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Suilad! That’s Sindarin Elvish for hello😀 ! I’m Emily: an on-fire crazy Jesus freak walking on the narrow road and blogging about it. I’ve lived on God’s green earth for 14 glorious years! When I was 11 years old, I felt the strong calling from the Lord to blog to folks about the importance of remaining pure as we make the transition from girl to young woman. As a young lady in today’s society, it can be challenging for me to remember who God made me to be, to wait for love, and to always and forever remain pure for my current husband: Jesus. God has called all of us to be virtuous with our minds, bodies, and souls. This is the passion that God has given me: To exhort all my fellow road-walkers in the way of purity and virtue. Hence, Pure Chick for Christ. I’ve tried changing the name, but the same title keeps coming back as the one the Lord gave me. And you can’t really shake off something God’s put right in your path. “There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!” -Proverbs 31:29 My life is currently set up in the country. I say “currently” because God always has a new adventure for us on the Road, am I right? I love my AWESOME family – and by awesome I mean awesomely awesome. They gotta put up with crazy me and all of crazy me’s crazy quirks – and homeschooled me since 1st grade! My family consists of six folks – plus two which makes eight if you count our Goldies Sparkles and Paddington. First: My Mom and Dad. They are the best parents in this world. They’ve been married for 15 years and counting. I will love them forever; good parents are hard to come by because the best ones are already mine😛 . Second: My loco siblings. There’s Ally my best bestie (she’s 11), John my crazy little bro (he’s 3), and Joshua or nicknamed Joshie when he gets to lookin’ cute (and he’s a fraction of a year old – 8 months).😉 I also love riding horses A LOT! It’s totally a gift from God and it’s sometimes hard to remember – especially when it gets super fun. LOVE JUMPING!! I also enjoy playing pieces on the piano (currently working on Piano Guys original tune called Home). My favorite piece I’ve ever worked on is the Piano Guys original tune called Arwen’s Vigil. I really like to sew, as well. Especially sewing costumes for fun. I’ve made a Tauriel, Arwen, Eowyn, Rey (Star Wars), and Legolas was just completed (click here to see a post with the latest Legolas update). And I post some tutorials so you can figure out how to make your own cosplay! Two years ago God gave me the gift of Tolkien fandom. Elves are my favorite Middle Earth ethnicity. I wish I were an elf – which is why I will use Sindarin Elvish terms like “Suilad, mellyn,” or “Namárië! Tenna’ ento lye omenta!”. I’m a huge Tolkien geek girl.😛 LOVE Lord of the Rings, the Hobbit, and the Silmarillion is growing on me. Some of my other favs include the Avengers (Scarlett Witch and Captain America are THE BEST; super psyched for the CIVIL WAR!!! Because Bucky is BACK! EEP!), and if my parents and I are in the mood for it, Pirates of the Caribbean.🙂 Jurassic Park is pretty gnarly, too😛 those Velociraptors deserve a shout out…love ya, Blue! So, enough about me. This blog is dedicated to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to use forever too encourage others to stand fast in their purity. If I ever stray from that goal…someone remind me! I always and forever want to encourage youth like me to stand strong, resist those difficult temptations, and always remember our special someone whom God has designed especially for us. I pray that you would be encouraged by the words God has for all o’ us! Night is now falling and The Road is calling…will you join us? Namárië, Emily😀
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