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Pictures!  Yay!
2024-02-24 15:00
 It was generally nice this week, but when you see this Saturday, it will be cold.  So enjoy when it wasn't!  First, Tuesday...Could you PLEASE slow down?Apparently, this… Read More
M10 Show Week #108
2024-02-23 14:00
Well, tonight we have Laurie home somewhat sick, Pizza is on the way, and...Laurie:  Hey, what's "almost sick"?  I'm achy, like a train ran over me!  You know how this hits me… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study- Hebrews Part VII
2024-02-21 13:12
This week I want to explore just who Melchizedek was- and that means I am going to dance around the edge of the bunny trail.  First, let me set his importance- or rather, let the author… Read More
2024-02-21 00:40
 ...Not really, but I did get two spam e-mails that were worth a shout out this week, both in a similar vein.  The first one comes to us from "Mr Richard Mark".  And it starts… Read More
This Week In Pictures
2024-02-18 22:35
 So we had a dead flat week on pics this week, so I thought we'd do this week through time...February 112017- Just hanging outThis year- the day it was warm...February 12Last year- I th… Read More
M10 Show Week #107
2024-02-16 14:00
Elvis:  Say, we're going to feature 1963 this week, so's it's safe fer me to come back an' do this show, without the durn Beatles everywhere, an...Now come on, son!  If it weren't… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study- Hebrews Part VI
2024-02-14 13:26
We start this chapter with a 'therefore', which means we are now passing beyond the study of the things that we have put as idols, or 'roadblocks', in front of our faith: lesser spiritualism… Read More
M10 Show Week #106
2024-02-09 14:00
So this week our target year will be 1964- that magical year for the Beatles, and the year Elvis always takes off so he doesn't have to hear, "Beatles this, Beatles that".  Now, truth b… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  Hebrews Part V
2024-02-07 13:19
Let me go way back to Genesis to set  this one up:Gen 3:22  Then the LORD God said, "Behold, the man has become like one of us in knowing good and evil. Now, lest he reach out his… Read More
2024-02-06 00:35
 That was the title of an article I looked at on The Guardian (a UK tabloid), with 16 topics voted on by a panel including an internet restaurant reviewer, a food writer (I'm guessing t… Read More
Hey!  Some Pictures!
2024-02-04 16:32
 Not many because a) cold, b)was sick, and c) pretty darn dreary...  But here we go with Wednesday night...Even dreary, she's excitedWe did see the Bluebird of HappinessAnd that th… Read More
M10 Show Week #105
2024-02-02 14:00
So because I missed doing last week's post with being sick, I have 2 weeks worth of top tens and 4 new debuts for you to check out.  I'm gonna cut the features down to the "what was #1… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study: Hebrews Part IV
2024-01-31 14:38
After the dire warning of the last chapter, you might think that the Hebrews found themselves well and truly warned.  But our author knew of at least one more misconception- and it was… Read More
Trader Joe's #1s
2024-01-31 00:42
I saw an article about Trader Joe's supermarket (which we don't have where I am- OOOPS, I guess we do have one in town after all!) and their 15th annual customer's choice survey winners, and… Read More
2024-01-30 01:56
 I am much better, thank you.  Whatever garbage this round was started letting loose of me Saturday morning, though it took some time to build up any strength.Good news #1:  I… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  Hebrews Part 3
2024-01-24 13:57
So the first two chapters, we overthrew the idol of the gnostic angels.  But things aren't always what they seem, and there were two more things they- and perhaps, we- fail to recognize… Read More
M10 Show Week #104
2024-01-19 14:00
Elvis:  Okay, so that was a jolly trick ya played on me last week...Oh, don't be sore.I'm not... 'ceptin' my knees.  I'm too old ta be hidin' unner a desk that long!Points for will… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study: Hebrews 2
2024-01-17 13:25
Since the topic of the angels continues into the second chapter, I thought perhaps we should get an idea of what we're dealing with.  From Wiki:Evidently from works such as the Apocryph… Read More
2024-01-16 16:13
Today I got the latest e-mail from Sony announcing the end of PlayMemories- the tool I use to download my pictures and fix their unfixables.  As of February 29th (which is a thing this… Read More
2024-01-13 23:38
