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Plant Wed Stone
The Sarai · 05:51 20 Nov 2018
It was Tulsi Vivah … Marriage Day for Tulsi plant with Shaligram, a consecrated piece of slightly flattened, well rounded stone. I had no idea of the level and extent of celebration… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 20 Nov 2018
Quizás no este muy de acuerdo con la política de Emmanuel Macron, Presidente del Gobierno de Francia, no lo se, por la sencilla razón que conozco muy poco su trayectori… Read More
Ichbineinetomate's G… · 21:44 19 Nov 2018
I’ve been neglecting this blog. Between all my other obligations and the obligations which have foisted themselves upon my shoulders, I haven’t had much time for the mentally car… Read More
My Weekend.
Sarah's Dreamscapes · 20:47 19 Nov 2018
The last seven days have been of the busiest weeks I have had this year.  Just as I have started to get used to having Sports Direct as a permanent fixture in our House Of Fraser store… Read More
Sjdean On The Blog · 20:29 19 Nov 2018
When I voted in the Brexit referendum of 2016, I voted for remain. I actually believe in the free movement, the projection of the ECHR and the ECJ and enjoy the economic stability with which… Read More
Too. Much. Choice.
S. Weasel · 19:53 19 Nov 2018
Yup. My computer’s bricked. Now comes the painful process of replacing it. Where once there were dozens of make-to-order sites in the UK, now I only know one: Novatech. I’ve alw… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 18:46 19 Nov 2018
Someone has defaced a public bench on a London street by screwing onto it an unauthorised dedication to a favoured British ally and trading partner. Saddam Hussein, the Iraqi populist whose… Read More
Looking After Things
Welsh Hills Again · 17:03 19 Nov 2018
A couple of years ago I wrote a number of posts on the year of being sixty two about the experience of getting older.  I was interested in the sense that our generation, in our sixties… Read More
E Se Eu . . .
Hugo Com H · 15:34 19 Nov 2018
E se . . . .eu não ler esse texto?E se… eu não pegar aquele voo?E se… eu não for trabalhar?E se… eu fosse falar com ela?E se…eu comprasse uma… Read More
Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly
Chow Times · 15:00 19 Nov 2018
Ben made this Taiwanese Braised Pork Belly for dinner. Everyone at home loves it. It is saucy and the pork belly has the right amount of fat and lean meat which gives it the great texture… Read More
Glinki, Rok 1936
Codziennik · 14:08 19 Nov 2018
Taki drobiażdżek wpadł mi w ręce… Co za złośliwy Tolek i jaka Dorka – nie mam pojęcia, ale jakiś Cukierman był właściciele… Read More
Manifest · 13:50 19 Nov 2018
För ett tag sen tipsade jag om ett gäng med nya och kommande Tv-serier. Det inlägget kan du se HÄR. Jag har inte börjat titta på alla dessa jag tipsade om m… Read More
His & Hers Magaz… · 12:36 19 Nov 2018
HIS & HERS SHARES SOME ADVICE ON PICKING THE PERFECT GIFTS FOR THE PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT THIS CHRISTMAS! It is normally around this time of year that we all start to fret and panic about… Read More
Freddo Novembre
Oltre Il Cancello · 12:00 19 Nov 2018
Sono giornate fredde, queste. Novembre è autunno profondo: la nebbia del mattino, l’umidità, gli alberi sempre più spogli, le delicatezze di ottobre quasi scompa… Read More
Well, Damn
Northview Diary · 11:09 19 Nov 2018
Found out this morning that my very first Internet friend passed away last month. I'd been worrying, but because he was in and out of the hospital a lot over the last few years and often van… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 11:08 19 Nov 2018
September 2016 It was early, when I walked into the kitchen one morning – thinking about Savannah and if she been up yet.  Then I noticed the washed dishes and the heart shaped oa… Read More
I'm Not Dead
Forever Logged On. · 08:54 19 Nov 2018
I've been stressed, suicidal (as usual), and jobless. That's basically it. Personally I find it difficult to do anything I enjoy when my stress takes over. The past few months my stress has… Read More
Replacement Circuit Breaker
Dada's Blog · 07:18 19 Nov 2018
The maintenance guy just left...See, our range hood and electric stove quit working last night. We called for maintenance to check it then, but it was too late so no one came.We asked our lo… Read More
L . A . D . Y · 02:46 19 Nov 2018
" We are The Champions "  I've paid my dues Time after time I've done my sentences But committed no crime And bad mistakes I've mad a few I've had my share of sand kicked in my face Bu… Read More
London, Rainy Morning
Syl's Bucketlist · 02:07 19 Nov 2018
The blog resizes the photos.Click to see them well.We arrived in London early in the morning.Above us majestic skies.The parking was right in the middle of  Westminster.Couldn't have be… Read More
Field Negro · 02:03 19 Nov 2018
As the actual turkey day approaches, I would like to take a look at the ten biggest turkeys in America as I write this post.Here they are, and they are not necessarily in order of importance… Read More
What The Junk?! · 00:08 19 Nov 2018
I truly wanted to go to Starbucks today and take my laptop and get in my NaNoWriMo writing in.  With my car acting up like it did on Friday, I decided that if my car would start at home… Read More
Beautiful Leuven In De Fall
Goofballs World · 20:32 18 Nov 2018
I only learned to appreciate autumn since we spend regular time in the Ardennes, but you don't need to go far to see all it's beauty. Even in the city center, you can see the gorgeous fall c… Read More
Spending Freeze...
Not Even A Tshirt · 19:21 18 Nov 2018
How much do you spend in a week?  Not base expenses, but extra stuff?  I can spend a lot. 😬😏Lets just say I have a small-ish addiction to the convenience of Amazon… Read More
Chook Time
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 18 Nov 2018
This past weekend was the last one I will have to myself until after Christmas. Rather than clog it up with plans and going places, we spent almost all of the weekend at home, sleeping in… Read More
Scattered Thoughts · 16:52 18 Nov 2018
Merriam-Webster’s definition of feminism. 1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes 2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights a… Read More
To Baldly Go · 09:48 18 Nov 2018
As a rule I don't like reality tv. I find it unstimulating and dull. Luckily Morticia generally agrees, with one exception.She likes nothing more than watching Z-list celebrities being put t… Read More
To Die
Placebo Effect · 20:48 17 Nov 2018
"To Die"I want to be young again,to forever be stuck way back then.     and when I finally realizetime is not kindto those wishingfor more, I hope I die.A Deathof a young manw… Read More
Ningtyas · 06:03 17 Nov 2018
Tidak perlu lagi kecewabila.. Kebaikan tidak terbalas Kita senyum di abaikanMemberi salam tidak dijawabMemberi nasehat dicibir Intinya tidak perlu gerutu, sebal bila ketidakny… Read More
LONDON: Of Towers And Bridges
Hello Anna Jo · 02:52 17 Nov 2018
My first castle! Probably because it's the most accessible, as it's located in central London. Be prepared for some knowledge nuggets.^Snapped a few things while on the way there!If there ar… Read More