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Field Negro · 01:17 29 Jun 2017
*I  believe that the president of the United States has some  mental issues.Here is another example why: As Anderson Cooper said earlier, "Why would a man who has been on… Read More
Tilting At Windmills · 00:20 29 Jun 2017
Lets start off with this- all the OT we have been working would be a lot easier to take if you weren't looking around saying, "But we don't NEED it!"  Just because the other plants want… Read More
Oca Do Buscador · 00:13 29 Jun 2017
"Porque a vida segue. Mas o que foi bonito fica com toda a força. Mesmo que a gente tente apagar com outras coisas bonitas ou leves, certos momentos nem o tempo apaga. E a gente lembr… Read More
34. Watch Seals Near Texel
Syl's Bucketlist · 23:16 28 Jun 2017
Spotting seals on or near Texel can be as easy as you wish.On Texel they care for seals in a seal hospital.For children it's a very interesting place, as they can see how the seals are cared… Read More
New Universe | It's … · 21:39 28 Jun 2017
Help!  I’m trapped in the cage of life! I’m stuck in a meaningless existence waiting for someone to free me. I rattle the bars but nobody can hear me.  Nobody cares. &n… Read More
She’s Famous!
S. Weasel · 21:19 28 Jun 2017
Look at this girl’s face. LOOK AT IT! She’s so gosh-darned pleased to get her mug in the paper holding the butt-plug she had surgically removed from her plugged butt after a bou… Read More
What The Junk?! · 20:34 28 Jun 2017
So, I was sitting in my room relaxing and thought about the fact that I needed to mow the back lawn.  I didn't really want to mow, but I needed to.  I went out and did the entire b… Read More
Codziennik · 19:35 28 Jun 2017
…a może raczej klejenia wieloelementowych panoram. Nigdy sobie z tym chyba nie poradzę, niektórych koszmarków to aż wstyd pokazać! Kategoria: fotogra… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:35 28 Jun 2017
Some people are never satisfied. Even after the proud and noble sight of Tin-Pot Tessie holding hands with the Trumpster; even with the Conservatives' dream of a frackers' free-for-all with… Read More
Daily Horoscope · 19:33 28 Jun 2017
Daily Pisces horoscope summary Make your decisions based on fact rather than feelings, Thursday is a day in which pragmatism should take over optimism.Although the day might not start with a… Read More
Un Alma Navegante · 18:17 28 Jun 2017
"Papusza" es un film polaco de los directores Joanna Kos-Krauze y Krzysztof Krauze.Es un film del año 2013. La historia del film se centra en la vida de la poeta Bronislawa Wajs o sea… Read More
The Everglades Part I
Goofballs World · 17:22 28 Jun 2017
Miami is the only city in the world, bordered by 2 national parks. And since I prefer nature over highway connectors, toll roads and skylines, we headed to the Everglades for the first time… Read More
Tongue In Cheek · 17:06 28 Jun 2017
  Family, my four brothers (Top left: Zane, Mat, Marty and Mark) and my Mom. As the years have gone by, one by one, thirty of them now, the landscape has gradually changed, how coul… Read More
Life And Lies Of A M… · 16:13 28 Jun 2017
There are times of war and peace in each man's life. For medical students the weekends mean peacetime. This is when we de-stress, take a break from the monotone and literally switch off. Fri… Read More
Suns And Lovers.