Friday morning looked already to be a hectic day.  I had 2 appointments, and a major winter storm was approaching.  After getting my opening duties done (Bible, bathroom, Misty, et… Read More
M10 Show Week #103
2024-01-12 14:00
So today I saw the Billboard Alt Airplay top 50 for the year...Elvis:  Yeah, how'd it look?I broke it down like this:Songs I either never heard, or heard so little I don't remember hear… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  Hebrews 1
2024-01-10 13:31
In the course of my morning Bible study, I read three passages: a Psalm, a chapter of Proverbs, and a New Testament chapter.  A couple weeks back, I found myself going through the… Read More
Monday For Pics
2024-01-09 00:43
 Mainly because:a) no earth shattering finds to share, and b) the new exercises I have to do for PT about killed my Sunday (slight exaggeration).  Anyhow, here's New Year's Day- wh… Read More
M10 Show Week #102
2024-01-05 14:00
Hey, keep it down, but I got off early, so I'm doing the M10 show before Elvis comes in today!  I got one new debut, another set from the 2023 Top 40, and we go to year 1968!First, let… Read More
New Years Eve
2024-01-01 00:05
As I type, I am 5:32 away from  2024.   My son had just sent me a message: "This is my favorite  holiday a chance to change for the better".  My sister from another… Read More
M10 Show Week #101
2023-12-29 14:00
Elvis:  Uhhh... ya don' suppose we c'n AI this post, too?  I still ain't right from the afterparty...Man, you are sad, sad!  We have work to do, and that involves the number o… Read More
Misty By A.I.
2023-12-28 15:35
 I decided to try doing an AI post about Misty.  Going to, it (with a few items asked) wrote this blog post.  "The adventures of Misty: a dog's life unleashed"… Read More
Pictures And Junk
2023-12-26 15:06
 And by junk, I mean a story that I shall weave through pictures from the last couple of days.Christmas morning was bright, but rain loomed aheadSo last night, in a move of questionable… Read More
2023-12-24 20:26
 This was kind of a nothing week, walk-pics wise.  But here we go!  Thursday was one more lack-o-work day, so...Pretty gray dayAnd yet, still doggies aboutPicture doesn't show… Read More
Christmas 2023
2023-12-24 16:10
 If you've seen the FB version, this will be the same thing essentially.  If not, climb aboard!KC checking his bets- in shock he lost the Dallas game (they scored 2 goals in the la… Read More
M10- The Clean Up
2023-12-22 14:00
Good Lord, just look at this Tardis!!! I can't, and won't, begin to describe how bad this is-as I tried to type this, my keyboard froze in shock!  I will say... I see the remains of the… Read More
Pictures: Win Some, Lose Some
2023-12-17 16:59
 By that, I mean that a) we got cut to 8-hours days this week, so we got nice walks in Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday, but b) Friday and Saturday the whole house was sick, and Sunday ra… Read More
M10 Show Week # 99
2023-12-15 14:00
Well, we've made it to the 99th show- 100 will be the reasonably mapped out Elvis's Christmas Party- which may or may not involve me holding the actual countdown for the next day's clean up!… Read More
Pictures, Such As They Are
2023-12-11 00:55
 This was not a good walking week, as you might have gathered from my post last night.  But here we go...Monday night...Cold and graySome signs of Christmas spiritBoredom in the gl… Read More
2023-12-09 22:44
 Just feel like doing an update about the state of the state of Martin.Today is Saturday, and Misty and I didn't walk because we took two yesterday and are both kind of burnt.  She… Read More
M10 Show Week #98
2023-12-08 16:21
We have a very special M10 show this week- no Elvis for two straight weeks! (JK, bud, we love ya!)  No, Elvis is nearly 90% complete on his Christmas Party lineup, and this week, since… Read More
2023-12-03 14:20
 This was a weather-beaten bad week for pics, but here goes!Virtually the only good evening to take a walk was Wednesday...This family had four big dogs playing off-leash.  No prob… Read More
M10 Show # 96/97
2023-12-01 14:00
Okay, we are back after taking Thanksgiving off, and the good news- from my side- is that the top 5 were the same both weeks!  The bad news- but good for you music lovers- is that each… Read More
2023-11-26 17:46
This is this morning.  But how did we get here?Four days ago, we took the one enjoyable walk of our week...Hard to tell by the cloud cover, thoughTo our north...To our south, lolMisty w… Read More
2023-11-24 14:52
 ...I'll probably play catch-up on the M10 next week.  I know, I know, it'll throw off my numbers, but I still ain't come up with a Christmas party anyway!  Enjoy your weekend… Read More
It Was A Monday...
