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Top 10 Best Solar Power Banks in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide

Sometimes circumstance emerges in life that you may require a Solar power bank; Solar Power Banks every day usually captures solar energy with its solar panels. This makes them well known for an individual who tries to preserve energy and help the environment.

It will be very helpful if you charge your phone often or have a lot of gadgets to charge. Incredible for individuals who like go with power bank, you will have the capacity to charge your cell phones anyplace; also, they are helpful gadgets that bring convenience directly into your hands.

Guidelines on how to Select your Solar Power Bank:

There are some guidelines on how to choose the best Solar Power Banks for your tablets, Desktop, Smartphones, PC, laptops, tablets and other different devices. But today, before we list our best 10 solar power bank, we have laid out the purchasing guide to help you to choose one.

  • Portability

This is essential and important to note before purchasing any Solar Banks Charger for you. The portability of any gadget is essential, same as the solar charger. Yet, everything relies upon your mode, lifestyle or reason of purchasing a solar charger. With bigger solar charger, the bigger charging current you will have, after all that what you approached and paid for.

  • Charging Capacity

Having a 4 or 5 watt board works well for little devices, for example, a small mobile phone or mp3 player but for good Smartphones which incorporates Galaxy or iPhones, you need to have the 7 watt board to make certain you can charge most mobile phones.

The battery type, size and the general output for every gadget are as critical as the panel. You are additionally advised to get 15 watts of power, whenever you truly need to begin charging numerous devices. Be However, don’t stress, the same number of organizations are presently joining 2 – 4 USB port into only one unit the solar charger.

  • Inbuilt or External Battery

While picking your next solar power bank, it is good to take a note on the battery, there is the external battery and In-built battery. A few chargers additionally accompany incorporated storage batteries and others may contain isolate storage batteries.

  • Number of USB Port Connection

Going camping/traveling/hiking alone? You require a single USB port but when you are going hiking with your companions and may stay for many hours, you can take the Solar Power Banks that have 2 – 4 USB port to give you the satisfactory result.

Best Solar Power Banks in 2018

10. GerDaRi Solar Power Bank with Real 8000mAh

GerDaRi Solar Power Bank

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It has pilot light shows how much charge left on this charger. The green light is on while charging by solar, the blue light is usually on when USB charging. It is Portable and light weight hence you can move with it easily. You will likewise get a warranty moreover.

This charger is dust proof and water resistant. There is the compass in the charger hence you will never miss your course. Its outlook of this charger is awesome. There are 2 USB ports where you could charge your 2 gadgets in the meantime.

Features and Benefits

  • Get quality power from the sun
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Real 8000mah giving you the finest and purest power.
  • Lots of great features like the bright, clear, large display
  • Outdoor solar charger ideal for outdoors.

9. VNOOKY Portable Solar Power Bank 16000mAh

VNOOKY Portable Solar Power Bank

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It is a power banks has 3 Input Port (Android, Type C and Apple). You could recharge with the one that you like. 3 Outputs that could be shared to your companions and in addition 2 Inputs that can be charged by either Android Port or Iphone Port.

This portable phone charger worked in a smaller scale cable and has an additional output port, permitting charge two devices at any given time.

Features and Benefits

  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer Battery
  • Product Weight: 210g
  • Capacity: 16000mAh
  • Output: 5V/2.4A
  • Input: 5V/2.1A
  • Product Dimension: 142*75*13.6 mm

8. Elzle Solar Power Bank Dual USB 15000mAh

Elzle Solar Power Bank

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Because of its powerful lithium 15000mAh battery, this power bank could charge any smartphone together with iPad at the same time. This makes it perfect if you are going with your companions and everybody require a charging source that charges their devices without a moment’s delay. Once the unit is totally recharged, the programmed identification system shows power status with green and the red LED’s.

This power bank is suggested for outside use and only for clients must take after the protection precautions as clarified in the client manual. In the event that your power bank is damaged or malfunctions because of overcharging, you could ask for a spare within two years of time.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast charging and also have extended backup power bolster.
  • Dual USB Fast Charge Outputs
  • 15000mAh Lithium powerful battery with quick solar recharging advantages.
  • Solid and Portable Design
  • Two years warranty if the gadget overcharge and item break down.

7. ALLSOLAR Portable Solar Power Bank Charger 2 Input 24000mAh

ALLSOLAR Portable Solar Power Bank

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This Charger features the strongest and most durable external shell structure when contrasted with other different power banks. This makes it perfect for explorers and travelers who need to climb over extreme hills and tracks. Being completely shock proof, water proof and dustproof, you can utilize the power bank with no inconvenience.

It has 5 amps 2. 4a max for every port embedded intelligent Manages IC to secure your gadgets against any charging mischances, which would keep you safe. It’s prescribed for emergency utilize

Features and Benefits

  • Triple USB output with Intelligent Manages IC
  • Backup Emergency Use Solar Charger
  • Innovative 2 Input
  • Water-safe, stun safe
  • Eco-accommodating and perfect for outside utilize
  • Free 24 Months Warranty

6. Ruipu Solar Charger Power Bank Battery 24000mAh

Ruipu Solar Charger Power Bank

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Ruipu portable solar charger 24000mah power bank red contains a large Capacity of 24000mAh henceforth you can utilize it for long outdoor activity or outing. Without stressing over power off. Charger can get the solar energy consequently and afterward change over it to electricity. You can utilize this gadget for emergency.

