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Dreamstrata · 02:23 11 Apr 2021
We as folks have learned somewhere along the way to judge others when they lay out their excuses, although if we sit down for a second to think about what an excuse is, we can be able to und… Read More
Pondering....... · 21:07 10 Apr 2021
 ...there's a clenched fist in my chest and my nervesare as strained as catgut on a guitar (piano? violin? whatev).I've been spoiled during the past year. It was February 2020since Caro… Read More
Sabato, Aprile E Glicini
Oltre Il Cancello · 13:18 10 Apr 2021
Di sabato tutte le voci si smorzano, i toni più aspri si attutiscono, il cielo sembra addormentarsi – il cielo d’aprile, esausto. I glicini guardano i nostri passi &ndash… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 13:09 10 Apr 2021
Despite its promulgation of a belief system that values doctrine over curiosity and faith over fact; despite its adherence to a blood-cult with a long and squalid record of misogyny, antisem… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 10:12 10 Apr 2021
When you look at your existence what do you feel? Are you located in your body alone, simply taking up the space that you are physically in at the moment? Or are you more than that? Only you… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 10 Apr 2021
Se estremecen sus entrañas y es de callar tanto como calla… Lleva presos sus sentimientos sin poder expresarlos a viva voz. Los guarda en la alforja de… Read More
Northview Diary · 11:34 09 Apr 2021
 OMG, Dad, Tremors!Walking at the Hale Creek Field Station, accompanied by my baby brother, Matthew, and his Blue Heeler, Lucy.This is not good!Tapping in first-of-the-year..... at… Read More
The Breadbin · 05:33 09 Apr 2021
My former colleague Liam posted one of those Facebook surveys called "Brutal Honesty Hour": the idea is supposed to be that his friends give him a letter, and he comes back with a correspond… Read More
Barbara Wenzel-Wint… · 03:50 09 Apr 2021
Rezept: Und so wird’s gemacht: 200g Mehl 1050 200g Mehl Vollkorn Vanille nach Geschmack etwas gemahlener Zimt 2Eßl. Honig 3Eßl.Rapsöl 2 handvoll Rosinen ein Tütc… Read More
Field Negro · 00:59 09 Apr 2021
"I gotta a gun, he gotta gun, he gotta gun. Everybody got guns." ~Gyp Rosetti, Boardwalk Empire~ There were two more high profile mass shootings again today in America. Maybe we sh… Read More
S. Weasel · 20:06 08 Apr 2021
I host because I’m a computer geek, not because I’m important. The googly eyes are how my eyes feel after scanning for intruders for an hour and a half. Also, because knew I alr… Read More
Inexpressible · 14:59 08 Apr 2021
“I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.” -𝕭𝖗𝖚𝖈𝖊 𝕷 … Read More
Antarctica Starts He… · 07:00 08 Apr 2021
stop - adjective, humorous - Golang code written in a very un-Go-like style. Example: "The data structure in the new protocol shim was written with a very stop design pattern." Read More
What The Junk?! · 03:45 08 Apr 2021
Yeah, today was supposed to be a nice relaxing one. No going anywhere or doing anything.  That got blown out of the water this afternoon! I was sitting at my desk watching a YouTube vid… Read More
Behind The Mask
The Purple Hermit · 20:59 07 Apr 2021
Welcome to a bijou creative arts e-zine named after the Scottish sea mist Sea Haar, Scarfe Rock, Lybster, Caithness.Peat ash, carbon and pastel drawing by Magi Sinclair http://… Read More
Reluctant Memsahib |… · 07:27 07 Apr 2021
When I sit beneath the acacia, which shades the cottage verandah and frames distant Kilimanjaro and which is bedecked with weavers’ nests which hang bauble like from branches… Read More
Textos Perdidos · 23:16 06 Apr 2021
Quatro mil brasileiros e brasileiras.Quatro milhares de vidas inteiras.Quantas mortes evitáveis?Quantas vidas descartáveis?Quantos mais devem ir?Quantos menos a rir?Quantos lar… Read More
Deb Ludford · 19:16 06 Apr 2021
We thought that our Easter experience last year was a one off, little did we know as we chomped on Easter eggs on an empty site back in 2020 that history would be repeating itself one year o… Read More
Back To Work
Saltshaker · 14:30 06 Apr 2021
As we announced recently on our website and in various social media, we’re back open on a limited basis. We’re offering private dinners for groups of 2-6 people outside in the ga… Read More
Love, Life And Apba … · 22:23 05 Apr 2021
As much as I drink Pepsi while rolling APBA games, I should do an advertisement for the syrupy, caramel, burp-inducing pop. I’ll generally buy a 1.2-liter bottle of the elixir under th… Read More
Oshēn Salmon
The Flower Duet · 15:00 05 Apr 2021
Oshēn Salmon was created for those who longed for their perfect protein match. One that was easy to prepare, packed with protein, and made us glow from within, hello Omega-3s. We g… Read More
Journeying At Last
Welsh Hills Again · 10:34 05 Apr 2021
On the 28th March we were at last allowed to stop "staying local" and travel within Wales.  Two of our children and their families live in Wales and two in England.  We had managed… Read More
Where To Find Jobs
Career Advice | Jobs… · 06:00 05 Apr 2021
It might not seem like it at first glance, but truly, there are more resources to find jobs than you could ever take advantage of. In fact, despite having been in the career business for mo… Read More
Daisarella · 18:58 04 Apr 2021
Top attractions in Lincolnshire are not hard to come by, but they are hard to decide on as there are loads to choose from. So where to begin? Please note this is a collaboration post. It&rsq… Read More
Slowly Getting Better.
Wayne's World · 15:38 04 Apr 2021
Good morning, and Happy Easter!We have a community magazine for Sun City Aliante called The Breeze....  For this months issue, they asked residents for a picture of themselves at 5 year… Read More