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Chasing Carrots Blog · 07:56 23 May 2017
I live in a noisy polluted city, whose buildings stretch so far to the sky, that sun beams can rarely hit the people walking below. The air is thick with the hot smell of cars, and there is… Read More
Life Is To Enjoy ....
2Nd Innings · 03:05 23 May 2017
Good morningThe happiest people do not necessarily have the best things.They simply appreciate the things they have.There are certain niggles in our life that we need to understand, accept a… Read More
El Tiempo
Un Alma Navegante · 02:08 23 May 2017
Hablar del Tiempo es hablar de las Vidas. Las que fuimos, las que seremos, las que son. Las que se mantienen en suspenso, las que nos negamos a entregar porque son valiosas.De los minutos en… Read More
Benebralive · 01:07 23 May 2017
PinterestSurprisingly, slavery existed in Ivory Coast. Actually, historians have a hard time to differentiate slavery from captivity. The slaves were captured to be sold to French settlers i… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 00:23 23 May 2017
From an OMB reader: “Need mangkukulam, much better kung mambabarang. can only provide the picture of the victim. will pay 4K. 25% payment before the ritual, will pay the rest lest the… Read More
Blog Tool, Publishin… · 00:02 23 May 2017
WordPress 4.8 Beta 2 is now available! This software is still in development, so we don’t recommend you run it on a production site. Consider setting up a test site just to play with t… Read More
Counterconformity - … · 22:37 22 May 2017
Obviously there are no real sharks in this vid, however, all these clips were either taken at the pier, or at a spot in San Diego due to the fact that all local beaches were closed due to sh… Read More
Some Say Love... The Rose
Tongue In Cheek · 22:23 22 May 2017
"Some say love, it is a river That drowns the tender reed. Some say love, it is a razor That leaves your soul to bleed. Some say love, it is a hunger, An endless aching need. I s… Read More
Oh. That Explains It.
S. Weasel · 21:47 22 May 2017
Have you ever wondered why gut bacteria is such a hot topic at the moment? I know I have! Wellll…in olden times, you studied bacteria by making a culture. You’d sterilize a nee… Read More
Month Of Madness
Lifebeyondexaggerati… · 21:30 22 May 2017
Well… I’m back! It’s been a hell of a… month? More than that? Let’s do a recap. Closed a show in Florida and flew out to Ireland. Had an amazing two weeks ex… Read More
Codziennik · 20:36 22 May 2017
Co wieczór siadam w fotelu I zaczynamy wtedy naszą rozmowę Mówimy o wszystkim A swoją drogą to ciekawe Że jestem na tyle mały By we mnie staną… Read More
Kayseri Gezi Rehberi
Makale Life · 20:26 22 May 2017
Kayseri Gezi Rehberi , Kayseri’de Gezilecek Görülecek Yerler, Kayseri’de Nerede Neler Yenir? , Kayseride Ulaşım , Kayseride Konaklama , Kayseri de Turizm .. R… Read More
Tina Basu · 20:16 22 May 2017
A new mom needs as much attention as a new baby. While planning gifts for new moms keep in mind the utility of the gift. Here are 10 Best gift ideas for new moms. Between diaper changes, fee… Read More
Make-Up Favourites
Carina … · 20:08 22 May 2017
It`s been a while since I`ve talked about my beauty favourites! In all honestly, my favourite products don`t often change, but sometimes I lik to switch things up and give new items a try.&n… Read More
The House Of Rapp · 19:53 22 May 2017
Pilots don’t always get much of a chance to interact with passengers, but when we do there’s a good chance I can anticipate some of the questions they’ll ask. Among the mo… Read More
Canteclaer Parade
Goofballs World · 19:53 22 May 2017
One can never have too many parades and too many giants in one weekend, was our motto last weekend.  After the giant parade "Reuzeleuven" in Leuven on Saturday we visited my parents on… Read More
Start Where You Are
Sandra Possing - :: … · 19:50 22 May 2017
Indecision. Analysis paralysis. Perfectionism. Procrastination. Fear. And the list goes on. There will always be excuses for not getting started on the thing. I’m pretty sure I&rs… Read More
And She’s Gone….
