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Goofballs World · 21:24 23 Jan 2019
At Samaja and at Bostonbaby I saw the blog equivalant of the #10yearschallenge hype on social media.  I didn't post any pictures online for that hype but I'm always a bit of a nostalgic… Read More
The Curmudgeon · 19:19 23 Jan 2019
It is a credit to the Conservative Party's now vestigial instinct for realism that they dropped Security and Stability from their aspirations at last year's rah-and-blah; but they have been… Read More
Stop The Car! Gearbox Problems…
Daisarella · 18:51 23 Jan 2019 The gearbox is an integral component of any vehicle. After all, it is the chief part of a vehicle’s transmission system an… Read More
Http://… · 18:22 23 Jan 2019
Yes, I'm an escapee. Home for a few days of respite while my counts continue their crash and then, hopefully, start their recovery. Have to attend Day Ward for reds/platelets top-ups and… Read More
All We Are Saying
Rashbre Central · 13:03 23 Jan 2019
A brief interlude in Liverpool, as part of a longer journey. Fortunately my friend would show me parts of the city, edited to finely balance any tourist experience.For example, we headed to… Read More
To Baldly Go · 12:30 23 Jan 2019
I'm a passionate remainer. I make no apology for it, I believe that the path this country is on is wrong. Problem is I'm surrounded by "Brexiteers", it's difficult to have a decent conversat… Read More
The Life Of Jonathan · 11:43 23 Jan 2019
Either we are getting better or we are getting worse, nobody stays the same. Improvement is a key for personal growth and looking for ways to improve spiritually, mentally and physically sho… Read More
Mini-Break In St. Paul, Day 2
Saltshaker · 10:33 23 Jan 2019
I had all these ideas of heading to the restaurants in São Paulo that keep getting written up in international circles, I mean, best of and all that. But Henry, rightly, pointed out t… Read More
Watch I, Vanish
Dirty Pink City · 09:50 23 Jan 2019
Watch the new video from SÂVER, I Vanish Norwegian band, SÂVER, just released the video for I, Vanish, taken from their new album They Came With Sunlight coming out the 8th of M… Read More
Mi Boina · 05:00 23 Jan 2019
Antes de ayer escribí sobre lo que entiendo como valores democráticos. Tiempo atrás sobre lo que creo de nacionalismo e independentismo. Según mi punto de vista… Read More
The Candishhh Tales · 23:00 22 Jan 2019
One thing I am was proud of was that my vision is was still clear.  I have never worn glasses in my whole existence.  Never felt any need to because I still see clearly.  I ca… Read More
La Voz Del Silencio · 21:10 22 Jan 2019
Ser valiente es tener el coraje de superar aquello que tenemos delante, es la oportunidad de afrontar esa situación que la vida nos ofrece, o que nosotros hemos elegido… Read More
Pondering....... · 18:21 22 Jan 2019
I have no idea what any official measure is but,we had almost two feet of snow on our cars andclose to eighteen inches in the yard.We haven't seen the pavement on our street sinceSaturday mo… Read More
The Old Man's Lesson
My World · 17:28 22 Jan 2019
I was sitting in a park, habitually looking at random things—the trees, the evening lights and the couples—when an old man came and sat beside me. He seemed to be in his late 70s… Read More
Schizophrenia? Reall… · 14:32 22 Jan 2019
For more than a year now, I have been commuting to and from work on the mass-rapid-transit Metro trains running in the city I live near. I live in one suburb and work in another, and so cris… Read More
Empty Pages
Reluctant Memsahib |… · 12:31 22 Jan 2019
When you pick up a blog, after being away for so long, it’s like leafing through the pages of a diary you have failed to write. Blankness gazes back with dead stare.  And accusing… Read More
Living With A Brain … · 02:28 22 Jan 2019
Since I got my injury at a young age, my parents needed to explain to me what happened. Of course, they had to wait until I was old enough to understand. Before that moment, I remember… Read More
Rome On Film
Wander Hour- Travel,… · 01:26 22 Jan 2019
Colosseum on FilmRome on FilmBetween the four cities that Charles and I visited about three months ago, Rome stands out as one of the most gorgeous cities we’ve been to. Crowded? Yes… Read More
Inexpressible · 21:58 21 Jan 2019
The game of kings is highly peculiar and strange. It solves nothing. If I win, it means nothing. It doesn’t mean I’m smarter or cooler than my opponent. Maybe they’re just… Read More
Well? DO You?
S. Weasel · 21:38 21 Jan 2019
No, no. Not me. Not here. This place dun’t have no rules! I nicked the graphic off FaceBook, where people are potty about rules. Have you noticed? Is it true in your groups? I got boo… Read More
Welcome To My Blog · 17:00 21 Jan 2019
So the other day. Like a  few weeks ago actually. I went over to my cousins house to attempt to paint a master piece on a few walls in her kids bedroom. One to start. (The other room is… Read More