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Give Your Passports An Upgrade!
R4Review · 08:16 24 Nov 2017
Who doesn’t love personalized gift? And what if there was a way to get something useful personalized which is also aligned with your passion. Sounds like the best gift, ever, right? On… Read More
Jaesunsaysthis | Thi… · 23:00 23 Nov 2017
July  Marathons July 1st Angel Fire Adventure Race Blaze the Marina I Ran Flagship Marathons Democratic Congo I Ran Marathons Independence Venus New England Series Day 8 PA July 2nd I R… Read More
The Sarai · 22:41 23 Nov 2017
The Kalinjar Fort in Bundelkhand is an entire history in itself, a story through over 6000 human generations in recorded past alone. You cannot think of it without the convergence it include… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:37 23 Nov 2017
Although Her Majesty's Government recognises the contribution made to British society by citizens of the EU, Her Majesty's Government is also committed to kicking out the ghastly wogs as qui… Read More
Barnfri Roadtrip · 18:07 23 Nov 2017
Åh så underbart, jag och han… bara vi två hela dagen!! Emir är i en period då vi inte kan göra något, han är missnöjd typ hela tiden… Read More
Happy T’day!
S. Weasel · 18:00 23 Nov 2017
Happy Thanksgiving! Also the ninth anniversary of my permanent move to the UK. (The actual date was the 22nd, I think, but it was Thanksgiving 2008). Hope you all have a good’un and m… Read More
Codziennik · 16:00 23 Nov 2017
X Międzynarodowy Nadbużański Plener Artystyczny zakończony – czas na wystawę poplenerową. Już w sobotę w Fabryczce kilkadziesiat prac artyst&oac… Read More
Field Negro · 12:21 23 Nov 2017
Sup field hands?I know it doesn't seem like there is much to be thankful for with that big turkey in the White House, but try to count your blessings and find some things that make you thank… Read More
An Interview With DJ Lag
Dirty Pink City · 05:46 23 Nov 2017
DJ Lag to Perform at Maribou State Live in South Africa Maribou State is coming to Cape Town and Johannesburg in December (win tickets here), and the organisers have announced that a some o… Read More
What The Junk?! · 04:38 23 Nov 2017
I'm getting really close to finishing NaNo for this year.  I'm now at 48110 words! Less than 2000 and I'll have completed NaNo for this year. I only wrote a little under 1400 today.&nbs… Read More
Purpledragonfly`s Pa… · 00:14 23 Nov 2017
For the past 2 months Colby has been laying in a hospital bed. Recovering from a bad accident at work. I didn’t say anything, cause I really didn’t want people to think that I wa… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 23:07 22 Nov 2017
I love… the smell …of candle wax in the evening. Constant rain crashing from black skies has kept me indoors for the last two days.  The stream adjacent to my garden bur… Read More
Ela Ainda é Tímida
Hugo Com H · 22:18 22 Nov 2017
Tímida, ela é fantasticamente tímida . . .Ela sempre gostou de ser invisível, não invisível no sentido de querer desaparecer para sempre. Nã… Read More
Caravan Cabin Fever
Deb Ludford · 21:43 22 Nov 2017
Today, Shropshire has been battered and bruised by torrential downpours and caravan rocking winds. With this prior knowledge we’d made the decision not to put the awning up, it starts… Read More
Maddie Got Her Braces Off Today!!! (Pictured Here With Our Favorite Orthodontist, Dr. Rendon) #girls There Is Something That Happens Between Grades 5 & 7 Where Your Daughter Dramatically Changes Into A Young Adult. Other Than Birth To 2, I've Never Seen Such A Rapid Change In Literally Everything About Her. She's Smart, Sassy, Witty, Kind, And An Awesome Big Sister...basically Every Thing I'd Hoped She'd Be. I've Got Her For Only Five More Years, And I'm Hanging On Tight. ❤️
The Girls · 18:17 22 Nov 2017
via Instagram Read More
#MooglyCAL2017: Afghan Block #24
Moogly · 16:00 22 Nov 2017
We’ve made it to the end of another yearly Moogly CAL! In the coming weeks, I’ll be joining and edging my squares, and I’ll share the finished blanket along with detail… Read More
Some Community Pics
Wayne's World · 15:18 22 Nov 2017
Good morning.When we go shopping, we often buy a pint container of pre-cut up fruit. I gave us a little variety of fruits at a reasonable price of $2.49.  Well, that price went up to $2… Read More
Cake And Christmas Is Coming
[ Unsung ] · 14:24 22 Nov 2017
I do receive some high quality birthday cards.Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with my Mom at my sister’s. It was our first visit since their basement renovation. The last time I… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 14:02 22 Nov 2017
Edmund and I’s new favorite television program is BBC Earth. Ever since I came back the two of us have been watching the amazing features about life on earth. Tonight I caught the tail… Read More