Crazy Love · 19:39 22 May 2017
Another goodbye. Erika has finally come to me! We have spent a wonderful weekend here at the home of music festivals, bike rallies and garlic! And it has been wonderful to share it with her… Read More
¡¡¡no Lo Se!!!...¿o … · 19:10 22 May 2017
Antes de elaborar pan el hombre se comía el trigo en grano, sin ninguna preparación. Triturado con dos piedras, el resultado era unos granos a medio partir, lo mezclaban con ag… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:00 22 May 2017
The United Nations high commissioner for refugees has professed himself shocked at the British values on display in Libya's arrangements for wog warehousing. No squeals of outrage have yet b… Read More
Riding Solo
Royal Enfield Bullet… · 16:33 22 May 2017
Riding soloMotorbiking with friends is always welcome and it feels great to know that someone is there to help out in the case of a flat tire, engine problems or whatever. Friendly assurance… Read More
The Honest Badger · 14:46 22 May 2017
Well, I did not accomplish as much as I had hoped I would last week. I guess that's because Adam and I had one year anniversary celebrations, emergency vet visits, and also I had other appo… Read More
Yellow Everwhere.
Wayne's World · 14:23 22 May 2017
Good morning.We've had beautiful weather, with highs in the 80's, but now a heat wave is coming. We reached 95 yesterday, and the forecast for today and tomorrow is 100. But we sat on our pa… Read More
KL 2017 Airline Food
Chow Times · 14:00 22 May 2017
After a long seven weeks holiday in Kuala Lumpur, it’s finally time to go home. My sister sent me to the airport early in the morning as my flight was 8:00AM. After check-in my luggag… Read More
Maria Das Palavras · 13:10 22 May 2017
10 anos em Lisboa a adaptar-me a dizer ténis em vez de sapatilhas para não me cansar com as discussões infrutíferas "sapatilhas são para a ginástica… Read More
Guitar Rhythm Level 4
@ Coos' · 11:25 22 May 2017
De rug houdt het voorlopig doordat ik voorzichtig opbouw en stop zodra ik iets voel.  Ik heb ook mijn houding veranderd en nu lijkt die meer op de houding van iemand die klassieke gitaa… Read More
Stitch Fix #4
Ice Cream + French F… · 10:30 22 May 2017
Hey, hey! My fourth Stitch Fix arrived Saturday. If you missed my unboxing, via FB Saturday, check out what I received below. It should be noted that I'm by no means a style blogger. I'm jus… Read More
The Full Ranch Experience
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 22 May 2017
My hope for every first-time visitor to the 7MSN is thatthey get to enjoy the full ranch experience,which this time included a wild ride home from the airportthrough 11.4 miles of deep mud… Read More
Random Detox · 09:30 22 May 2017
Today I simply refuse to adult. I am on my period, I have the worst cramps, and so that’s my excuse for bingeing on potato chips, softdrinks and cheesy romantic movies.  It has b… Read More
Busy Spring
Dave Macleod Blog · 08:50 22 May 2017
FA of The Mighty Chondria E7 6c, 5c on Creag Mo, Isle of Harris. Pic by Chris Prescott/Dark Sky MediaIt’s a good sign when you are too busy being outside climbing all the time to write… Read More
Making Do
Smell The Roses · 08:00 22 May 2017
Isn't life filled of 'I wants'? Often in this day and age our 'I wants' can be immediately obtained - money or no money, cash or plastic fantastic, our 'I wants' can be fulfilled at our wish… Read More
Watch That Hygiene...
My Blogging Thoughts… · 03:45 22 May 2017
The question: "should you wash new clothes especially new underwears you bought before wearing them?"The answer: Although most of the clothes or items look brand new and fresh, most of them… Read More