single Sign-On token configuration policy and wants to define the time skew tolerance between a client and the domain controller clock. 2V0-621D dumps
Which time measurement is used for the value?
A. Milliseconds
B. Seconds
C. Minutes
D. Hours
Correct Answer: A

The time skew tolerance between a client and the domain controller clock is measured in milliseconds.

Which three Authorization types are valid in vSphere? (Choose three.)
A. Group Membership in vsphere.local
B. Global
C. Forest
D. vCenter Server
E. Group Membership in system-domain
Correct Answer: ABD

Sphere 6.0 and later allows privileged users to give other users permissions to perform tasks in the following ways. These approaches are, for the most part, mutually exclusive; however, you can assign use global permissions to authorize certain users for all solution, and local vCenter Server permissions to authorize other users for individual vCenter Server systems.
vCenter ServerPermissions
The permission model for vCenter Server systems relies on assigning permissions to objects in the object hierarchy of thatvCenter Server. Each permission gives one user or group a set of privileges, that is, a role for a selected object. For example, you can select an ESXi host and assign a role to a group of users to give those users the corresponding privileges on that host.
Global Permissions
Global permissions are applied to a global root object that spans solutions. For example, if both vCenter Server and vCenter Orchestrator are installed, you can give permissions to all objects in both object hierarchies using global permissions. Global permissions are replicated across the vsphere.local domain.
Global permissions to not provide authorization for services managed through vsphere.local groups. See Global Permissions.
Group Membership in vsphere.local Groups
The user [email protected] can perform tasks that are associated with services included with the Platform Services Controller. In addition, members of a vsphere.local group can perform the corresponding task. For example, you can perform license management if you are a member of the LicenseService.Administrators group. See Groups in the vsphere.local Domain.

Which two roles can be modified? (Choose two.)
A. Administrator
B. Network Administrator
C. Datastore Consumer
D. Read-Only
Correct Answer: BC

It is a common knowledge that you cannot modify Administrator role and grant whatever privileges you like.
Same is the case with read-only. This role is created solely for ready only purposes. So you are left with two viable options ?Network administrator and Datastore consumer both of which can be modified to add or delete privileges according to your specifications.

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[Latest Dumps] New VMware VCP6-DCV 2V0-621D Dumps Exam Materials And 2V0-621D Dumps VCE Youtube Demo (Q1-Q15)


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