2023-11-20 22:19
 ...but first, lets have a Saturday- 29 F out there, but calm (Around -1 or 2 C for you out-of towners...).Nice and frosty whiteThe trees were dropping leaves like rainfall.  I tri… Read More
M10 Show Week #95
2023-11-17 14:00
Elvis:  Hey, whaddwe orderin' tonight?Nothing, if you ain't buying!  Short weeks, remember?Man, if'n they'd just let me back in my bank account...If they did, I'd LET you be the st… Read More
That Time Of Year
2023-11-16 14:54
 So basically, we are 'laid off'  for the Thanksgiving week, thus I am on a vacation of sorts.  Knowing that means more walks(!), I decided to put one post up today of picture… Read More
This Week's Walks
2023-11-13 00:18
 Start on an early afternoon Tuesday, due to inventory prep...Bright sunny afternoon"Hey!  Can I go?"Possible varmintageWe rescued a lost soccer ballWe discovered a bag bush...Next… Read More
M10 Show Week # 94
2023-11-10 14:00
You know somethin'?  Yer a big idjit!I know, right?  That Wee Mac DID make me do a month early, like I feared- but it wasn't the feature week, it was that whole "counting down to C… Read More
M10 Show Week# 93
2023-11-03 13:00
For those of you holding your breaths for news of a possible upcoming Christmas show- PLEASE, breathe!  This week, I didn't even get the countdown done until when I usually type the sho… Read More
2023-10-29 13:15
 Matthew Perry, actor on the hit show "Friends", died this weekend.  Now I was not a Friends watcher, but my son and daughter-in-law were.  As such I know my son held him as a… Read More
M10 Show Week #92
2023-10-27 13:00
 So this week, I have two new songs in the M10- one is off a new lp but has been hanging out in the "bottom 5" I never show you; the other is from a 2017 unplugged lp and it bypasses th… Read More
2023-10-22 20:20
 Starting with Tuesday...Bright sunny afternoon- certainly not the theme of the weekHunting varmintsCan you find our way through again?Good start......good finish.Duck pond from the bac… Read More
M10 Show, Week #91
2023-10-20 13:00
Well, this week I have no top 10 debuts and no good bits, so I thought I'd just give a quick run down of the numbers, and...Elvis:  Waitaminit!  You ain't even gonna try ta be funn… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  A Book With Holes
2023-10-18 13:00
Again we hit the pause button on the Proverbs theme for some reflection, and I have the perfect subject to fill in with.  In my trash basket rests a book about the "myths and legends" t… Read More
M10 Show Week #90
2023-10-13 13:00
Say, if'n this is week 90, that means week 100 will be just before Christmas!  We should throw a party like the good ol' days!Well, somebody's in a good mood!  Did you get enough p… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  God In Proverbs IV
2023-10-11 13:21
Last week, you got the meat of the story of Understanding/Jesus in Proverbs, so this week might seem a little scattered and light, but it brings out details about Him and His relationship in… Read More
This Week's Pictures
2023-10-08 20:16
 Start off Tuesday night...Sun going down...Aha, our friend is back down the road he ain't supposed to go down, doesn't know his way out is blocked by a cop...Now he does..."Licence and… Read More
M10 Show Week #89
2023-10-06 13:00
Elvis:  So what're we eatin' tonight?Sorry, bub, we ordered last night and finished it off tonight.  You're on your own tonight.Ah'm gonna waste away ta nothin' round here!When you… Read More
Wednesday Bible Study:  God In Proverbs III
2023-10-04 13:00
This week I want to shift to Jesus as Understanding in Proverbs.  And there are just two points that I want to make this time, that stood out for me as I studied the word used here- a w… Read More
M10 Show Week #88
2023-09-29 13:30
Well, due to crybaby over there, we will be interrupted tonight so HE can eat with us!Elvis:  An' I appreciate that- 'ceptin' the 'crybaby' part...So this week we feature 1961, one new… Read More
Better Late Than Never
2023-09-25 23:19
 Because it's picture time- starting last Monday...Not many critters, lotsa peopleBuckeyes turning firstHad to use Misty's 'alternate jump in'......due to fishermen...Like I said, lotsa… Read More
M10 Show Week #87
2023-09-22 13:00
Well, back to the usual fun here on the M10 show, with... yes?Elvis:  Too lazy to have me on the show last week, huh?Whatever dude, I was about wiped, Misty's newfound youth is killing… Read More
M10 Show Week # 86
2023-09-15 13:00
So two things about today's show: First, I am typing this after taking Misty to Shoaff Park. Try being dragged for an hour and a half by a newly energized doggie that doesn't know the words… Read More
What A Weekend.
