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2018 Menu #23
Saltshaker · 12:38 25 May 2018
May 17-19 – 2018 – 17-19 de Mayo Sole Ceviche with Guacamole Puree – sole cured in lime juice, mirin, soy sauce, gochugaru; puree of avocado, serrano chili, cilantro, lim… Read More
Codziennik · 11:53 25 May 2018
Czy to obrazuje moje samopoczucie po wczorajszych urodzinach? Nie, nie jest jeszcze tak źle… To po prostu efekt emocji i nerwów podczas jednego z meczów tegorocznyc… Read More
Driving Report
Nick Stockton: Be Th… · 11:30 25 May 2018
Driving ReportIt's Memorial Day weekend, which is the unofficial start to summer. As many of you know, traffic is going to be really bad today. For today's blog entry, I am looking at "AAA's… Read More
The City Of Joy · 10:40 25 May 2018
Visiting this city after 14 long years and I'm not surprised to see that a lot has changed. Where there was unhindered vision across acres of nothingness, now stand a fully residential neigh… Read More
The 7Msn Ranch · 10:00 25 May 2018
It's that time of year when every round object reminds me of a hockey puck.I saw this puckset out my window Wednesday evening, during game 7 of the Eastern Conference Championship betwe… Read More
Dave Macleod Blog · 09:33 25 May 2018
On the lower quarter of Hyperlipid 8c, common to my other route Testify 8b. Photo: Chris Prescott/Dark Sky MediaLast October I bolted two 50m new routes, sharing the same start, at Loch Mare… Read More
Giving Through Its Hurt And Cheer
The Sarai · 07:02 25 May 2018
You have not given until the giving has hurt you and has at once quadrupled your cheer ! During Yudhisthir’s rajsuya yagya, after the Mahabharata War, a peculiarly large squirrel visi… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 25 May 2018
Vuelan por la mañana como pájaros ilusiones de aquellos que confiaron, sentados a diestra de iluminados. . Soñadores en atrapar claveles afanados de los campos ajenos… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 22:00 24 May 2018
L’Avant Dernier, 1981 Le Dernier Combat, 1983 Subway, 1985 Kamikaze, 1986 The Big Blue, 1988 Nikita, 1990 Atlantis, 1991 Cold Moon, 1991 Léon The Professional, 1994 Nil by Mo… Read More
Worth's... World · 21:20 24 May 2018
Adventure travel is the wave the future, but this doesn't mean you have to strap on a heavy backpack and make your way over a mountain through foot power. If you want to have an overland adv… Read More
Druga Sezona
Profesionalni Amater · 19:39 24 May 2018
I druga je sezona napokon došla, a love-hate relationship nikad nije bio jači među nama. Pošto ja volim sjebane stvari, znate da volim i ovakve, ali imam i problema s… Read More
Crimes Against Nature
S. Weasel · 19:28 24 May 2018
Vertical money! Vertical. Money. Colorful money was bad enough. Plastic money is awful. But vertical money? Get thee behind me! They cannot resist fiddling with the levers and buttons, can… Read More
History Everywhere
What You Do Not Know… · 19:10 24 May 2018
As a New Yorker, it's easy to take history for granted. For example, my wife works in a downtown office building. Today it is a WeWork facility. But when the building was built it was the Cu… Read More
We Call It Foomp
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 24 May 2018
Grumpy stretches then falls onto the floor with an almost audible noise. We like to call it Foomp. continue reading Original article: We Call It Foomp. This content was published by Sno… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:35 24 May 2018
Something called Gavin has been flapping its adolescent genitalia at a roomful of senior navy figures, some of whom may possibly have seen worse. The navy's defensive missile system, which w… Read More
Drones For Kids
Dear Crissy · 17:01 24 May 2018
Drones for kids are one of the hottest trends, and every child would love to own one. My son has been begging me for a done for months! We’ve rounded up the best drones for kids (some… Read More
Moogly CAL 2018 – Afghan Block #10
Moogly · 15:00 24 May 2018
Block #10 in the Moogly CAL is here, and it’s a fun one! Full of color and life and clever stitches, it was designed for this crochet along by Cre8tion Crochet! Disclaimer: This po… Read More
Palisades Park
Wayne's World · 13:38 24 May 2018
Good morning.Another stop during our stay in Santa Monica was Palisades Park. A  long bluff that separates the city from the beach. You can see the pier behind Craig. The park starts a… Read More
My Life A Bit South … · 11:22 24 May 2018
"I didn't realize there were so many different kinds, or that they bloomed."Mike just shook his head, "Neither did I. Where were they shipped from?""California. It has taken a week for… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs · 11:02 24 May 2018
Now greatly enjoys the fame of network marketing. Too many people choose to engage them, even give up their basic work for the sake of mlm. Through network marketing selling all kinds of b… Read More
Top 7 Utilizari Ale Granitului
Blog Comercial · 09:43 24 May 2018
Top 7 utilizari ale GranituluiNimic nu se compara cu rezistenta, eleganta si versatilitatea granitului!Gratie structurii si compozitiei unice, granitul este unul dintre cele mai extravagante… Read More
What Did I Just See
Northview Diary · 09:38 24 May 2018
In his element...liquid beaver at sunsetGot up extra early to fix my computer as it crashed last night while doing the huge new Windows update. While walking doggies I spotted some deer, may… Read More
How Truth Died In America.
Field Negro · 00:49 24 May 2018
Remember when Hillary's e-mail was a thing?"Late on Monday we learned that President Trump has stubbornly resisted staff efforts to secure his smartphones, leaving his cameras and microphone… Read More
The Breadbin · 00:13 24 May 2018
I should be cutting the lawn right now. It desperately needs it. But our extension cord  for our mower is badly frayed--a zot! waiting to happen, I suspect. So Eva's going to pick up a… Read More
Némaüzem · 19:30 23 May 2018
Az a helyzet, hogy borzasztó nagy előny, hogy a gyerekek már két éve olvasnak, mert nagyon könnyedén veszik a legtöbb akadályt az isk… Read More
Vivoforte · 16:43 23 May 2018
(John Henry Newman)Sii, Signore,in me per rinforzarmi,fuori di me per custodirmi,sopra di me per proteggermi,sotto di me per consolidarmi,davanti a me per guidarmi,dietro di me per seguirmi… Read More
Sassyhacksaws - Musi… · 16:00 23 May 2018
I think we are finally past the wintry weather in Wisconsin. At least I hope so because recently I planted the garden for the year. In one fell swoop, I put the fate of my harvest in hands o… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 10:08 23 May 2018
We were still visiting China in Summer 2015, when Peter noticed his folded napkin casting a shadow – shaped like a heart Read More
Busy With The Backfill
Rashbre Central · 09:29 23 May 2018
I'm rushing about a bit at the moment, and the blog is suffering from a lack of posts. My snapshot of a favourite view of City Hall on Thursday could illustrate a kind of speed distortion, a… Read More