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11 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know

When you are at work, you get to experience a whole new life filled with challenges, discussions, dilemmas and excitement. There is a very common assumption that explains how bosses try to put Pressure on employees and make things happen. But, this is just one side of the story and another facet is completely ignored by many of us.

People at Work

People often complain about how they are frustrated with their bosses. No one talks about the reason and hidden scenarios behind it. In this post, we shall focus on those things that bosses wish their employees knew:

  1. Let Your Team Know About Your Break

If you are planning to take a leave from work, then let your team know about it. This way, it will help them manage things even in your absence. If you are not willing to let everyone know about your break, at least inform the team leader. Besides, it will be the best if you can discuss about your leaves in advance.

  1. Stop Whining About Your Problems

Stop Whining About Your Problems at Work

Do you know what makes a problem bigger? Constant whining! I’ve seen people at work reacting like they are the only ones being tortured by the nature. This is one of the most crucial things that every boss in the world wishes employees knew. First of all, stop crying over something. If there is any constant issue, then you should talk about it. Seriously, TALK!

  1. Learn to Fix the Problems Instead of Panicking

What will you do after realizing that you’ve accidently missed a file or couldn’t reach the deadline? Most people panic which is wrong and totally not worth. Instead, find a way to fix the issue and report your senior about it. Also, let your seniors know that the problem will be fixed shortly.

  1. Be Brave Enough to Accept Your Mistakes

Be Brave Enough to Accept Your Mistakes at Work

As I have said before, panicking is not a solution. Besides, you should learn reacting like an adult during work. Rather than crying, you need to be blunt about it and accept the mistakes valiantly. If you wish to grow professionally, you should have a habit of taking responsibility of your mistakes.

  1. Acknowledge & Convey Important Messages

When you receive an email from your boss, senior or from anyone else, you must acknowledge. Your boss may not ask you directly to be an ideal employee but he/she would want to you to be responsible. Apart from this, never forget to convey crucial official information to your colleagues.

  1. Don’t Be a Social Media Junkie during Work

Use of Social Media at Work

Many people get this annoying habit of using Social Media for fun and entertainment during work. Amidst the pressure of completing tasks in given time, some workers always keep an extra tab open for Facebook. Your boss wants to tell you that it’s fine to check your social media profiles during break time. But, don’t do it during working hours.

  1. It’s not Fun to Bring Someone Under Pressure

Let’s accept the fact that a normal person wouldn’t like to yell at someone or bring them under pressure. Your boss wants to say that if you are working under pressure, your boss is under pressure too. It’s their job to make you complete the tasks because they also have to answer someone.

  1. Listen the Instructions Carefully… Always!

Following Instructions at Work

When you are being told something, not only are you supposed to listen it but also keep in mind while executing your tasks. Some people ignore important instructions just to make task simpler and faster but end up with stupid mistakes. Don’t forget that instructions are there for a reason.

  1. Respect Your Work or Don’t Do it at All

This is another important thing that all bosses in the world would want to convey to their employees. If you can’t respect what you are being paid for, then you shouldn’t do it at all. So what if it’s not your dream job? At least, you have a job and only a jobless person can tell you the real worth of it.

  1. Don’t be a baby During Working Hours

Lazy People at Work

I remember a girl from my last office who used to behave like a baby while being assigned a new task. If you know someone who does the same at work, please tell them to stop. Let them know that it’s not a school or college and it’s a freaking real life.

  1. Being Boss is Nothing like You Think

If you are mad at your boss for assigning a tough job or disagreeing your point, try to think like them. People think that being boss is all about ordering people whereas it’s not like that. Bosses know how you feel about them and yet they go on with their role. Respect!

We shouldn’t forget that there are always two facets of everything. Life is not just what we see from our point of view. If you go to work and keep these things in your mind, you will surely experience positive changes in your life.

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11 Things Your Boss Wants You to Know


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