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Sound Words - Under Grace
The Word Of God · 13:06 21 Apr 2018
Under GraceFrom: Sound Words, 1873 ROM 6:14— It is a long time before we fully understand what it is to be under grace. Even where the doctrine is clearly apprehended by the… Read More
Beach Combing
Northview Diary · 12:28 21 Apr 2018
The kitchen windowsill is littered with treasure. I have yet to grow up enough to stop bringing rocks into the house.Peggy hasn't either and has a fine eye for a nice stone for her grandma.A… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 12:02 21 Apr 2018
Fuck the blossoms on the trees, Fuck the petrol-leaden breeze, Fuck the itchy swollen eyes, Fuck the dust and fuck the flies, Fuck the buds upon the bough, Fuck the basting biped sow, Fuck h… Read More
Daisarella · 08:00 21 Apr 2018
The UK’s biggest and best pregnancy and parenting event of the year is set to return to the Birmingham NEC in May – The Baby Show, with MadeForMums. Taking place from Friday 18th… Read More
Umownie Ostre
Codziennik · 06:59 21 Apr 2018
Sam siebie nie rozumiem: z jednej strony ślinię się na widok jakichś super-hiper jasnych szkieł z powłokami z kosmosu, a z drugiej wielką frajdę spraw… Read More
Survive 1963
Un Alma Navegante · 05:53 21 Apr 2018
Survive 1963Clemente es el corazónque alguna vez latióMe siento al borde del río a rezar y a reirAlguna vez he paseado por acácuando la corriente era tranquila y… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 21 Apr 2018
Para endulzar los dolores que abruman nuestra existencia concedió la providencia mujeres aves y flores. *** Con sus gorjeos suaves ni enseñados, ni aprendidos, regalan nues… Read More
"my Voice" Weblog By… · 22:38 20 Apr 2018
Symptoms Of Voodoo/Black Magic by misslatoya Keirria In reply to misslatoya I believe one of my fiancés female friends put voodoo on our relationships. I have been… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 22:25 20 Apr 2018
  It is so easy to get lost in thoughts about your past and what you should have done.  Your mind can transport you effortlessly to those moments where you perceive that you were r… Read More
Back To Boston
What You Do Not Know… · 21:18 20 Apr 2018
Yesterday I walked into one of my doctors offices just to refill a prescription. They said that I could call them. I replied that I happend to be walking by... That their office was between… Read More
Wayne's World · 20:52 20 Apr 2018
Good afternoon.Here's the rest of the pics I took will down on the strip. Went over to Caesar's Palace to see the Forum Shops. Here.s a fountain outside...Statues as columns.....The entire s… Read More
The Cow Jumped…
The Purple Hermit · 20:16 20 Apr 2018
Daddy, do cows eat sunshine? Daddy, does grass taste like spaghetti? Daddy, why are the cows lying down? Daddy, do cows have secrets? Daddy, is mummy a cow? Daddy, why is she lying on the gr… Read More
Parading Around Prague
London Leopard ♥ · 17:14 20 Apr 2018
I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Prague, Czech Republic. It was an interesting trip and did not turn out to be what I expected. I enjoyed the city but it did not "wow" me in the way… Read More
Moogly · 15:02 20 Apr 2018
Who else is dreaming of a summer vacation? Sun, waves, and warmth – yes, please! So when you hand me a skein of yarn featuring beachy hues of blue and white – you get th… Read More
April On The Allotment #2
A Possible World · 14:54 20 Apr 2018
Great day on the allotment on Wednesday.  The forecast proved correct, and the temperature rose as ambitiously as the price of Bitcoin to a solid 20 degrees plus.  The edibles are… Read More
The Witty Ways Of A … · 14:36 20 Apr 2018
Okay, so I'm going to talk about pants. British pants. Not American pants which are, in fact, trousers.Got it?Just to clarify, British pants are knickers or G-strings, boxers, hipsters, Y-fr… Read More
Poetry Of Sunny Friday
Mofosuperheroe · 13:15 20 Apr 2018
Don’t fear to show your true self No matter how many people spit at you And how many turn their back on you You can look in the mirror and you’re ok with what you see Nobody has… Read More
Raindropshome · 11:35 20 Apr 2018
This is actually a daily routine that can be carried on into the future too, not just now during the early days! But during these early days, a routine can help you so much. It can help yo… Read More
Biker Jacket & Mini Dress
Carina … · 10:50 20 Apr 2018
Happy Friday everyone!!! I`m so glad that the weather is finally nice and sunny here, spring has finally arrived to Estonia. I can wear my favourite jackets and sneakers again, how great is… Read More
Eu Vou Errar Com Você
Hugo Com H · 10:00 20 Apr 2018
Eu vou te confessar uma coisa. Talvez não seja bem uma confissão, mas sim um aviso do óbvio. Eu vou errar com você. Talvez mais de uma vez, mas eu juro que n… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs · 08:57 20 Apr 2018
Mexico, a country actually rich in resources; with a warm and friendly population, a wonderful climate, it should be mentioned that how few people in the world. And despite being a such a b… Read More
The Sarai · 07:04 20 Apr 2018
The objective – subjective idealistic conflict presents an interesting thought but does not go far enough. The first part roots for the thing as it is; the second is all that we und… Read More
Field Negro · 01:10 20 Apr 2018
I am starting to see a trend.One of the good things about living in a world where we can use our cell phones as video cameras, is that we can now see and hear things that some of us thought… Read More
Friday Funny 2
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 19 Apr 2018
First up, best photo ever used in an ad trying to sell something! Secondly, let me see if I have this straight. This rust bucket will cost me $200, unless I choose to risk my life and try s… Read More
Viseu, Fotos Do Aj · 17:47 19 Apr 2018
GIF via GIPHYFalcata Ibérica - "Monumento a Viriato" de Mariano Benlliure (1940)(…) “Foi, talvez, a mais emblemática e eficaz arma dos Lusitanos e aquela que mais… Read More