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An Awesome Per Day
New Universe | It's … · 18:48 26 Sep 2023
I like to try to do at least one awesome thing every day. Perhaps that is a bit of a challenge, but for me, I can pretty much do it if I want to. Lately I’ve been working on my… Read More
Well, This Is Shit
S. Weasel · 17:41 26 Sep 2023
This was tied to a light pole near work. If you can’t read it: What does the sap say? The sap says nothing. Tree-blood its only sound comes in death a ghostly gurgling when its tree i… Read More
Long Waltz Bookmail
Sid Is Alive · 13:28 26 Sep 2023
 Here's a picture of the Long Waltz trade paper edition. There's been a flurry of activity so I'm a little late in posting here. RSS Feed Read More
Man, I Miss Blockbuster
Scary Mommy · 13:00 26 Sep 2023
For many of us, Friday nights in the ‘90s meant spending time with friends, devouring pizza, sipping soda, and debating about which movie you were going to rent. Would it be Die Hard o… Read More
Domingo De Banderitas
Mi Boina · 05:00 26 Sep 2023
Buen Provecho El pasado domingo, los que no estuvimos allí, en referencia a la concentración del PP, en contra de Pedro Sánchez, o sea, del Sanchismo, llevada a cabo… Read More
Better Late Than Never
Tilting At Windmills · 23:19 25 Sep 2023
 Because it's picture time- starting last Monday...Not many critters, lotsa peopleBuckeyes turning firstHad to use Misty's 'alternate jump in'......due to fishermen...Like I said, lotsa… Read More
Confessions Of A Dum… · 19:47 24 Sep 2023
Where In The World Have You Been Mr. Shife Poll? a) Relocated to Brazil to start my waxing internship. b) Re-relocated back to America. Turns out you don't have to move to South Am… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 12:11 24 Sep 2023
However favourably it may resonate with the hotly-contested far-right dimwit vote which both major parties are pursuing with such laser-focused assiduity, Fishy Rishi's dumping of environmen… Read More
Canto D’autunno
Oltre Il Cancello · 08:17 24 Sep 2023
Il fuoco dell’estate si è spento e la nuova stagione è arrivata con grazia – elegante e di saggezza vestita. È il tempo solenne della calma ritrovata, del… Read More
Putting It All Together, Part II
The Breadbin · 18:56 23 Sep 2023
SEEING YOUR SOUL FORESTI was wondering what kind of hook I could hang this second instalment on when a former colleague commented "I don't think there's a single person that knows me as well… Read More
To Baldly Go · 09:58 23 Sep 2023
It's been a while since I did a blog post,  So I'll attempt to go over a few of the thing that have happened recently, it's difficult because bugger all has really happened. There'… Read More
Life Transplanet | C… · 22:07 22 Sep 2023
November we had a nice visit from my mom. We also had a lot of flower orders and continued to progress on the farm. The holidays began and in Puerto Ric that is always a busy fun time! Read More
Festa Dell' Uva
Sputailrospo · 21:27 21 Sep 2023
a Monzambano (MN) ridente paese nell'alto mantovano a pochi chilometri dal lago di Garda lo scorso fine settimana si celebrava la festa dell'uva. C'erano bancarelle e in una piazzetta … Read More