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Oltre Il Cancello · 18:19 16 May 2022
Fine aprile. Il ricordo è ancora intenso, mentre corriamo verso il sole. Mi mancheranno quest’incertezza, questo fluire lento delle nuvole grigie in cielo e la dolcezza di ap… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 10:15 16 May 2022
The everyday experiences of our existence are only opportunities for learning everything, from our way of dealing with people to accepting how we feel about and view ourselves. The post A Ch… Read More
Una Vez Más, La Guerra
Mi Boina · 05:00 16 May 2022
Imagen: @ del autorOtra vez pisando mierda Una vez más hay que hablar de la guerra. Claro que, así llevamos años, muchos años, toda la vida. -¿Qué… Read More
The Fruit Basket · 03:28 16 May 2022
thumper just hollered, Mom! There's a tick on me!! And I have never been so f'n glad to be in a 2 mom household Read More
Painting And Snakes
Jill Of All Trades · 01:09 16 May 2022
What a wonderful weekend.  Friday evening was a very small gathering for taco salads, laughter just FUN!  I was a bit anxious because the next morning I was to teach my first… Read More
The End......
Wayne's World · 23:10 15 May 2022
 This is the last pic I'll have with my Mom.She left us Friday to be reunited with our Dad.I'll miss her very much.Since this blog was mainly to keep her updated on my various activitie… Read More
Finding Purpose · 22:43 15 May 2022
History, or rather the presentation, understanding, and meaning of history is perhaps the most perverted of all academic disciplines. We think of the presentation. The post History, Cycles… Read More
My Recent Reads
Hello Anna Jo · 14:12 15 May 2022
My good friend and I buy books from time to time; I'm not sure if I've mentioned it already here on the blog, but public libraries are not a thing here in the Philippines unfortunately. I us… Read More
Covering The Options
Rashbre Central · 13:16 15 May 2022
I'm pondering whether it is better to go generic with book covers. The Bestseller top 38 have 11 books which show a silhouetted figure disappearing into the distance.  Formulaic, y… Read More
Algo Más
El Fin De Los Tiempo… · 10:43 15 May 2022
 Deambular bajo su sonrisaaquiescente,sin prisas, improvisando,es el único camino que mehace creer que existe algo másde lo que soy ahora,algo sin origen ni aspiraciones,a… Read More
Down In Alabama, Mississippi…
Saltshaker · 13:53 14 May 2022
Heading south out of Memphis last Saturday morning, our goal was a late breakfast or brunch at the original of the now multi-location chain of Big Bad Breakfast. We headed for Oxford, M… Read More
Happy Boofus Day 2022
Tilting At Windmills · 13:00 14 May 2022
 Time for a tradition started with Scrappy in 2015- Happy Boofus Day!"I'm on my way to the State Doggie Park!"No, you are on your way to Chain'O'Lakes State Park..."Yeah, it's really pr… Read More
Ending The Week On A Chicken
S. Weasel · 18:59 13 May 2022
Playing with my new phone camera. I did tell you I got a new phone for my birfday, yes? I stuck with Motorola because I liked my old one and I figured it would have a shorter learning curv… Read More
Inexpressible · 13:57 13 May 2022
Safari SeductionI had to enroll in this class purely for entertainment value. The description was beyond hysterically priceless, and I needed adventure. I've been inserting myself in some of… Read More
Pre Summer Time
Sputailrospo · 21:11 12 May 2022
L'acqua dello scorso anno anche questa volta non è diventata verde e per me questa cosa è un mistero perchè non è che io sia rigoroso quando si tratta di invernag… Read More
Spring Surprise
Confessions Of A Dum… · 19:15 12 May 2022
Mother Nature Madness It has been an interesting week.It snowed on Monday.A lot.The local ski mountain, which is 16 miles away, got 18 inches of snow.Some parts of Boise got 4 inches.It… Read More
Villains Of The Wild Woods
Northview Diary · 15:51 12 May 2022
We were at Schoharie Crossing boat launch this morning, when a walnut thumped to the ground inches from my feet.Dang, what was up with that? I glanced up, only to realize that I was standing… Read More
Caramcduna · 11:05 12 May 2022
A few weeks ago I began experiencing some unpleasant, although fairly mild symptoms that seemed to be related to my stomach, vague as they were. A slight queasiness, akin to the something-li… Read More
2205.12 PLUS ONE
To Baldly Go · 09:58 12 May 2022
Last week it was my birthday, the day after its my wife, Morticia's birthday. As you may be able to tell, this story involves snooker.My home town is Sheffield, even though these days I live… Read More
Bello Abril · 18:39 11 May 2022
La mujer, de unos largos sesentas, cruza Av. Maipú sin esperar que el semáforo le permita el paso.Los autos la esquivan como pueden. Eso si, lleva barbijo. 🤦ӿ… Read More
Benway Net · 18:22 11 May 2022
Today made a few little updates around here I hope you enjoy. First we switched out the theme for a new look for the site. I thought with the warmer weather it was time for a site update. Le… Read More
Agoraphobia And Me
Angela - Mother, Wif… · 11:37 11 May 2022
 Hi everyone. It has been a while since my last update. Sorry for the silence. Truth is, I’ve not had the confidence or energy to write. Every day has been a battle recently… Read More
Daisarella · 20:18 10 May 2022
I’ve always dreamt about having a fridge in my bedroom to store bottles of water, night creams and face masks – and thanks to Kuhla I now have my very own – Kuhla Beauty Fr… Read More
Mobility Issues
The Purple Hermit · 18:51 10 May 2022
Poor Queen of Coins has ageing bones.She enjoys many thrones, crimson velvetand gold with roses, shamrock, thistles,acanthus, oak leaves but none have wheels. It doesn’t do to be se… Read More