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Wednesday Bible Study:  All The Kings, Men
2022-08-17 12:03
Our next adventure through the Bible will be looking at the Kings of Israel and Judah.  And like our study of Judges last summer and fall, we will be noticing a lot of repeating pattern… Read More
M10 Show Week 35
2022-08-12 13:00
There's a new world somewhereThey call the promised landAnd I'll be there somedayIf you could hold my hand...  But I guess I'd better get myself together'Cause when you left, you d… Read More
M10 Show Week #34
2022-08-05 13:30
Elvis:  Okay, so what kinda special show do ya have fer us this week?Nothing special.  Just the standard stuff.What? No "guess the song written by the singer's aunt", or the latest… Read More
M10 Show Week #33
2022-07-29 13:00
Elvis:  So what's this I hear we ain't doin' the number ones this week?  It's m'favorite part!Well, we already have one feature and two M10 debuts, so I wanted to leave room for so… Read More
Another Walk
2022-07-26 23:46
 Hey, is anybody watching out there?  Today it was a bit cloudy (which Misty likes) if a bit more humid (which I don't), but staying near the trails, we eliminated the skeeter prob… Read More
Martin Update And Walk
2022-07-25 22:38
 Sorry the last few posts have been "regularly scheduled".  It's been too hot and humid to walk; last week at work was a real beating, both from the Enemy and his usual tricks and… Read More
M10 Show Week 32
2022-07-22 13:00
I have a whole lotta stuff coming your way this week!  So let me start with my several day excursion to figure out how many songs made the Cashbox top 40 during the Martin Era 2.0!Elvis… Read More
M10 Show Week #31
2022-07-15 13:00
Nothing extravagant this week- one debut, one little bitty feature, and the Cashbox #1's this week from the sixes and sevens...Elvis:  And food comin'? I'm starved!Well, I hope so!&nbsp&hell…Read More
Okay, Now The Last One- Right After Church
2022-07-10 15:57
Now she's Ms Expert Hole SnifferColors of the canalSwallows dancing and perching at the PlexPlenty of the little white butterflies- but haven't seen but one bigger one all yearAlternate cove… Read More
One Last Vacation Morning Walk- Maybe...
2022-07-09 12:44
One more dawn start-offToday's guest-kitty...Crap!  Just missed bunny #1...No, wait, there she is...Damage to Ground Hog Road cleaned up...There's the sun!That breeze felt niceHmmm... t… Read More
M10 Show Week #30
2022-07-08 13:28
 Okay, I found something I found amusing to share on this week's show- and mind you, I didn't make it up!Elvis:  I hope this inn't anuther "Elvis's girlfriends" deal...Oh, no sir… Read More
What Happened To Vacation?
2022-07-07 00:20
 Well, rain.  After a second post sunset walk (in which we saw two deer, but two dark to bother taking the camera along), we got the joy of 36 hours of, "Let's see Noah build that… Read More
July 4th- The Long Trail Revisited
2022-07-04 13:13
We got ready last night to hit that new (opened in October last) trail across the road from us.  Knowing we'd want to stay cool, we planned for a predawn departure- and had all we neede… Read More
Vacation Day One Two Walks
2022-07-02 21:58
 First thing this morning...Greeted by kittyLooks like the dig is getting closer...  ...or maybe startedAnother kittyYellow sun, yellow flowersHmm... one drinking hole dryBunn… Read More
2022-07-02 13:00