Feelings · 15:36 28 Jun 2017
"How could you do this to me, Father? I am your son...your goddamned son, for Heaven's sake!"  Kumar Singh bellowed at the patriarch of the Singh family.Staggering around in a drunken s… Read More
Not Quite Panic
Northview Diary · 15:04 28 Jun 2017
After I holleredA strange bird called this morning at nobody-else-up-yet-thirty.  The light lay golden like a mantle over the heifer pasture hill, the sky was plumed with pret… Read More
Orange Scented Vegetable Couscous
Chow Times · 14:00 28 Jun 2017
The South Arm Community Kitchen met up for another fun time in the kitchen. Minoo prepared three recipes for the kitchen. The main course is an Orange Scented Vegetable Couscous. We served… Read More
Big Sky Shawl Tutorial
Moogly · 14:00 28 Jun 2017
The Big Sky Shawl is an easy to memorize pattern that can be customized in endless ways – and now there’s a video tutorial! Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links; Li… Read More
Hello, I'm Amy · 10:28 28 Jun 2017
The question I am most frequently asked is about my baby is - 'is she a Good Baby'. What is this supposed Good Baby? Well, it's inferred that a Good Baby sleeps 'through the night' (what doe… Read More
Hanging Out With A Sparrow
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 28 Jun 2017
 This little guy was hanging out at the barn last evening. He hopped from perch to perch, offering me his best side whenever he landed.I think he's some sort of sparrow. He got his… Read More
Microgreens!  Day Four
A Possible World · 09:12 28 Jun 2017
Time to step things up a notch. Boo It's looking like covering the pea shoots with soil was the wrong idea.  We're four days in now, and there's been very little growth over t… Read More
Odio Contra Odio Más Odio
Mi Boina · 05:00 28 Jun 2017
Se dice que el odio genera más odio, pero cuando el que genera más odio está dispuesto a morir matando, y además es de dentro del mismo pueblo que la victima, es… Read More
Borradores O Borrados
Bello Abril · 02:02 28 Jun 2017
Dice el backstage de mi Blog que tengo 346 entradas listas para ser publicadas, guardadas cuidadosamente en borrador. Sin embargo hace un tiempo que permanezco en silencio. No es ausencia si… Read More
Dear Crissy · 01:27 28 Jun 2017
Leave it to grandma to throw a few tasty ingredients into a bowl, mix it up with a little love and call it a dessert worthy of taking to a potluck. That’s just exactly what my grandma… Read More
Kathy Strong | A Fis… · 21:50 27 Jun 2017
“Mum, you can’t do that, it’s so cheesy!” “Do what?” “Put #blessed” on social media. People will mock you!” “That’s ok poppe… Read More
My Sort-Of Summer Goals
What Abigail Says · 19:55 27 Jun 2017
Summer has always been my favourite of all seasons. As a kid, I used to look forward to going to summer camp, going on family holidays and being free. Now that I’m older, I find I long… Read More
Movie Catch Up 8
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 27 Jun 2017
Loved John Wick 2 “After returning to the criminal underworld to repay a debt, John Wick discovers that a large bounty has been put on his life.” IMDB I talked about the first J… Read More
7 Reasons To Let Go
A Rose Is A Rose Is … · 18:31 27 Jun 2017
As we travel along this road called life, we accumulate a lot of baggage. Baggage that weigh us down and prevent us from enjoying the journey. These baggages are in the form of failures and… Read More
Hugo Com H · 18:01 27 Jun 2017
O que aconteceu? – eles me perguntam.Aconteceu que eu insisti. Aconteceu que eu sempre insisto no outro, no amanhã, nas segundas chances. Aconteceu que eu a beijei, uma, duas, t… Read More
Day One Of P90X
Melanie's Life Onlin… · 17:34 27 Jun 2017
I’m not posting any pics.  Screw that shit.  I know people love looking at before and after photo’s, but maybe I’ll post those at the end of the 90 days, not duri… Read More
ECT Treatment #2
Somehow Forward - My… · 17:03 27 Jun 2017
All New BeginningsThe first few treatments is a wiggling game. The doctors are trying to decide what my energy threshold is for a good seizure and the anesthesiologist is working on det… Read More
A Wonderful Flood
[ Unsung ] · 16:25 27 Jun 2017
The Bruce Trail – Hockley Valley section just past where the Tom East Side Trail reconnects with the main trail. We hike a lot in the area. So when Bdot sent me a link that would comme… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:58 27 Jun 2017
I took Uber to go to a showroom somewhere in Durango. From there, I took Uber again to bring me to Hot & Juicy Craw Fish in Spring Mountain only because that was the address still saved… Read More
Flaky Cod With Tapenade
Service Unavailable · 14:40 27 Jun 2017
photo via Summer conjures up many wonderful feelings and associations with foods, from the spicy warmth of Jamaican jerk chicken (with delicious rice and peas) or a simple cone of v… Read More