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How cruise control Works in the automobiles?

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Cruise control system was first introduced in mid 1960.With this feature in your car, All you need to do is

  1. Select a desirable speed.
  2. Steer the wheels

No need to press the accelerator”. OWSM!!

The system automatically adjusts the throttle and maintains a steady speed. Now-a-days Cruise control is installed in almost all the automatic cars. Though, it is more popular in American cars than European. (Maybe because they have wider roads.)

Now let’s discuss the two main questions WHAT & HOW?

So WHAT exactly Cruise Control does?

Now, suppose you have a beautiful red car with cruise control installed.Now, all you have to do now is select the desired speed for your car.

It’s action time for the Cruise control now.

  • It will maintain the speed of the car to the set desired speed.
  • It will communicate with the surrounding, using LIDAR/RADAR system. Which is use to measure the distance and relative speed of the preceding car?
  • It will lower the speed automatically according to the traffic.

How cruise control works?

The basic operation of a cruise controller is to sense the speed of the Vehicle ahead by using either a LIDAR system or a RADAR system. The system compares the speed to a pre-set value. And then accelerate or decelerate the speed of a car accordingly.

Cruise control

Main Components of cruise control-

  1. Vehicle speed sensor
  2. Cruise control switch
  3. ECU

Cruise control

The system works by emitting radar waves, which bounced off the vehicle ahead of it.These waves are received by the ECU (Engine Control Unit). The ECU calculates the change in frequency of the reflected waves. This change in the frequency is known as Doppler Effect and is used to calculate the distance of the preceding car.(Change in distance with respect to time gives the relative speed.)

Depending on the relative speed of the preceding vehicle, the brake and throttle are controlled. If the cruise control system detects that the preceding vehicle is travelling at a relatively slower speed. It automatically reduces the speed of our vehicle accordingly.

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How cruise control Works in the automobiles?


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