It has 3 outputs can be utilized for charging 3 devices at the same time. They could show the left power instinctively. For whatever length of time that there is light then the lights will continue blazing without requiring other operations. You can just turn it on by double clicking the power button.

Features and Benefits

  • High capacity Solar Charger that have a Mini usb fan
  • Ruipu Charger with Warranty:
  • Flashlight of Solar Charger Battery Pack
  • Power Bank with Solar panel
  • Portable Charger with three outputs:

5. URWILL Solar Charger 10000mAh

URWILL Solar Charger

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Great solar board that gives you solid access to emergency charging power when you are at outdoor activities; charging this power bank through a  plug-in power source directly. It has large 10000mAh Capacity and 2 USB port: bolsters 3 times charging for your iPhone 7, 2.5 times charging your iPhone 7plus, never stress over the running of juice; compatible with many 5V USB devices and apple devices

The Power bank is completely easy to understand as the five pilot markers shows the battery status alongside with light sign. Its solar recharging cells have the ability to change over sunlight into electrical power for keeping in mind the end goal to recharge the power bank in a hurry.

Features and Benefits

  • Perfect 2 in 1 Outdoor Life Saver
  • Reliable and Rugged Solar Charger:
  • Charger with 52LED flashlight- -There is power; there is daylight, there is light.
  • Large 10000mAh Capacity with 2 USB port.
  • 2 Convenient Charging Ways
  • Built-in Strong 52led Flashlight with SOS functions:

4. CXLiy Portable Waterproof Power Bank Solar Charger 25000Mah

CXLiy Portable Waterproof Power Bank Solar

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This Portable charger’s easy to use USB ports 3 Outputs which could be share to your companions and additionally two Inputs that can be charged by either  Android Port or IPhone Port. Great, Portable Charger Solar Power Bank 25000Mah and Waterproof Batter Pack For iPad, iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

LED light can be utilized for brightening and SOS light. The 2 Color lights with quick frequency can be utilized for Emergency lights likewise, the blue lights can disclose to you left power naturally.

Features and Benefits

  • Power Bank with Super Powerful Function.
  • Warranty: We give 2 years of warranty period.
  • Multiple Useful Flashlights of Battery Pack.
  • Perfect item For Traveling and More Outdoor exercises
  • Portable charger’s easy to use USB ports.

3. PLOCHY Portable Charger 24000mAh Power Bank Solar

PLOCHY Portable Solar Power Bank

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Discussing the charging capacity of this PLOCHY solar charger 24000mAh  power bank, this unit is well tested for all well-known devices, for example, Galaxy S7 Edge ,iPad and iPhone 7 Plus. It has the ability to charge Galaxy S7 for more than 6 times and the iPad more than 2.2 times, the unit without a doubt does not cause any harm while charging.

Alongside the astounding power backup livens, the unit is currently packed with an huge 15000mAh lithium battery that support both electric and solar charging. We have played out an investigation to look about the power recharging and backup advantages of each solar power bank and we have seen a lot of advantages of this gadget.

Features and Benefits

  • Amazing Monster Capacity – Can completely charges an iPhone ten times.
  • Lightning and Micro Dual Input
  • Smart Express Charge
  • Massive 24000mAh Lithium battery for long coverage.
  • Charge Anytime Under the Sun:
  • Protection against heating and overcharging.
  • Automatic and snappy recharging from the sunlight.

2. ZeroLemon Portable Solar Battery Charger 26800mAh

ZeroLemon Portable Solar Battery Charger

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The world’s biggest capacity shockproof and rain safe portable solar charger with 26800mAh; solar energy innovation, environmentally friendly and can recharge itself with direct daylight if you have emergency when you are outside

Regardless of whether you are making a trip to a remote area or require keeping powered amid a emergency circumstance, the ZeroLemon 26800mAh Charger is completely intended to outperform. Alongside with quick charging of cell phones and brilliant devices, this power bank can likewise be utilized to charge up your iPad, PCs, MacBook and devices of various types.

Features and Benefits

  • ZeroLemon Guarantee 36 Months Warranty
  • Multi-utilitarian LED Flashlight with four Light Modes
  • Rain-safe and Shock-proof for long trips.
  • Portable Design: stylish, portable and compact outline
  • Wide compatibility

1. DizaulSolar Power Battery Bank 5000mAh Dual USB

DizaulSolar Power Battery Bank

  Get it now on

An ideal choice from Dizaul Company, for individuals who are ready to spend more time in their trip can benefit with this charging capability. This Dizaul Solar power bank is outfitted with more powerful battery with 5000mAh that can keep the devices charged in a hurry. Having a small outline design, the unit is completely simple to move with while you are climbing or traveling.

Manufactured with ecofriendly silicone elastic rubber, the external casing features a grain design alongside with anti-skid safety. The power bank is furnished with the solar charging cells that change over sunlight into power to charge your battery, you definitely don’t need to stress over power deficiency any longer.

Features and Benefits

  • Best alternative in low evaluated solar power banks class.
  • Lightweight and simple to carry along.
  • dust proof and Water proof and stun confirmation external packaging.
  • Made of eco-accommodating silicone elastic
  • The USB ports are well protected by elastic caps


Cell phones are very helpful gadgets in our lives. They enable us to know the affairs of the world and everything around us. However, they rely upon batteries for survival and usefulness. All things considered, they usually run out of power and this can be troubling. To enable you to escape from such frustrations, we present to you the above best solar charging power banks.

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Top 10 Best Solar Power Banks in 2018 – Buyer’s Guide


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