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What The Junk?! · 03:36 24 Feb 2018
I got up today and noticed it was overcast.  The street was wet so it had rained at least a little.  I seriously thought about not walking today and just taking the day off. … Read More
Goodness Is Better Than Greatness
Prinsesa · 23:14 23 Feb 2018
When I was in grade school, I was thought that the superlative of Good is Great. But probably not in this case.Glinda: For the record, I knew you had it in you all along.Oz: Greatness?Glinda… Read More
¡¡¡no Lo Se!!!...¿o … · 20:38 23 Feb 2018
El Hotel Ryugyong, ubicado en Sojang-dong, en el distrito Potog-gang de Pyongyang, la capital de Corea del Norte, es una mole de hormigón de ciento cinco plantas y trescientos treinta… Read More
When Good Guys Don't Need Guns.
Field Negro · 19:31 23 Feb 2018
I can't believe that folks are not more outraged at the president's latest proposal to arm school teachers.It is a silly and lazy proposal to a serious problem, and , more importantly, it is… Read More
Lyf Earth 2 Review
R4Review · 19:17 23 Feb 2018
Pic credits: youtube LYF is Reliance’s retail brand of smartphones and comes with pre-installed features needed for Jio services (in case if you opt for Jio services). Initially it was… Read More
A Taste Test
Lifebeyondexaggerati… · 17:30 23 Feb 2018
It’s taste testing time. No, sadly I don’t have virtual cookies to share, because that would be awesome. I’ve books. I took the plunge and set up an Instafreebie account! N… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 14:39 23 Feb 2018
Raising My Consciousness ONE word at a Time Karma– the sum of a person’s actions in this existence, viewed as deciding their fate in the future. We are all in control of the… Read More
Caramcduna · 12:47 23 Feb 2018
The other day we were chatting after finishing part of the multi-faceted drive we've undertaken for this year's Presidents' Day/February vacation: from New Haven to Chapel Hill to reuni… Read More
Bedpost Bling
The 7Msn Ranch · 11:00 23 Feb 2018
Last week when I was sawing off half the posters on my four-poster bedand wondering how I would disguise the stumps,Andrea suggested I could cover them with saddle conchos.I thought that was… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 08:17 23 Feb 2018
It has long been known, of course, that many members of the present Conservative Party have difficulties with social media. One can hardly expect people whose minds are still groping Land Gi… Read More
Por Eso Escribo
Mi Boina · 05:00 23 Feb 2018
No encerrarán entre murallas mi pensamiento. Reside en las estrellas. (Benito Pérez Galdós)     Escribo para dejar mi palabra escrita en la Tierra, en la vid… Read More
Fancy That...fancy T… · 01:07 23 Feb 2018
Today I asked my husband to buy an onion. Ali: Where should I get the onion from? Me: The cart guy on the corner sells onions. Ali: It’s raining, do you think he’s out there? Me:… Read More
The Purple Hermit · 00:42 23 Feb 2018
A poem by William Blake:- Father, father, where are you going O do not walk so fast. Speak father, speak to your little boy Or else I shall be lost, The night was dark, no father was there… Read More
Ohmybuhay · 00:39 23 Feb 2018
I bought 10 dinner concert tickets (one table good for 10 people) for the Christmas concert of my favorite Filipino singer Arnel Pineda last December. My intention was to give away 6 of the… Read More
Just Ducky
Northview Diary · 22:47 22 Feb 2018
Snowy CanvasbacksYesterday it hit 75. Today it is snowing like January.We still ran down to the boat launch to look for waterfowl and got lucky.There were ducks everywhere. Some were to… Read More
Life In America
Inexpressible · 21:21 22 Feb 2018
This most excellent VICE video (nice work, VICE!) illustrates an accurate light on the parasitic symbiosis of people and rampant blatant abuse of governmental powers. Good piece of journalis… Read More
Na Dwoje Babka Wróżyła
Julkoautyzm · 20:13 22 Feb 2018
Aktualizacja: Dzisiejszy wpis zacząłem pisać kilkadziesiąt minut przed materiałem w Faktach TVN dotyczącym szczepień We wtorek jedna z gazet codzienn… Read More
Roof Noisy
Snoskred – Life In T… · 19:00 22 Feb 2018
Whenever it is windy and bark from the gum trees blows around on the pergola roof, Grumpy gets fascinated by the noise the bark makes. You can see in the background, Happy cares not. Origi… Read More
Bafomet. Miradas Des… · 18:56 22 Feb 2018
La tabarra esta del “arreglo” de plazas del centro me hizo preguntar ¿cuántas plazas hay en Jaén? Buscando en internet no encontré un nomenclator, s&o… Read More
AZ Design · 18:44 22 Feb 2018
// Detta inlägg är i ett samarbete med och innehåller betald marknadsföring // Inredning är något jag tycker är riktigt, riktigt roligt. Tyv… Read More
Something Under The … · 13:42 22 Feb 2018
So I tried to do squats this morning. Because of a disease I have*, my body grows bone-like things on the muscle of my left thigh, which makes it easier and easier, and mostly unnecessary, t… Read More