 So, this is that yearly "you don't have to read it" post, where I record what happened in our family hockey contests for my own benefit.  In 21 leagues around the world, myself, L… Read More
M10 Show Week 30
2022-07-01 13:00
All right, so we're back and feeling- physically- about normal.  We have just deleted last week altogether, and this is basically your regularly scheduled M10 show...Elvis: C'n ya just… Read More
M10 No-show
2022-06-23 21:20
Hey, everyone, this is Scrappy- yeah, I know, but you know how the rules are around here.  Anyway, Daddy is down with "sinus stuff" and Misty's busy looking after him, so no M10 show- m… Read More
Patio Pigs, Parts One And Two
2022-06-19 12:42
 Thought this morning I would share with those that aren't on my FB the following posts from yesterday and just now, that I titled Patio Pigs and Patio Pigs, Morning Shift...And morning… Read More
Walkie Talkies
2022-06-18 13:05
 So this Friday was declared a "cutter's holiday" at 9 AM (IOW we were too far ahead of the sewers and got sent home), and by 10, Misty and I were "on the road"..."Hey!  Laurie snu… Read More
M10 Show Week 29
2022-06-17 13:00
Elvis:  So I see you switched the rules again...Just a little bit, you'll survive!  But we have a lot of business here today, including 3 debuts- 2 of them springing from the Knock… Read More
Saturday Morning Walk
2022-06-11 13:17
But first, a stop at the barky park......then off to nature!Hmm... looks like some digging coming up.  There's another line at the Plex entrance.Misty selects Groundhog Road.Wild strawb… Read More
M10 Show, Week #28
2022-06-10 13:00
So this week, I lead off with some news I really didn't want to...Jim Seals (wearing the headgear) of Seals and Crofts passed away on the 6th.  In true Time Machine fashion, he leaves u… Read More
M10 Show, Week #27
2022-06-03 13:00
Well, this week we enter the second half of our first year of the M10 show, and the second week of the Songs of Summer tabulations!  So I lined up one thing for the occasion, and am goi… Read More
Enter Into His Gates
2022-05-30 12:57
 This one is about pictures.  And gateways.Kitty watched us at the start.  At the end, too.Entrance from the complex to The PlexOver the hills and into the field...Psa 118:19… Read More
Church Of The Walk
2022-05-29 14:39
Bunny racing down the greenwayThe way I like the soccer pitches... emptyI was just musing on how Scrappy and I were on a run of finding 4-leaf clovers before he passed, and how I had been te… Read More
Early Morning Walk
2022-05-28 12:59
Mr Squirrel sends us offNeat wavy skyFirst spit bug of the seasonAmazingly, Misty saw big ol' Mr Bunny first- and froze till I saw itThey get bluebirds in their bird mansionI saw this bunny… Read More
M10 Show, Week #26
2022-05-27 13:00
So this week officially begins M10 Songs of Summer '22, and we have one debut to help us out. I...Elvis:  Boy, no enthusiasm here... Been a bit of a bad week, and my eyes are way t… Read More
Animals Are Goofy
2022-05-21 18:22
 Saturday morning, Misty got me up for her "break of day" bathroom trip (saw a bunny in her "poop spot") at about 7 AM, and we go back to bed.  About 8:30 we get woke up by rain.&n&hell…Read More
M10 Show, Week 25
2022-05-20 13:30
Hey, Elvis! 3 debuts this week!Man, your gonna make my button-pushin' finger hurt...And in honor of the new #1, I put together a feature for us!Oboy, give the man a prize...Wow, you're a bit… Read More
When I Was 60... It Was A Very (-) Year...
