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Ohmybuhay · 14:51 18 Sep 2018
I was going to ask one of the accounting staff at Makati Ford for an updated report on parts and service. It wasn’t my original plan to ask her. Her posture caught my attention. She wa… Read More
Bpi Enroll 3rd Party Account 2018
Dada's Blog · 12:56 18 Sep 2018
Bpi's email instructions say to mail the signed enrollment form to BPI Fulfillment Banking, 9/F BPI Card Center, 8753 Paseo de Roxas...That address worked last year.But this year, di na. The… Read More
In The Cloud
Northview Diary · 12:31 18 Sep 2018
Woke up to the scent of water today, as if  driving up to Peck's Lake and crossing the magical boundary between town and mountain. As soon as you enter the trees you can smell the water… Read More
Némaüzem · 11:24 18 Sep 2018
Ma elkezdték összegyűjteni, hogy ki akar részt venni a tízezer forintos tanári kiránduláson és mondtam, hogy én bizony nem.T… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 18 Sep 2018
Fall 2015 Was outside playing with Leo – those puppy teeth are sharp!! As I bent down to pick him up, I noticed this little tiny heart rock. It’s funny how quick they catch on, L… Read More
Alex Gets Promoted
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 18 Sep 2018
 I tried to show you Alex's new tag in yesterday's video,but it was too small to see clearly. She is now an official member of the 7MSN security patrol.Beware the badass deputy.&nb… Read More
Nostalgic Moments · 08:32 18 Sep 2018
It was a cloudy September morning. The street was full of noises; birds twittering, cars honking, hawkers trying to sell their wares.Inside the house, Anjali had cried herself to sleep once… Read More
El Socialismo Se Mueve
Mi Boina · 05:00 18 Sep 2018
Puede que algo se esté moviendo en la izquierda española, por una parte el socialismo parece estar levantando la cabeza, y por la otra la izquierda salida del 15M, se manifies… Read More
Dear Crissy · 01:37 18 Sep 2018
Our warm cheesy bacon dip is the perfect appetizer recipe for holiday parties, family gatherings, or even game day! It’s loaded with delicious hickory smoked bacon and cheese, mak… Read More
Benjamin’s Baby Cutlery
Daisarella · 23:07 17 Sep 2018
So the time is nearly upon us to start the joys of…weaning. We were kindly sent Benjamin’s Children Cutlery Set (RRP £17.99) to help us prepare for our next big step into… Read More
Lebanese Lentils Recipe
Arabic Food Recipes · 22:35 17 Sep 2018
Prep Time 40 min. Total Time 3hr. 40 min. Servings 6 servingsToss cooked lentils with onions, mint, and more for a unique lentils recipe! Serve our Lebanese Lentils Recipe in red pepper ha… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 22:03 17 Sep 2018
Daily Positive Thought: Don’t quit on your dreams. Dream Big! Part of being human is to create dreams for yourself of what the future will hold. Everyone does it and then the story of… Read More
The Sarai · 21:47 17 Sep 2018
Vedanta is for us to live meaningfully and more fully, in truth. The Vedanta perspective reducts from our knowledge of the reality of being, our own at first, extended in the three Great Spa… Read More
Http://… · 21:16 17 Sep 2018
Since when did a WWII Luftwaffe Ju88 look like this? Surely the proof-reader or the copy writer at the MailOnline actually looked at the pic and noticed the insignia before approving the… Read More
What’s One O’ Them?
S. Weasel · 20:15 17 Sep 2018
We followed this very interesting car along a country lane for miles and miles and never caught up. Which makes sense: Uncle B thinks it might have been an early one of these. I really just… Read More
Pleasant Valley Monday
Tilting At Windmills · 20:13 17 Sep 2018
So, as much as I'd like to go on about how stupid a certain political party thinks I am to believe a BS story they pulled out of their butts and how much that party will never ever ever neve… Read More
¡¡¡no Lo Se!!!...¿o … · 20:10 17 Sep 2018
El 24 de julio de 1915, el SS Eastland, un buque construido en 1902 y botado el 16 de julio de 1903, se hundió con 2752 pasajeros. El barco tuvo muchos problemas desde el principio, p… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 17:32 17 Sep 2018
While a certain desperation to be populist is understandable in the present climate, the ex-Deputy Conservatives may have pushed the bounds of good taste a little by staging yet another tire… Read More
Baby & Kids Crochet Style Giveaway
Moogly · 15:00 17 Sep 2018
Jennifer Dougherty has written another fantastic pattern book – Baby & Kids Crochet Style: 30 Patterns for Stunning Heirloom Keepsakes, Adorable Nursery Decor, and Boutique-Qua… Read More
First Trimester Update
The Clarity Chase · 14:56 17 Sep 2018
How far along: 13 weeksBaby Size: A peachWeight gain: 5 pounds at my last appointmentMaternity clothes:  So far I'm loving the maternity pants.  Might be wearing those even af… Read More
PNE 2018 – Part 1
Chow Times · 14:00 17 Sep 2018
Ben and I went to PNE on a Friday to avoid the crowds on weekend. We were there at noon, so we decided to grab a bite first. We wanted to try a new item this year, which is the Deep Fried B… Read More
5 Happy Foods
Coffee & Grace · 13:58 17 Sep 2018
Not only are these grocery list staples extremely good for you, but they also have magical (ok, nutritional) properties that can get you feeling happy and stress-free.Avocado As if you… Read More
Yummy Ribs
Wayne's World · 12:39 17 Sep 2018
Good morning.The weather is absolutely beautiful!  Sunny, morning temps in the mid 70's and afternoon temps in the upper 90's and about 1% humidity. We've been sitting outside on the pa… Read More
Field Negro · 23:03 16 Sep 2018
And now the latest on trump's boy, Brett Kavanaugh. I must admit that unless the alleged victim came forward I was not going to be convinced that he sexually assaulted her many moons ago whi… Read More
Love Addiction Treat… · 14:00 16 Sep 2018
Infertility causes intense stress on individuals and couples trying to conceive. The numerous causes of infertility, which can be difficult or even impossible to pinpoint, can add to a coupl… Read More
Rewriting Kel | Rewr… · 14:00 16 Sep 2018
I know a lot of people use generic facts such as I have brown eyes or I have blonde hair when it comes to things like this. I will try to make these facts interesting, and maybe ev… Read More
Andean Twists
Saltshaker · 13:38 16 Sep 2018
Menu #39 September 13-15 – 2018 – 13-15 de Septiembre The best plates of the week! / Los mejores platos de la semana! Apparently, the caramelle pasta shape are the in thi… Read More
K-Minos · 10:48 16 Sep 2018
#1. 3 semanas particularmente complejas en lo personal. Trabajo, estudios, desprendimientos. Una pérdida que ha sufrido mi entorno familiar de manera dramática y dolorosa y que… Read More