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Henke Can't Read
Creation Vs Evolutio… · 14:50 16 May 2022
Second Round essays: Henke Can't Read · Henke Can't Argue Philosophy Very Well EitherHere is a kind of answer for my essays:… Read More
Adopted Twice
Free Online Bible Co… · 08:39 16 May 2022
The first I ever knew that I was adopted was when I was about eleven, and I applied for my Social Security card. I went to the social security office downtown on the bus, and when it wa… Read More
Why Do Kids Rebel?
Thoughts About God · 13:04 15 May 2022
Even with the best and most loving environment (and parents) we could ever possibly ¹grow up with, all of us still are ²in pain. It is inevitable we go through some kind of pain no… Read More
Better Than Gold
Mystical Paths · 03:08 15 May 2022
   by Reb Gutman Locks         Better Than Gold        Our good deeds are more precious to us than our money. They are… Read More
Paganesimo · 18:12 13 May 2022
 La religione antica in quanto fenomeno storico è spiritualmente così vicina a noi occidentali che possiamo comprenderne immediatamente la struttura: essa non è una… Read More
Escrevinhando · 13:43 13 May 2022
Escrevendo aos cristãos de Éfeso, o apóstolo Paulo faz o seguinte registro: ... por esta razão dobro os meus joelhos para o Pai ... pelo qual toda a famíl… Read More
The Taste Of The Garden Of Eden
Story Tour · 16:00 12 May 2022
The post The Taste of the Garden of Eden appeared first on Story Tour. Tam and Chacham were old friends and would frequently travel together to perform various mitzvos and to collect tzedaka… Read More
Plum Orchard Progress
Live With Flair · 15:54 11 May 2022
So far, I have two plumcot trees growing into maturity. I still won’t have fruit for another few summers (at best, next summer), so I’m learning to “take the long view.&rdq… Read More
Jesus Christ Wallpap… · 02:01 11 May 2022
After presenting to all of you the Catholic Children’s Bible in a previous article on TBTG website this week, today I would like to introduce another special Bible, but this on… Read More