2022-05-17 00:05
 Yep, I turned 60 sometime in the last 2 hours. I can never remember if it was 4:59 PM or 5:49 PM. And back then, well...I had a friend tell me today that gas was going up to a point 17… Read More
Happy Boofus Day 2022
2022-05-14 13:00
 Time for a tradition started with Scrappy in 2015- Happy Boofus Day!"I'm on my way to the State Doggie Park!"No, you are on your way to Chain'O'Lakes State Park..."Yeah, it's really pr… Read More
M10 Show, Week #24
2022-05-13 13:00
Well, tonight we're going to try something truly unique... Wednesday, when I usually decide what the M10 will be, was Laurie's birthday, so I waited until today, intending to just bag it for… Read More
More Being Happy
2022-05-08 19:27
Funny looking birds near the feeder"Hey!  This is supposed to be about ME!"No one comes to the Duck Bar much anymore...First Bluebird of the yearMama duck and her two 'lings Read More
2022-05-07 14:05
 And here's how we rest to happy:And not even Halloween...Soccer on the "Sunrise Semester" planHis Eminence's buttCaught him flyingMisty's concept of a clear pathMisty is a great walkin… Read More
M10 Show Week 23
2022-05-06 13:00
This week, we have 2 debuts, and because it plays into our feature, I want to play the higher one first, and right away!  I was stuck for one more debut between a few songs, actually, w… Read More
Walkie Time
2022-05-01 15:51
 All right, let's see.  Wednesday Bible study typed and queued? Check.  Floors swept? Check. Stove top? Check.  Hockey updated? Check. Church? Check. Rent? Check.  W… Read More
M10 Show Week 22
2022-04-29 13:30
So this week, I've been doing a good deal of research, because we are having a song go to #1 in the M10 in just its second week on the ten!  Because of this, I did an as-fast-as-I-could… Read More
2022 A To Z Mashup Part 2
2022-04-25 13:00
So here we go with part two of this year's April Mashup.  If you missed part one, go here.M is for MANUFACTURERIt was supposed to be "main", but Google can't handle finding facts abo… Read More
Emptying The Camera
2022-04-23 14:28
 Some snaps at various times in the last week...Feeder's open... all the usual suspects are back...Doggie photobombing the flowersHaving memories of that little rise... Scrappy's favori… Read More
M10 Show Week 21
2022-04-22 13:00
Well, I'm back in the pink of health this week, and we have three debuts this time around!  And, of course, a "puff" of something extra...Elvis:  Woah, Boss, I don't know as I like… Read More
M10 Update Week 20
2022-04-15 14:53
 As my back is acting up and not allowing a lot of computer chair time, here's a very quick and less than entertaining version of this week's M10...First, a debut at #10.  Weezer i… Read More
Walk Pics
2022-04-12 13:00
A couple from Wednesday first, and then Sunday...A new home, Groundhog versionBright blue day at the Duck PondRiver WAAAY down- especially for as soggy as the ground isEven the creek way low… Read More
2022 Ato Z Mashup Part One
2022-04-11 14:04
*************************************** So I'm a little late on my annual mauling of the well-respected A to Z April blog challenge.  The proper way to do this is a post for each… Read More
2022-04-10 12:43
You might have noticed the "Better Part" posts have dwindled.    Right now, I'm sharing when I am led to, but I do want to share my heart at this point.One lesson I learned ea… Read More
M10 Show Week #19
2022-04-08 13:00
Boss, you realize you ain't posted nothin' but the Bible study an' this all week?Yeah, it's just been a rough week, for a variety of reasons... but if it helps, I'm thinking about doing that… Read More
M10 Show Week #18
2022-04-01 13:30
Tonight, we're gonna do at least one thing different...Elvis:  Yeah?  Whut's that? Well, tonight, we have 3 debuts- two of them have like 7 or 8 #1s here between them, but the… Read More
2022-03-27 12:22
The latest FB posts:The Better Part, Day #271: I'm not sure if it was a quote or a personal reflection, but David Jeremiah said something that ought to serve as a guide to anyone trying… Read More
M10 Show Week #17
2022-03-25 13:30
  Well, didja find it?Did you have any doubts?Lessee... three weeks ago, drunk at the time... yeah, I suppose I did...I told you it was in the little notebook, and here it... oh, h… Read More
Misty's First WALK To Shoaff
2022-03-21 20:23
 So the car had to go to the shop yet again this morning.  Not knowing how long it would be, I called off today.  Some time later (with the car back home), I decided it was ti… Read More
M10 Show Week # 16
2022-03-18 13:00
 Elvis:  Awright, what did ya find THIS week?Well, I have a little story to tell.  A couple nights back, I saw Karen Carpenter trending on Twitter.  Curious, I found that… Read More
Is It Spring NOW?
