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Meet OurPact 2.0: A Breakdown for Users

We’ve made some improvements. Here’s an update, just for you.

OurPact is so much more than a parenting application.

It’s a community of families looking to find more balance, and create more moments to connect.

It’s a resource that stands behind parents, to prove that agreements really mean something.

… And, it’s also a dedicated team of techies, engineers, software developers, product managers, and executives looking to redefine what is possible through powerful software.

For the last few months, our team has been hard at work developing our recently unveiled OurPact 2.0. This app has a new look, a new feel, extended management options, and much more.

We understand change doesn’t come easy, but we’ve done our best to make this update a positive one, and pack as much punch as possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about OurPact 2.0…

Web Application

We have finally wrapped up our web app! Are you as excited as we are?! (We’re pretty excited.)

This means parents can manage children’s devices from any web browser, on any device, including:

  • Laptops
  • Desktop Computers
  • Android Web Browsers
  • Kindle Web Browsers
  • Windows Web Browsers
  • Blackberry Web Browsers

Any device, any browser… You get the picture.

This is a pretty huge deal, because now parents without iOS devices can use our web app to manage their children’s devices from anywhere. It also extends management options for our iOS parents!

You can sign in to our web app (or sign up, if you’re new to OurPact!) by clicking here, or by navigating to at any time.

HELPFUL HINT: Want to have our web app on-hand for quick access, but don’t have our mobile iOS app? You can save the web app link to the home page of your mobile device to access it at any time with a simple touch.

‘Device Unreachable’ Status

Devices are not always ‘online’. This is a plain old fact that, unfortunately, is out of our control.

In our last build, when parents blocked child devices, the interaction on the family dashboard went ‘Granted’ > ‘Blocking…’ > ‘Blocked’. In all the eagerness of having a blocked child device, a lot of parents weren’t picking up when the transition to ‘Blocked’ never fully happened! They would only realize after noticing (or being told) their child’s device never actually blocked or granted.

… And that made us look bad. (We aren’t a conceited bunch, but we definitely don’t like looking bad.)

This new ‘Device Unreachable’ status does not mean OurPact isn’t doing it’s job, instead it means:

  • The device is ‘asleep’. Devices that are locked/asleep will not be able to receive a signal from your account until they are unlocked/awake.
  • The device has a weak connection. Weak signals prevent devices from receiving communication effectively. iPads are very susceptible to weak connection, because the Wi-Fi symbol on these devices notoriously over-state connectivity.
  • There are other devices in the home taking up bandwidth. If other devices nearby are streaming or downloading, they are likely impacting your child’s device connectivity.
  • The device is in airplane mode. If your child’s device has been placed in airplane mode or it’s connection has been tampered with, it will not be able to receive communication from your device.
  • The device is not powered off or has a drained battery.

If this is an issue you’ve encountered, please ensure that your child’s device has a solid connection. Do not try to re-grant/block access continually until you see your desired action, this will only slow things down.

If you continue to experience issues with your child’s devices accessibility, please contact [email protected]

Native iPad Management

We now have a completely independent iPad application!

Parents in the past were able to install our app onto iPads, but only from the iPhone store. This new extension has an iPad-friendly interface, and is super easy to use.

Native Multitasking

This update is only available for iPad users…

What does it mean? Well, iOS did a cool little software update that allows people to split their screen in order to multitask… This means you can play poker as you scroll through Instagram…? Or, quickly manage your devices, without ever leaving Netflix.

Not all apps are customized for multitasking, but we are. If you have an iPad, download our new iPad-friendly version, and give multi-tasking a try.

New Interface & Design

Our new interface was developed to be more intuitive and user friendly. Change doesn’t come easy, though… This much we know!

Many parents have commented on the new design changes – especially parents with more than one child, who enjoyed scrolling through children’s profiles with ease (now, you have to select children from the menu).

We’ve been taking this feedback to heart, and are considering making changes to bring ‘profile scrolling’ back in our next update. If you feel strongly either way, please feel free to email us at [email protected] Every email that is written is shared with the team, and taken into consideration.

Back-End Architecture Update

Our app has received a tremendous amount of traffic in the last lil’ while (especially since Jamie Oliver’s amazingly organic shoutout!), so we did another update to our platform to ensure that we can hold as many parents as possible.

We don’t expect you to know what all this fancy-shmancy architecture talk means. All you need to know is that OurPact’s ‘foundation’ has been enhanced a bit to improve reliability, speed and user capacity.

… That means you can share us with all of your friends.

Common User Issues (Not Related to 2.0), And What’s Up

Select Apps Won’t Block on iOS Devices

We’ve realized there is a problem some users are experiencing with individual apps not blocking, such as YouTube.

This is happening because these apps have been installed from a third-party app store or the Internet. To ensure that OurPact can detect these apps, you will need to delete and reinstall them from the iOS App Store. Once you’ve done this, everything will be sorted.

Installing the App and Profile on the Same Device is a No-No!

Our top user issue right now is from parents who, rightfully so, want to test our software out before they install and use it on their children’s devices. This is totally fair enough, but it can create problems…

When you install OurPact and our management profile on the same device, everything seems fine and dandy. That is, until you block access (usually ‘Until I Say So’), and we prove our worth! Once this happens, all apps and Internet disappear off the device, including OurPact… Your management tool!

If this happens, fear not. Now that we have our new web app, you can simply log in to your parent account on a separate device or computer, and re-grant access to your device. You will need to have the profile removed formally from the device (if it is NOT the device you want to manage). To do so, please contact [email protected] for instructions.

Apps Scrambling After a Block

This is a common issue, that our nifty engineers have whipped up an awesome solution for. The solution is called Prestige, and it can be installed on iOS child devices at any time by going to in Safari and following the prompts to install.

Prestige is a bit funny, there are a couple things to keep in mind about it:

– After downloading, a popup will appear stating ‘Prestige was unable to download’… Please select ‘DONE’, not ‘RETRY’.

– The icon will appear greyed out, which is totally normal!

– If it takes longer than a few minutes to install, please power the child device off/on.

‘New MDM Payload’ Message

If you have already installed a management solution on your child’s device (or one is in place from a school BYOD program), you will not be able to pair to OurPact until this other profile is removed. Only one MDM profile can be in place on a child’s device at one time.

If you receive an error message while pairing that the ‘MDM Payload does not match the old payload’ you will need to remove the profile. Please contact our team at [email protected] if this is the case and you would like profile removal instructions!

The changes that we’ve made to OurPact have paved the road for awesome future developments. We have a lot in the pipeline intended to lighten your load, and make your job as a parent that much easier.

We hope you enjoy our new app, and always welcome feedback. If you have any suggestions for future developments (allowance and granular app blocking are already in our engineers minds!), or pointers about our new build, please don’t hesitate to reach out…

We love hearing from our community!

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Meet OurPact 2.0: A Breakdown for Users


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