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Bootstrappin' It
A Possible World · 10:57 18 Aug 2017
Oh no I've sold out! I was dropping off some more books I've read already or am never going to read at a charity shop the other day, when I came across these two booties:You're bootiful.As y… Read More
Stroke World
Jill Of All Trades · 10:56 18 Aug 2017
Thought I would update on life around here.  This guy, yes this guy, my Daddy had another little TIA (stroke) last Saturday.  It wasn't bad but it pushed the surgery part of his li… Read More
Tudo Por Um Clique.
Maria Das Palavras · 08:05 18 Aug 2017
Sendo brutalmente honesta, compreendo que alguns "jornalistas" sacrifiquem um título de notícia - e portanto um pedacinho de reputação - por uns milhares de cli… Read More
Trillie Sucks At Stu… · 07:53 18 Aug 2017
This isn't a real post. This is me dropping in to assure the people who have voiced concerns that my blog may be "dead". I can promise you all that rumours of my demise have been greatly exa… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 18 Aug 2017
Cuando la barbarie abruma y la calle rebosa sangre, calla la palabra, llora la poesía. – Este blog arranca cada mañana desde Barcelona, ciudad Condal, capital de Cata… Read More
Thursday: Friends …
My Side Of The Stree… · 02:42 18 Aug 2017
It has been a couple of weeks, and my strategy of keeping my friends close has sustained me, during this life transition I am in. There are certain people in my life, that are anchors for m… Read More
What The Junk?! · 02:25 18 Aug 2017
I had partially finished a September tracker in my bujo.  Today, I got a free printable from The Petite Planner for September.  It was so pretty that I re-did my September tracker… Read More
Hi There
Seoul & New York Run… · 01:37 18 Aug 2017
Found this really old pic of me while organizing my files… I like that it’s actually blurry… maybe it’s that I need to be constantly reminded to forget the past an… Read More
Birthplace Of The Pr… · 22:48 17 Aug 2017
I spent last weekend recovering from last week’s trip to Washington DC for MWLUG. Work has been hella crazy this week while I’m trying to catch up and get a few things implement… Read More
A Little Update
Lil' Blog And More · 22:27 17 Aug 2017
Hey everyone,So I know I have not been around too much for a while. As you all may have saw, I had my son this past year, and juggling a full time job, and raising Millie and Andrew from hom… Read More
Their Own Icecreams
Goofballs World · 20:16 17 Aug 2017
Jan and Kabouter often enjoy eating an ice cream together in the evening but now they've found a whole new way to enjoy them:  they make their own ice creams. And it looks so great, eve… Read More
Curiosidades Canhotas
Hugo Com H · 20:07 17 Aug 2017
O que você sabe sobre os canhotos?Vivemos em um mundo onde os destros “dominam”, o que faz com que os canhotos “sofram”, com coisas geralmente simples, tais com… Read More
Libertad, Preciado T… · 19:56 17 Aug 2017
El oso de agua, el animal más resistente, tiene un escudo contra los rayos XVivirá hasta que el Sol muera dentro de 10.000 millones de años, según los expertosEl… Read More
Paleo Banana Bread
Delishhh - Food Blog… · 19:14 17 Aug 2017
Announcement:  If you are getting this via email either via my new newsletter or Feedburner it is because you used to subscribe to Delishhh Food Blog, which is now Carrots & Spice… Read More
The Honest Badger · 18:35 17 Aug 2017
A note before we begin : I'm not a doctor, but doctors don't always give you the fullest and best information. As I discuss my journey with learning about and making decisions on vaccines… Read More
#MooglyCAL2017: Afghan Block #17
Moogly · 15:00 17 Aug 2017
It’s almost time for back to school, and that means business and schedules – and CAL squares are the perfect project for this time of year! Short, sweet, satisfying, and easy… Read More
Mr. Pretzels In Richmond Center
Chow Times · 14:00 17 Aug 2017
Lorna and I picked up a pretzel from Mr. Pretzels for snack while we were in Richmond Center. My family used to get this type of soft pretzel from Metrotown a long time ago. The pretzels a… Read More
Rashbre Central · 08:47 17 Aug 2017
I'll admit to only having a fairly basic grade in shopping, being rather amateur at wandering around browsing.There's still a few shops that I will visit that flip me into a far more engaged… Read More
Deb Ludford · 06:07 17 Aug 2017
A little sceptical when I first saw this but always willing to give the benefit of doubt.  Muggi is simply a drinks carrier, or is it? Designed and manufactured in the UK. Made from s… Read More
Love, Life And Apba … · 04:01 17 Aug 2017
Sometimes, APBA replays go quickly. I've finished a full season baseball play — albeit a pre-1969 season when less teams played fewer games — in less than a year.Sometimes, they… Read More
Busy Week!
Wayne's World · 00:18 17 Aug 2017
Good afternoon.Well, it's been a busy week so far. Sunday we went to a karaoke competition at a bar down near downtown. It was really lame. But they did have good food and drinks.  … Read More
In A Daze Cuz I Found God
Curvy With Curls · 22:43 16 Aug 2017
I’ve desperately have fallen behind in the blogging department. I’ve noticed that I only tend to blog when I have some sort of drama. That’s no fun! Hubs pays for my domain… Read More
Caramcduna · 20:53 16 Aug 2017
It has been a little too eventful of a summer for me personally to write anything very emotional or specific just yet. Also, the past few days have been so politically charged that it seems… Read More
Terug Van Weg Geweest
De Smeetsjes · 19:10 16 Aug 2017
Bij De Smeetsjes ligt al een tijdje de boel overhoop, de verbouwing gaat nu minder snel nu er maar twee handen aan het klussen zijn en in de afgelopen weken zijn we er ook nog twee weken tus… Read More
Marcus Alexander Hal… · 18:29 16 Aug 2017
Stress is a killer, literally. The more tension you suffer from, the higher risk of illnesses such as heart disease and high cholesterol. Thankfully, there are ways to de-stress, and taking… Read More
Holding Space...
Not Even A Tshirt · 18:11 16 Aug 2017
 Sometimes I wonder if you will ever come. I have been looking for you for more of my life than I haven't been. I've thought perhaps I found you a few times, but quickly realized I was… Read More