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Live With Flair · 19:55 21 Aug 2018
Today I began teaching my new advanced writing classes. I remember what a mentor told me nearly two decades ago: Great teaching is love of subject, love of student.  I am so thankful fo… Read More
As It Is · 17:46 21 Aug 2018
On the subject of prayer, C.S. Lewis is quoted saying, "It doesn't change God. It changes me." Lewis knew that the regular activity of prayer changed how we viewed and interacted with the wo… Read More
You Are Free To Be…
Dailyps · 12:30 21 Aug 2018
Freedom. What does it truly mean to be free? For some who are in prison, it means that their physical movement is limited and that they are trapped in a place that they cannot get out off. Y… Read More
Escrevinhando · 10:57 21 Aug 2018
O livro Entendes o que Lêsdos norte-americanos Gordon D. Fee e Douglas Stuart foi publicado originalmente nos EUA em 1981 sob o título How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth(nu… Read More
Contentment Acres · 04:00 21 Aug 2018
Walmart Grocery Pick Up has made my life so much easier! I can add to my cart as needed all week. I can take my time to check prices to make sure I am being a good steward with God's provisi… Read More
Mystical Paths · 03:43 21 Aug 2018
   by Reb Gutman Locks         Fences        Someone asked, why don't we ride bicycles on Shabbos.   &nb… Read More
God's Approval
Dear Worshiper · 17:01 20 Aug 2018
I believe this generation (of music ministers) should learn to fear God's opinion as much as we've been conditioned to fear man's. If God tells you to do something, do it. Even if you feel a… Read More
Demonic Possession
[email protected] · 13:00 20 Aug 2018
Demonic possession is a staple of the horror genre for both books and movies. No one can really, truly believe that it exists and really happens, and yet even the Vatican keeps a special bra… Read More
Zafarnama Post 26
Dhansikhi · 10:25 20 Aug 2018
Zafarnama Post 26 It all about a letter from Guru Gobind Singh Ji to Aurangzeb after leaving Kachhi Gadi of Chamkour. Guru Ji wrote this letter in Deena Kangad and send it to Aurangzeb. In t… Read More
Am I Going To Heaven? · 00:37 20 Aug 2018
  We have all wondered, at one time or another, what will happen when we die. This question usually first comes to mind at some point in our childhood years, and is, perhaps, the s… Read More
A Rumored Fortune
Benjamin H. Liles · 00:09 20 Aug 2018
By Benjamin H. Liles           Intrigue. Adventure. Victorian. Romance. These are just a smattering of a few words I can use to describe Joanna Politano's book A Ru… Read More
God’s Goodness
Christian Revival, K… · 22:34 19 Aug 2018
Beholding Goodness As a rule many of us are over stimulated. The trend in society is on speed… getting on the fast track and getting the results we want. We must have everything on de… Read More
Driven By Guilt And Shame
Thoughts About God · 11:29 19 Aug 2018
Those who try to guilt and shame others into certain behavior are themselves usually influenced or driven by guilt and shame.We do who we are. The further away from God's *design we ope… Read More
Mystery Babylon Revealed
The Quest · 01:25 19 Aug 2018
Historians often teach that Babylon is an ancient city in Mesopotamia, not far from Baghdad, Iraq. Other people believe that Babylon is America or the city of Jerusalem, since that is where… Read More
The Divine Heart Of … · 17:40 17 Aug 2018
For the cardinals, arch/bishops, and priests of the Catholic Church in America, following on the heels of the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report, one question. It is this: Do you really believe… Read More
Retrieving Friday As A Day Of Penance
Nunblog · 13:00 17 Aug 2018
With the ugly news coming out of Pennsylvania (old, almost all of it, but new to us and hideous), there are only so many words that can be offered in response. Sister Theresa Aletheia (@purs… Read More