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Ohmybuhay · 10:08 22 Nov 2017
I lost my diamond pendant today. I feel a little low but I am trying not to be affected. I went to Greenhills around noon. When I told my driver “sa bahay”, I changed my mind whe… Read More
Da Goddess · 09:20 22 Nov 2017
Lamaur’s Apple Pectin shampoo used to be one of my favorite shampoos back in the day. I was recently reminded of it when King Arthur bought a green apple scented hand soap at the 99&ce… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:41 22 Nov 2017
En la otra vida, cuando yo era un gato, maullaba por los tejados. Los humanos todavía no habían inventado todas estás mandingas de Internet, redes sociales y otras maja… Read More
What The Junk?! · 03:27 22 Nov 2017
I'm in the home stretch, but I am not sure what to do to finish. I am actually at a good point for the book to end, but I'm several thousand words short.  What I think I'm going to do i… Read More
My Essetial Oil Jour… · 03:11 22 Nov 2017
Hey everyone! I plan on having an essential oils class very soon, and wanted to see if anyone would be interested joining! I am having a contest for everyone who joins, and the winner will w… Read More
Holiday Yam Bake
Dear Crissy · 00:25 22 Nov 2017
It’s just not a holiday dinner in my home without this scrumptious holiday yam bake with marshmallows on top. Yes, my family happens to LOVE the addition of the marshmallows to this ho… Read More
Eucharisteo: Solitude
Not Even A Tshirt · 00:18 22 Nov 2017
 It's been nearly two years since I left Paul.  Two years that I've been single and mostly in solitude.  Two since I've allowed myself to even entertain many new friendships.D… Read More
Virtue Signalling? Really?
The Breadbin · 23:04 21 Nov 2017
How does stuff like this ever see the light of day?The answer to that question is at least as troubling as the article itself.I have long stated that I am ashamed to be male, to share a gend… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 23:00 21 Nov 2017
May Marathons May 1st I Ran Marathons Battle of Flowers Primrose, 26,2M , 13,1M , 10K , 5K San Antonio TX. May 2nd I Ran Marathons Battle of Flowers Cactus, 26,2M , 13,1M , 10K, 5K San Anton… Read More
In The Mist
Northview Diary · 20:49 21 Nov 2017
When I first went out this morning Orion was so bright he seemed like ice fire in the sky. There was a wall of mist over the river....each car on the Thruway lit it up white, then red, then… Read More
Upgraded To WordPress 4.9
Benway Net · 20:43 21 Nov 2017
Here is a test post after the upgrade. Got to try a Nintendo switch last week. Fun but not $300 fun. The post Upgraded to WordPress 4.9 appeared first on Benway Net Read More
Na Bok Blaga!
Codziennik · 20:30 21 Nov 2017
Głos Wołomina Radzymina Mińska Mazow. nr 3, rok 1, lipiec 1930Kategoria: historia, hobby, Wołomin Tagged: 1930, historia, humor, lata 30., polityka, postaday, samorzą… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:08 21 Nov 2017
Britain's happy backward slide into a simpler and less expert century is further evidenced by the revelation that almost all the water profiteering companies are prepared to admit to using w… Read More
My Personal Bodycount: 3
S. Weasel · 19:02 21 Nov 2017
My mother told me before she died that she was going to come back and haunt me, but she was going to come back as a scrabbling noise in the closet, so I’d never really know if it was… Read More
El Fin De Los Tiempo… · 11:18 21 Nov 2017
Soy agnóstico porque Dios no me juzgará por ello, por la certidumbre de la casualidad, por la fiabilidad del caos, por una suicida evolución, por un libre albedrí… Read More
It’s Better To Know
The Purple Hermit · 11:01 21 Nov 2017
this is not a love poem, the howl of storm pain, the rain inside. The forever house on the dead end lane, over-grown, deeply rutted tracks, bordered by forget-me-nots. Two plain Janes stand… Read More
Tentei Não Acabar
Hugo Com H · 09:03 21 Nov 2017
Resolvi escrever pois não tinha coragem de falar pessoalmente.  A gente é assim, só gosta de falar coisa boa pessoalmente. Quando é ruim, mandamos recado pe… Read More
R4Review · 08:58 21 Nov 2017
Its inauguration cum opening party of WISER MISERSTAR Star Bar Punjabi Bagh was awesome. It had many dignitaries from Bollywood and corporate gracing the occasion. I am so glad to share with… Read More
Get It Done!
The Honest Badger · 01:13 21 Nov 2017
Things with baby boy are starting to get easier. There's a bit more rhythm and also, Adam can stay home with him while I do stuff. So it's time to let my to do list grow. This week :01. Ru… Read More
Giving Back With An Open Heart
Go Inspire Go · 00:06 21 Nov 2017
By Calista TeeGo Inspire Go ContributorWhen I first met Steven Ng, he struck me as a really appreciative and compassionate human being. He's also a successful entrepreneur who founded Elliot… Read More