2023-09-12 00:24
 I'll intersperse some pics (darn few this week) with a rant about the many things that went wrong.First, of course is the computer.  Running slow Sunday, I decided to re-boot.&nbs&hell…Read More
M10 Show Week # 85
2023-09-08 13:00
Y'know what really burns me?What's that, bud?Three iconic acts- Jimmy Buffet, Gary "Dream Weaver " Wright, and the dude from Smash Mouth- Steve Harwell...Yeah- they all join me in the '… Read More
Labor Day...
2023-09-04 22:26
 This morning, it was relatively cool and breezy and I had zero energy for a walk. Now it's heat index 93 and can't breathe, and that's with a big ol' cloud covering the sun. But, at… Read More
Well, Then, Let's Do Pictures
2023-09-04 00:55
 So a sport that busts teams for having a fender a ten-thousandth of an inch off can't bother to check if all the track's lights work for a night race.  While they are red flagged… Read More
M10 Show Week 84
2023-09-01 13:00
Well, we have made it to the end of the annual Songs of Summer race, and we'll be getting you the results here in a few minutes, along with our other basic features, and...Elvis: Say boss, d… Read More
Pics At The End Of Vacation
2023-08-27 13:12
 So this vacation had a rough Friday- AC that acted like it was going out (it wasn't); my phone acting like it was going out (it wasn't).  And Saturday, we woke to a quite humid mo… Read More
M10 Show Week #83
2023-08-25 13:53
And it's also the 8th anniversary edition of the M10!  That's right, as amazing as it seems to me, 8 years ago this week I started keeping my top ten.  But it is also the second to… Read More
And Thus, Today Will Be A Slow-down Day
2023-08-22 15:11
Because last night my loving son took me out to a local beer pub...This is KC arriving at Ted's Beer Hall.Thirty beers on tap, on a rolling screenHere we are, with out first order.  Mi… Read More
Monday Dark And Early
2023-08-21 20:40
 Took off about 0615 AM... not realizing we'd be in the clouds...See? Dark!That's a bunny lolThis is a deerOnce she ran out into the field, you could see her better......not to mention… Read More
2023-08-20 15:34
 As Misty got her strength back, I started giving her some limited walks.  Starting Wednesday night...Off we go! A very short walk, going directions we don't usually take...Sh… Read More
M10 Show Week 82
2023-08-18 13:00
Well, we're happy to be back!  How you doin', buddy?Elvis:  Ah'm dead, thanks!  How's Misty bug?Far better than last week at this point! She's got a long way to go towards sta… Read More
One Walk Of Pictures
2023-08-13 16:15
 I'm not taking Misty for big walks yet- just not enough stamina yet. Otherwise, all systems about 90-95% of normal.  So Saturday, she got to go on what I call an "Apollo" walk.&nb&hell…Read More
2023-08-11 23:19
 Since Misty is rebounding nicely from what seems to have been an "Addisonian crisis", in which a non-functioning adrenal gland caused her sodium to crash and potassium to "go off the c… Read More
The Curious Case Of The Doddering Doggie
2023-08-07 15:55
The update, if you read about Misty Saturday, is there is no update yet.  She has a vets appointment this afternoon, which may or may not leave us as confused as we are now.  But h… Read More
Saturday Morning Pics
2023-08-05 13:33
 This is a slow week, because, well, Misty's not up to snuff.  Not sure what might be the ailment.  She's got extra gimpys, which makes me wonder if she injured her back.&nbsp&hell…Read More
M10 Show Week #81
2023-08-04 13:00
 Tonight I'm doing things a little different, because I have a BUNCH of stuff to combine into a little tiny space!  First off, I wanted to do something involving the late Randy Mei… Read More
The Week In Pics
2023-07-29 16:00
 So we start last Sunday around Church time...I don't know what's different about the latest batch of bird seed, but the Mafia has been absolutely nutsThen, a brief and humid walk, feat… Read More
M10 Show Week #80
2023-07-28 13:00
So today, we have the answer to the question I asked last week- can a song hit #1 for the first time in it's 8th week in the M10?  It might be happening here, but will Saint Asonia--bla… Read More

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