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Web Marketing Tips

1. Search engines
2. The meta tags
3. The Referencing
4. Word of mouth
5. Check forward to your users
6. Product Overview
7. Update your links
8. How to choose a program?

Search tools remain popular tools for Internet users searching for information on the Web. To be accessible to Internet users, your site must be visible to them. Your referencing in the search engines and your listing in the directories is a must to generate traffic to your site.

Search engines
The majority of users only read the first 30 results in a search. Therefore, it is important to find your site in these pages of results in the main international and francophone search engines used by the Net surfers.

Register your site in the main engines separately.
It may be a little longer but safer. Here you can do it without going from site to site. This saves you time. There are also tools in which to write a page in multiple engines at once.

SEO in search engines.

The main Swiss search engines are:

The main French search engines are:
Yahoo! News  

The main international search engines are:
The Meta tags
The secret of a well-visited site also lies in the meta tags. To make you reference, by the search engines, you need the Metas tags !!!.You will need to place them on your HTML page between the tags. They will allow you a SEO more efficient !!! Create your meta using meta tags Machine free.

1. “brief description of your page.”>

2. “Keywords separated by commas.”>

3. “” revisit-after “CONTENT =” 20 days “> A large importance in most search engines. They consult your page after 20 days and will note the new meta-tags.


Affiliate program Swiss affiliate TITLE>

“Description” CONTENT = “affiliate program The objective of Swiss affiliate and help you understand in a quick manner and with clarity what it is, affiliate, affiliate program, merchant, and the role Of an affiliate vis-à-vis a merchant afflilerieur.Choise an affiliate program and add a link to your website. Win

Today money from your website “>

“KEYWORDS” CONTENT = “affiliate program, affiliate, banner exchange, affiliate marketing, affiliate software, swiss, merchant, Swiss affiliate, marketing, books, tools, money, win, affiliate programe,”>

“AUTHOR” CONTENT = “ohad.c”>


“Copyright” CONTENT = “ohad.c 2001″>

“Revisit” CONTENT = “After 30 days”>

“hearing” CONTENT = “Alle”>

“expires” CONTENT = “NEVER”>





  The References
The part of SEO is the hardest of the creation of a website. I show you some websites where you can register on several search engines simultaneously. The best is to go directly to the search engines or search directories to propose your site.
The solution that offers 100% guarantee does not exist!
  Word of mouth
To make your site known, it is not only the SEO, far from the. Never forget that the surfer is an eternal hurry. If your site in the engines is ranked well, you will have more chance of having the visit and by the same than remained well ranked.
Why ? You will tell me!
For the simple reason that engines work on the way, as much as on META, the more you have visits, the more you climb the criteria and the more your site will be found by the engines . So it is imperative to reference your site. This is the first important step but keep in mind that the more sites you have with a link that relates to yours the more likely you will be to have visitors.

The Internet is a vicious circle. The banner exchange can get you a large number of visits, think about it, talk about your site in your mails . In signing, an Internet address is often visited even by simple curiosity . Think of placing the small sentence that helps (register my site in your favorites to stay up to date with the news) . Find one or two sponsors that can help   sometimes. Think of your friends talking about your site and ask them to advise it to their own knowledge, word of mouth is very important for your visits! If you visit a site that is well done and you like, consider offering a banner exchange, you risk a yes or no.

  Check your users’ expectations
For example, the pages speaking of music on your site have banners referring to sites whose subject is music, mp3, etc.
If the webmaster of your site instead an advertisement or a link to a news site on a page talking about music, it is unlikely that it would have interested readers. There would have been little chance that they would click on that link and you would later get a commission.
In addition, a promotional offer seems all the more raspy or incongruous as it has nothing to do with the content of the site.
Product Overview
It is not enough to put a link, a nice picture or a nice headband to optimize its income from affiliation.
You have to tell your surfers why you recommend a particular merchant to them. You must use your strength of conviction, which will be all the greater if you are convinced yourself of the qualities of the merchant of which you speak. Give reasons to your users to go to a merchant site. If your commission depends on it, encourage them also to buy, otherwise it is useless to send them to walk on another site. Do not hesitate to do everything to reassure your users. Your recommendation matters to them. Inform them, encourage them, but do not disappoint them either.
  Updating your links
It would be useless to make a splendid integration of the offers of your merchant affiliates to your content if your links to them are no longer up to date.
Test your links frequently: do they always point to the product you are talking about on your site? You have to be careful because the sites of the merchants are like yours: pages appear or disappear very quickly.
In addition, your affiliate may have added new tools (images, link formats) to make your affiliates’ life easier. Do not hesitate to inspect the affiliate sections on merchant websites in which you are already registered.

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