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I Named A Chicken After This Man
S. Weasel · 17:57 27 May 2024
Any of you guys follow this man? It’s Nick Rekieta of Rekieta Law in his final form. He had a pretty entertaining YouTube channel explaining lawsuits line by line. Wholesomeness was h… Read More
Memorial Day . .
Sindy Ng Blog · 16:34 27 May 2024
 has turned into a real memorial for me this year.So, for starts, - I'm proud of the military members in my family . . proud of my family, period - B U T every so often, have slightly e… Read More
World Of Noojes · 14:27 27 May 2024
At "My Design Angel," we believe that luxury lighting is not just a statement of elegance, but also a beacon of innovation and sustainability. Our European luxury li… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 11:07 27 May 2024
June 2021, I can no longer recall what show Lisa and I were watching – although, I do remember the disappointment when I seen this tiny embroidered heart on the front of this shirt. I… Read More
Field Negro · 14:56 25 May 2024
It's been a minute. I hope that all of you field hands are doing well and thriving while doing your best to survive in this moment that we are living in.  These are crazy times.  A… Read More
Moogly · 15:00 24 May 2024
The Casual Crochet Sunglasses Case is a quick and easy pouch to keep all your sunnies and reading glasses safe - and it pairs perfectly with the Casual Crochet Crossbody Bag and Casual Croch… Read More
Confessions Of A Dum… · 14:45 23 May 2024
 Thought of the dayHow do you feel about massages? They are OK.But I still get a little creeped out by a stranger touching me.Especially when I am naked. Yes, I get down to my… Read More
Blue Submarine Splash Down
Rashbre Central · 13:30 23 May 2024
I've been off t'internet for the last few days but return to find a distinct waterline as the latest punditry from the UK seeps in. Newsfeeds to plumbing firms are sending advertorials awash… Read More
April Showers May Flours
Saltshaker · 12:47 23 May 2024
Getting ready to head out on the annual vacation – or what used to be the annual vacation, something we somewhat fell out of doing during that viral kerfuffle. Destinations to appear… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 21 May 2024
Tiempo atrás escribí sobre el intento del Presidente francés, Macron, en volver a instalar el Servicio Militar Obligatoria, interpreté que no solo querí… Read More