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Hidemi Woods | Singe… · 07:32 28 May 2022
The weekend of Monaco Grand Prix has come. As an avid fan of Formula One racing, Monaco is a special place for me. To live there is my dream. When I was younger, I worked for my music in ord… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 28 May 2022
Cuando la madre tierra os llame, seguirla.Con toda vuestra fuerza y todo vuestro amor.Cuando todo su silencio os invada.Cuando sintáis su presencia, sed humildes ante ella.Y no la… Read More
Dravens Tales From T… · 23:10 27 May 2022
Der animierte Kurzfilm von Stefan Schumacher erinnert doch sehr an “Rick and Morty”, aber das ist weder schlimm noch verwerflich, handelt es doch eher von dem Grauen, dem die bei… Read More
Welp, You Know Where To Find Me
S. Weasel · 19:00 27 May 2022
The VR version of Skyrim went on discount today, so that’s the last Uncle B will see of me for a while. The reviews recommended waiting until it was on sale because the game, out of t… Read More
Moogly · 15:16 27 May 2022
The Elmore Ring Bag is a one-skein Tunisian lace tote that features buttery soft Bernat Softee Cotton!  Perfect for everything from sunny days window shopping to nights out on the town… Read More
M10 Show, Week #26
Tilting At Windmills · 13:00 27 May 2022
So this week officially begins M10 Songs of Summer '22, and we have one debut to help us out. I...Elvis:  Boy, no enthusiasm here... Been a bit of a bad week, and my eyes are way t… Read More
To Baldly Go · 09:58 27 May 2022
It's been a while. Morticia has gone away on a gig tour for 10 days with her best friend. That means it's been just me and the dog, and fleeting encounters with the youngest daughter.This wi… Read More
What The Junk?! · 03:07 26 May 2022
I slept horribly last night and I've been dragging all day. I really needed to go to the grocery store, but that did not happen. I am hoping to go tomorrow, though. I did get some writing do… Read More
Proffering Thanks
The Word Of Sinna Lu… · 13:51 25 May 2022
 The abominable abdominals, that have taunted and haunted my bodily frame since Saturday evening, have settled down to their more familiar state of dis-ease.  Concurrently, a combi… Read More
Verte Bailar
Pelo-Pon-Eso · 03:36 25 May 2022
Me gusta verte bailar Entre el tumulto de gente Brillas, entre el oscuro espacio instantáneo Eres un trompo, un destello un chispazo de eternidad Eres una figurita que se busca La es… Read More
Never Even There.
Placebo Effect · 02:38 25 May 2022
"Never Even There."As much as I am sorry for telling you those awful things, They're still true, I just regret having to be the one to tell you. You were at one time everything to me, t… Read More
Oltre Il Cancello · 11:37 24 May 2022
È un’immagine quasi estiva catturata la scorsa domenica in campagna, appena fuori città. Evoca il mese che si appresta a tornare, giugno, e l’estate spensierata deg… Read More
Ich Hörte Heftiges Vogelgezeter Vom Garten Her Durchs Offene Fenster. Plötzlich, So Schien Es Mir, Flatterte, Bzw. Fiel Etwas Von Oben Ins Treppenhaus. Es Ging Alles Sehr Schnell. Ich Suchte Vergeblich Die Stufen Ab, Nichts. Dann Fiel Mein Blick  Auf Die Garderobe Und Da Saß Doch Tatsächlich Ein Garten-Vogel. Ich Dachte, Wie Bekomme Ich Den Jetzt Wieder Nach Draußen. Beruhigend Auf Ihn Einsprechend, Wollte Ich Ihn In Die Hand Nehmen. Doch Als Ich Ihn Schon In Der Hand Zu Haben Glaubte, Hackte Er Mir In
Barbara Wenzel-Wint… · 08:53 24 May 2022
Read More
Da Goddess · 07:27 24 May 2022
Another find from here in Texas: Charlie Stout. I originally started following him on the Tweety because of his photography (oh my God! It’s gorgeous, y’all. Gorgeous.) and was s… Read More
Burned Out Or Bored?
My Side Of Story Rev… · 01:00 24 May 2022
Either I'm burned out, bored.I no longer feel the joy and comfort and excitement that I used to have when I work for this organization. I don't feel motivated any longer.The passion is proba… Read More
The Victory Of Love
The Word Of God · 13:54 23 May 2022
 “And they took Jesus, and led Him away. And He bearing His cross went forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha where they crucified… Read More
Introducing... Dustin!
This Is Cyprus... · 13:02 23 May 2022
No, Dustin is not a new cat, nor any other animal. Neither is Dustin a lodger, or a guest or a new family member. Not a human one, anyway. But an extremely effective worker, mostly found und… Read More
Northview Diary · 00:08 23 May 2022
 A sleepy mama Downy Woodpeckerpeeks out of her nest hole at Yankee Hill LockYesterday, area educator and extraordinary birder, George Steel, and I attempted a "Century Run".That is, we… Read More
Front Porches And S… · 15:56 22 May 2022
Dear blogging friends.First let me say that you all are the nicest, most kind, caring and considerate people on this earth.Thank you for all your thoughtful comments, emails, phone calls and… Read More
Daisarella · 13:24 22 May 2022
Today we got the amazing opportunity to review the brand new squishy and super stretchy – GooZonians! So this post will introduce you to the incredible team – meet the GooZonians… Read More
Third Time Around
Tongue In Cheek · 20:44 21 May 2022
When I was a teenager I found box of baby girl clothes tucked away in the hallway closet. I asked my mother who they belong to but before she could respond I already knew the answer. … Read More
Tips In Urdu · 20:43 21 May 2022
In this post, you will learn the dua when entering a home. As Muslims, we all should learn Islamic Duas to become good Muslims and followers of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). Dua When Entering Hom… Read More