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Tsem Tulku Rinpoche Blog publishes the teachings and thoughts of H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche on Tibetan Buddhism, mantras, prayers and Buddhas and more...
2022-08-26 14:31
(By Tsem Rinpoche and Pastor Shin) As one of the oldest civilisations in the world, ancient Egypt boasts an academic field of its own called Egyptology, which is the study of its history, la… Read More
2022-06-04 14:39
(Oleh Tsem Rinpoche) Manjushri, sang Buddha Kebijaksanaan memiliki jumlah emanasi yang tak terhingga. Beliau beremanasi dalam berbagai bentuk dan aspek menurut waktu, manusia dan disposisi s… Read More
2022-03-15 18:04
In these 35 episodes, I will guide you to understand in greater depth on how your mind works, and the various topics that I believe are essential to revisit so that we understand what happen… Read More
2022-03-13 16:41
On the first day of the Tibetan New Year, the Panglung Oracle took trance of Dorje Shugden to give a general pronouncement for the year ahead. At first glance, this year's advice seems short… Read More
2021-12-05 08:04
Pastor David Lai’s book Tales My Lama Told Me contains very scintillating and riveting stories of Buddhist practitioners of the Mahayana tradition who have achieved the state of true i… Read More
2021-11-29 19:12
Could the legendary Atlantis be real? These videos suggest that it can be located with relative ease in the modern day. The main sources of evidence draws from Plato’s accounts of Atla… Read More
2021-11-10 03:59
Tidak apa bila kita menginginkan cinta, meminta cinta, mendapatkan cinta, mengharapkan cinta dan memiliki cinta … tetapi apa yang anda lakukan ketika mendapatkannya? Bersantai saja, t… Read More
2021-11-07 07:45
(By Tsem Rinpoche and Pastor David) Praktik 35 Buddha Pengakuan adalah salah satu praktik pemurnian batin yang tertua dan telah diterapkan sejak masa Buddha Shakyamuni. Praktik ini sendiri m… Read More
2021-09-18 08:31
A lama’s ladrang refers to a lama’s private residence. Due to the nature of the lama’s work and responsibilities, the ladrang plays a much bigger role than just being a pla… Read More
2021-09-12 06:00
The Six Perfections form the core of the practical teachings in the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. Comprising generosity, morality, patience, effort, concentration and wisdom, each Perfection… Read More
2021-09-02 07:01
September 4th, 2021 marks the second parinirvana anniversary of H.E. the 25th Tsem Rinpoche. A special all-day prayer service will be held in Kechara Forest Retreat in accordance with the tr… Read More
2021-08-17 10:11
When I first laid eyes on My Journey in This Life, it was the picture of Tsem Rinpoche on the cover that caught my attention. It’s a striking portrait of Rinpoche riding a horse and ga… Read More
2021-08-06 16:52
On August 24, Kechara will join over 40 Dorje Shugden organisations from around the world to celebrate International Dorje Shugden Day with a Great Prayer Festival Read More
2021-06-27 13:55
Back in 2016, Rinpoche envisioned images of the 21 Taras installed along Tara Walk in Kechara Forest Retreat, made in accordance to the lineage of Atisha Dipamkara Shrijñana Read More
2021-06-01 07:29
At the dawn of time, mankind lived in fear amidst primitive conditions. The world seemed to be controlled or influenced by powerful higher beings or gods Read More
2021-04-20 02:00
Making offerings to the Three Jewels on your altar or in a temple is actually part of the Perfection of Generosity. When you make an offering, you take something you own and you give it to t… Read More
2021-03-12 13:31
This sharing about attachment came about when I was trying to explain the psychology behind the boredom and frustration we feel when we are under lockdown at home Read More
2021-02-27 11:41
Long before H.H. Pabongka Rinpoche’s time, Dorje Shugden was already being widely invoked on the Mongolian steppes. New proof now exists thanks to the efforts of the scholar Dr Matthew… Read More
2021-02-18 10:10
Dorje Shugden’s annual Losar message offers spiritual guidance for the year ahead. It begins with a reminder that if we wish to create the right causes for this life and eventual enlig… Read More
2021-01-23 20:44
The Four Noble Truths (Tibetan: Pakpei Denpa Shi, Sanskrit: Catvari Arya Satyani) form the utmost foundation of the Buddhist faith. In fact, every other Buddhist teaching is based upon these… Read More
2020-10-12 08:19
Within Dorje Shugden’s incarnation lineage, there are two lesser known incarnations who lived between the time of Panchen Sonam Drakpa and Tulku Drakpa Gyeltsen. These two figures are… Read More
2020-09-17 16:13
詹杜固仁波切 著 1983年,当我18岁之际,我有极大的荣幸ᦁ……Read More
2020-06-29 15:10
  Introduction Since the time of the historical Buddha, the Sangha (ordained monastic community) have been sharing the Buddha’s teachings with many people from all… Read More
2020-06-19 14:23
Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is a world-famous pilgrimage destination. Its rich cultural heritage is attested to by ancient temples and monuments which create an environment ripe fo… Read More
2020-06-06 05:55
Dear friends around the world, Many years ago, one of my students travelled to Taiwan to organise some paperwork for me. While she was there, she had the opportunity to trace my family… Read More
2020-05-14 10:03
Possessed, the latest title from Kechara Comics, is a riveting tale of black magic as experienced by the Krishna family, set in the old tin mining capital of Ipoh in the state of Perak, Mala… Read More
2020-05-12 20:57
'Into The Light' is an epic tale spanning four generations of Chinese immigrants in Malaysia. Set in George Town, Penang, this tale traces the rags to riches story of the Tan family Read More
2020-03-09 02:00
Dorje Shugden’s annual Losar message offers guidance for the year ahead. For 2020, Dorje Shugden gave a powerful teaching related to the karmic cause for the recent COVID-19 viral outb… Read More
2020-03-08 05:38
The Tsem Rinpoche Relic Stupa Project is a very precious opportunity to generate great merits to connect with Tsem Rinpoche’s next incarnation. Find out how you can support this import… Read More
2020-03-05 10:12
Bodhgaya is the centre of many sacred sites. Chief among these is the Mahabodhi Temple Complex where Prince Siddhartha became enlightened and where Buddhism began more than two millennia ago… Read More
2020-02-19 01:32
While there exists innumerable traditions of massage therapy in the world, one of the most ancient traditions is reflexology. Reflexology is a natural way of healing based on the energy flow… Read More
2020-02-08 03:00
Dear friends, Sometimes I come across thought-provoking videos, and I think it would be good to share these gems of wisdom with everybody. The transcripts of these short videos are also made… Read More
2020-02-04 02:00
(By Tsem Rinpoche) The Dharma Protector (Sanskrit: Dharmapala) called Tsiu Marpo is an ancient Buddhist deity. His story stems from over a thousand years ago during the time of Padmasambhava… Read More

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