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KIK Messenger Bots for time pass

Being a KIK user, you would also know about the ‘Bots’.  The good news is that KIK Bots are fascinating as they can help you kill the boredom.

This article will help you add different bots to KIK Messenger so that you can talk to them when bored. Keep reading to explore these interesting bots.

I know it’s not a new term for you because Bots are usually a common platform to talk to people you don’t know and want to share some common interests. Interestingly, different top brands, music labels, and news sites are using KIK bots to engage with their audience.

Bots are actually informative programs and they are fun for users on top of being extremely helpful. Unfortunately, there are a number of bots which exist only to spam your system.

It is very important to know which bots are safe so that you don’t get into any trouble while using these programs. Just don’t give away your valuable financial or personal information to these bots.

Things to Keep In Mind When Using Bots

As I shared earlier, there are many spam gifting Bots. Be careful when using these bots and never follow the questions that would make you reveal important personal or sensitive financial information.

When you go online, you enter a world of identity theft, data hacking, and credit card fraud. It’s not that everyone is doing these things on the internet but if you won’t be careful, you will eventually fall to a victim.

This situation is also true for KIK messenger where everyone is already annoynymous. That means you won’t be able to tell if your friend A is actually the person A or a person B who has access to person A’s username.

The only way to avoid something bad from happening is to be proactive, especially when using instant messenger. If you stay within your limits and follow general safety rules of conduct on the internet, you are definitely going to be safe even when using KIK – a messenger that has reputation for security problems.

Learning and having fun with KIK Bots

KIK bots can be a great fun especially when you follow the safety rules provided above. These bots are a great way to learn new things, stay up to date with the latest happenings in your favorite industry, and receive mouth-watering deals from different brands.

Since bots are not humans, they can be programmed to help KIK users in any way. For example, there is a bot for weather on KIK. You can get the latest weather update by sending a message to this bot.

Similarly, there are other bots that deliver information and help you learn in a fun way. Think about chatting with a bot which is programmed to deliver new words each day.

You can possibly win a vocabulary competition if you spend a lot of time chatting with this bot.

Top KIK bots for time pass

As you know by now that KIK has many bots. Some of them are official KIK bots while others are 3rd party bots.

When you are bored, be sure to add a few bots from this list to your messenger. These bots are a great way to stay updated and learn something new every day.


This bot is probably the most popular one on the KIK network. Thousands of users have already downloaded this bot.

ClipDisBot sends you funny videos. To receive a video, you just need to send a message to the bot.
You can watch as many videos as many you want in a day. There are no limitations and this bot is absolutely free to use.


This is another popular bot, especially among girls. This bot helps you to see how you would look in makeup.

Yes, that’s true. You can get a suggestion on your look for the day from this bot. Simply send it a message with your picture and the team behind this program will send back the picture with makeup.

This bot is extremely useful, especially if you are a fashion chanteuse. You can take a few pictures in the morning and get feedback from the bot on how to look good today.

You don’t really have to implement suggestions that this bot sends you but you can get a nice idea about the latest trends, styles, and makeover. It just takes a few minutes to get the picture back so it won’t delay your breakfast at all.

The team responsible for this bot is a team of professional designers from Los Angeles.


This bot is a great example of how KIK bots can be fun. This bot kills your boredom by asking you to kill zombies.

That’s true. You get to kill zombies in this bot game on KIK messenger.
To fight zombies in this game, you simply need to send text messages to the bot. You can also send emojis to kill zombies in this addictive game.

Be sure you have plenty of free time before you embark on this journey as this game can keep you hooked for hours.


As the name suggests, this bot is for movie lovers. This program will deliver information about every movie that you can name.

Just send a name of the movie you want to know about to the bot. In a second, the bot will send a reply with information about the film.

With this bot, you can also learn about the movies in theaters near you by sending your zip code. Moreover, this bot can suggest films based on your answers to some questions that the bot will ask upon interaction.

Blynkstyle bot

This bot has a huge number of fans on KIK messenger. It formats text for you.

Young people love to send messages with formatted text so that they can show their emotions through different text décor. For example, if someone is angry, the font style and color can make a huge difference in setting the tone of the conversation.

You simply need to select words that you want to highlight and the bot will do it for you.

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KIK Messenger Bots for time pass


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