2022-03-15 22:42
 Here are some more snaps taken the last two days of grrrrrr-eat weather...A little wind damage at ye olde disc course...I t'ink it camed from thereAnd some erosion sharpening the bend… Read More
2022-03-13 15:10
Another couple of weeks of FB posts...The Better Part, Day #266:  Here's the latest things I didn't know in Revelation, from Jack Hibbs:  Rev 6:1 Now I watched when the… Read More
M10 Show, Week #15
2022-03-11 14:00
Tonight I was looking around for something to go along with this week's countdown, and in reading about the Labor settlement in baseball, I found a clickbait page promising the "25 greatest… Read More
Is It Spring?
2022-03-05 14:49
 Well, it's 'unofficial Spring' here, with temps to approach 70, and so here's our '1st unofficial Spring walk'...First out were the Redwings... as soon as it got over 30.Misty listenin… Read More
M10 Show Week #14
2022-03-04 14:00
Elvis:  Well, come on, be a man and get it over with...Like I ever claimed to be right all the time...Oh, just wait'll you guys hear this one! It's really not that big of a deal… Read More
2022-02-27 13:19
This week's FB posts:The Better Part, Day # 262:  I'm studying for next Wednesday on the blog the passage in Matthew with the official with the dead daughter, the woman with the fl… Read More
M10 Show Week #13
2022-02-25 14:00
Elvis:  Boss, what took ya so long?  I got food ordered on the way an' everything!Well, I came up with a neat idea, and the research took a hot minute, but I'm ready now.  Our… Read More
M10 Show Week # 12
2022-02-18 14:30
 Okay, so we are going to do things a bit backwards, because of an idea to spice things up I had...Elvis:  More backwards than usual, boss?Oh, Completely!  In fact, we start o… Read More
More Bunny Trails
2022-02-15 03:18
So, tonight as I went tumbling through my mind for post material, and I remembered a comment I saw on a FB post tonight (Monday).  The original post pointed out (and I did not fact chec… Read More
Super Bowl Musings
2022-02-14 14:00
As I type, we are about 2 hours from what I am 'legally constrained' to call "The Big Game".  And judging from the playoffs leading to it, it could be a big one. Fanwise, I am basically… Read More
2022-02-13 13:22
Two weeks of FB posts...The Better Part, Day #255: Rev 3:20 Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him… Read More
M10 Show Week 11
2022-02-11 15:00
Elvis:  So what's up for the show today, Boss? Well, with the way the bottom of the chart keeps getting leapfrogged and kinda going nowhere recently, it got me pondering songs that… Read More
M10 Show Week 10
2022-02-04 14:00
Here at Music Central, we continue to be snowed in, but we can still have tunage!  This week, Billboard posted their 'greatest hits that got to #2 but not #1', so we'll be looking at Ma… Read More
A Tale Of 2 Walks
2022-02-03 14:27
 Here is a walk Tuesday Afternoon- 50F, almost balmy for February..."Hey, the snow's all gone!  How'm I supposed to get a snow nose?"It kinda looks like "after the battle", but act… Read More
2022-01-30 13:43
This week's FB posts...The Better Part, Day #252: Listening to a continuing series on idolatry, it suddenly struck me that all those songs I dedicated to girls as a 'youngster'? They w… Read More
M10 Show, Week #9
2022-01-28 14:45
Elvis:  Boss, don't ya think it's time ta get to this week's post? Yep, sorry, I was just answering last week's comments!  Sure can tell I went back to work from my COVID 'vac… Read More
2022-01-23 14:09
A COVID-strewn collection of FB posts:The Better Part, Day #247: Last night at some point I heard a chunk of the passage that says, "If you come before the altar and realize that your b… Read More
M10 Show Week 8
2022-01-21 15:51
'Allow, Doctor Bombay here, fresh in from a trip paragliding- and if you'd seen the pair-a birds I was gliding with, you'd understand why I was flying- Ha HA!  I was called in because y… Read More
Willie O'Ree
2022-01-18 17:36
So I have heard all the talk about Willie O'Ree, the first black player in the NHL, but I really hadn't even heard of him before his recent accolades.  That's on me, so I decided to loo… Read More

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