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Live With Flair · 16:15 24 Sep 2017
Along with the rest of us weary 5:00 AM travelers in Asheville, I complain that the single coffee stand in the regional airport failed to open. How unified we all become in our bewilderment!… Read More
Doxas Thought · 13:29 24 Sep 2017
The attack on the body of Christ is the attack on FAITH. Philosophers have tried to define FAITH logically but the submission can be quite contradictory. According to Pastor Simon Adeola, 'F… Read More
Words From There | W… · 13:17 24 Sep 2017
Every stitch. Every form of embroidering. Every shape that ever was. Knitting beyond your wildest dreams. A net is made; of finest silk, strongest metal, threads of burning sulfur. Woven tog… Read More
George's Journal | O… · 10:23 24 Sep 2017
A tiny seed can grow into a huge tree. Tree seeds fall to the ground from their parents with a full set of instructions on how to grow. Once the coat around the seed is moistened, the e… Read More
Hindu Blog · 05:29 24 Sep 2017
Unlike in other regions of India, Dasara in Bastar has nothing to do with victory of Rama... [Visit original source to read the entire content and more such articles.] Read More
For The Fainthearted… · 19:20 23 Sep 2017
Radical Left-wing politics in student days consisted in slogans and programmes. There were pamphlets that detailed the steps necessary for the revolutionary transformation of society; all th… Read More
Plain Prayers · 11:13 23 Sep 2017
What happens when I die? The voice of angels that do not cry. Ladder to heaven. Death has won? Nay, Life has won. Death: where is her sting, where is her victory?&nb… Read More
Neopluck · 04:25 23 Sep 2017
9. Mengusap KepalaIni adalah fardhu wudhu yang keempat. Mengusap menurut bahasa adalah menggerakkan bagian tubuh yang akan mengusap secara melekat/ menyatu dengan bagian tubuh yang diusap. D… Read More
The Crazy Catholic · 11:01 22 Sep 2017
   Who is it you show service towards? Maybe it's doing chores for your family, maybe it's serving people as part of a job, maybe it's performing service through acts of community… Read More
Stand Therefore · 06:24 22 Sep 2017
Ezra was a good servant of the Lord and he was also a brilliant scholar of God’s word. He was described as “a ready [or brilliant or diligent – ELP] scribe in the Law of Mo… Read More
Life In The Midst Of… · 18:37 21 Sep 2017
i needed a change, and starting a new blog seemed like one way to do that. it doesn't mean i'm taking this blog down, or that i won't be posting here ever again (althought it's been so long… Read More
The Joy Of Happily Ever After
Life With Joys · 13:32 21 Sep 2017
Watch any princess movie and you will see a common theme play out - the idea of happily ever after.  It is ingrained in our sweet heads and we tend to measure our lives by the idea.&nbs… Read More
Behold What
Green P@stures | Ama… · 00:38 21 Sep 2017
Photo © Scott Mitchell Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed upon us… 1 John 3:1 “Behold”  – not simply conceived towards us and willed unt… Read More