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Why Dating a Nerd Can Be Fun

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dating a nerdThe “Nerd”, as we know him at least, seems to always get a bad rap.  And some Nerds believe that they don’t stand a chance with women.  But one look around is proof positive that the Nerd has become fashionable “arm candy” for many women, even those gorgeous women who the Nerd of days gone by might have figured he didn’t have a shot at.  The reason is that many women are realizing that the nerdy guy really has more to offer than the average Joe on the street – things that go beyond good looks and fancy clothes.  Dating a Nerd can actually be fun, and here’s why:

He’s Secure in Himself

The Nerd is not easily moved by things that other guys are into. He could care less about what the ‘guys’ think about him. He makes his own decisions and stands on his own two feet; damn what anyone else thinks.  He isn’t into the latest trends – and he has his own unique style.  He focuses on things that are truly more important. This is a much sought after trait in a partner.  The clothes that he wears on his back and the car he drives are just trivial matters to him.

He Makes Good Money

Perhaps you always heard that the guys who study hard in school, the guys who are members of the chess or science club, and the ones that go to the prom without a date are the future movers-and-shakers of the world. And its true. While the jock with the six-pack body and the fancy sports car may have been the most popular, the guy who was sitting at home alone on Saturday nights, writing a new computer program or designing a better mousetrap is the guy that’s now running the big corporations or, at very least, bringing home good money. The washed-up has-been jocks of the world are often left pumping gas or working some other menial job.

His Friends Aren’t Complete Jerks

How many times when dating a guy have you had to ‘put up’ with his ignorant friends just to please him? With the Nerd, this is not the case.  Like him, the Nerd’s friends are Nerdy, and they will likely treat you with the utmost of respect and don’t cheat with you.

He’s Dedicated

The Nerd is nothing if not a dedicated partner.  The same focus that he puts into his work is magnified when he finds a woman that he cares about.  Unlike guys who are out for a few rendezvous before they move on to the next flavor of the month, the Nerd is rarely that fickle.  He is loyal to a fault, which is a fabulously endearing trait.  With a trustworthy Nerd, you don’t have to worry about the competition – there is none; he’ll be focused on you and you alone. No matter how many pretty young things come along that would tempt an ordinary man.  If a Nerd says he’ll call, he will.  You can bet on it.

He’s Not Into Sports

For 99.99% of the women who read this, there’s no further explanation needed.  The Nerd will not be hurt if you don’t sit through an entire weekend of football, baseball, karate, basketball, Gladiators, and so on.  He knows little about sports and prefers to do what you want to do.

He’ll Love You For

And last of all, the Nerd is fun to be around because for him, it’s not all about your waist size, or your clothing, or the clubs you can get into – but you, the real you, faults and all.  That’s because he knows that looks are only skin deep – but a solid relationship with a person that you enjoy being with can last forever.

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Why Dating a Nerd Can Be Fun


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