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SECRETS Live In Cape Town
Dirty Pink City · 15:13 26 Apr 2018
SECRETS brings the roof down at Mercury Live It’s Sunday afternoon and my ears are still buzzing. There’s nothing quite like a proper metal show at Mercury Live. South African e… Read More
Moogly · 15:00 26 Apr 2018
With number 8 we are officially 1/3 of the way through the 2018 Moogly Crochet Along! I can hardly believe it! That said, it’s not too late to get started if you’re just hear… Read More
Se For Para Namorar
Hugo Com H · 10:00 26 Apr 2018
Se for para namorar de maneira contida, cheio de medos e dúvidas, qual é a graça? Se for para namorar sem porres às sextas-feiras, cineminha – e pipocas! &n… Read More
Jeszcze Raz
Codziennik · 06:53 26 Apr 2018
Podobno jeśli coś poszło nie tak, jak trzeba, to należy się cofnąć kilka kroków i spróbować ponownie… Znów przyszło m… Read More
Seeing Hearts · 05:08 26 Apr 2018
It was summer of 2016, I was visiting Camille at her house.  As I sat down on the coach – Clover jumped up on me – causing some of the water to spill from my cup. When I loo… Read More
What The Junk?! · 03:16 26 Apr 2018
So, it was overcast but not raining when I got up today.  Guess what it was doing when I started walking?  Yup, you guessed it, raining!  Luckily it didn't last too long and I… Read More
[ Unsung ] · 02:37 26 Apr 2018
Fore! Phew! Leafs are out and I can return to hating the Bruins. Great result. Andersen was amazing. So far so good for TFC. Up 2-1 at halftime. If this score holds up, there will be penalty… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 00:59 26 Apr 2018
The Bruno Mars ticket we were selling was bought yesterday evening. We didn’t expect that there would be such interest. There were at least 6 people who wanted to buy the ticket. My da… Read More
Mis Reflexiones... · 23:02 25 Apr 2018
A veces me siento a escribir y siento morir.  Más de una década por aquí para descubrir, que tal vez sea mejor describir, lo que ocurre. Imaginen un momento de esos… Read More
Hoo Boy, This Guy!
S. Weasel · 21:25 25 Apr 2018
In case you don’t recognize the moniker, this is the guy who was prosecuted for teaching his girlfriend’s pug to do the Nazi salute. His ass hauled through the courts for two ye… Read More
To Baldly Go · 20:58 25 Apr 2018
Sometimes everything just gets on top of me. My world detaches from my mind and I lose my way. Why? I wish I knew. I don't have a reason, it comes and goes at random with no cause or catalys… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:26 25 Apr 2018
During his stint as mayoral mural micturator for taxpayers' money, the then London Haystack was famously casual about the effects of pollution, maintaining consistently illegal standards of… Read More
Hay Días
El Fin De Los Tiempo… · 17:54 25 Apr 2018
Hay días donde prefiero que me imaginea que me padezca.Supongo que para que entre ella y yoamanezcan bacanales debencoexistir y compararse con jornadas como hoy… Read More
Black Tie And Old Sn… · 17:28 25 Apr 2018
Words reached outCreating a SpringBlossomingLeading to a summerOf lust and love But our sinsBore fruit on Autumn windsUntil we crumbledUpon the stepsOf pride's tomb Read More
Made In Belgium: Komil Foo
Goofballs World · 16:27 25 Apr 2018
I got to know Kommil Foo, together with most of Flanders in 1993 in the innovative and hyped Sunday evening tv show "Morgen Maandag". (*)  The 2 cabaret brothers always sung a fun littl… Read More
@ Coos' · 11:49 25 Apr 2018
Ja hoor, het is weer zover: ik ben maar weer eens door mijn rolstoel gezakt! Nog geen twee jaar oud Read More
The Purple Hermit · 03:58 25 Apr 2018
Another morning and another perfect rose splashed scarlet across Jane’s doorstep from a cloudless blue sky. Such a cliche, hissed her sister through gritted teeth as yet another… Read More
I Love Cliches
Keep Your Day Job · 02:20 25 Apr 2018
I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Seems like I’m getting it from all sides lately.  Work, dad life, family.  It’s busy.  Like a one armed pap… Read More
Field Negro · 00:50 25 Apr 2018
Dyamn! Black women can't eat at a restaurant in peace up in HARLEM?!  What is America coming to? I mean we knew it was tough to just chill and have a nice meal as  a person of… Read More
My Top 10 Shopee Item Wishlist
Bits Of Rocks · 19:45 24 Apr 2018
I love shopping! Yes, whenever I shop in our nearest malls or groceries, it seems that I am destress. They say that it is a shopping or a retail therapy.Thanks God that even shopping goes di… Read More
Ikea Non Buys
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 24 Apr 2018
LOOK the deities are trying to show me the way to IKEA. Sorry deities, I am 100% aware of where IKEA is thanks! ;) And Now Snoskred Presents – Things I Did Not Buy From IKEA In March… Read More
Bila Anak Nak Masuk Kelas Tinju
Noesuhaimi · 17:58 24 Apr 2018
Assalamualaikum dan Salam SejahteraApa la perasaan mak2 yang lain yer bila anak lelaki tiba-tiba cakap nak masuk kelas tinju. Noe rasa mesti lebih kurang noe perasaan mereka...berbelah bahag… Read More
3 Crazy Dogs · 17:26 24 Apr 2018
Under conditions of instability of financial exchanges leading economic areas outside Moscow real estate is still regarded as one of the most loyal and conservative funds investing in privat… Read More
Är Det Bara Jag? · 22:34 19 Apr 2018
Klockan är 00:54, jag är trött och jag borde sova. Jag måste upp 07:00 för att få upp barn till skolan. Men ändå sitter jag här och drar ut p… Read More