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5 Best-Kept Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website You Never Know

Everyone wants his website look mesmerizing and gets series of awards in different categories of best website, right?

Now the question is what makes a  award winning website and excellent to people eyes?

There are numerous major tenets of web design. The presence of those principle elements helps a website to get nominated for an award. Among them, excellent appearance, usability, client-convincing content, functionality and standard compliance are considered mandatory.

When a website grounds up following the intended aspects, it looks visually aesthetic, easy to navigate, simple to use, error free and packed with client convincing information.

As site owners seldom know about website technical aspect, they try to nominate their website for various award to figure out their site acceptance over the customer and client community.

If you don’t know about the technical aspects, let follow me. Based on my years of experience I’ve put together 5 common hand-picked secrets of award-winning websites.

Elegant Design With Proper Spacing

To convince and allure audience, a website should come equipped with a sleek, vibrant and user-friendly design interface. A clean and astounding design keep users engaged and lead them to perform all the steps that you want to pass through.

If you look through the popular website like Medium, it looks minimal, simple and catchy. It doesn’t clutter with unnecessary elements, but those elements that are relevant to page action and user interest.

When you develop a website to get proper engagement, make sure it ships with such a design that intentionally and strategically uses white space. A whitespace enabled website is capable of highlighting key contents and making them persuading.

In a business website, every professional entrepreneur prioritizes the first impression. When you can amaze site visitors on their first visit, they get convinced with your business offer. Now the question how to create a strong impression, right?

It’s an elegant design, the best essence to create a strong impression. Such an impression that lasts forever. It helps customers to differentiate between the professional vendors to serve their needs.

Equipped with Easy To Navigating Functionality

Navigation is the mainstay of a website. If you can’t make it simple and easy to use, your charming design won’t add extra value to your business. If you want to make your website the dent of potential customers, prioritize on site usability.

An award-winning website is bottled well-equipped with efficiently navigated usability. It helps site visitor to quickly reach and explore the site products and services seamlessly. But unfortunately, most of the developer seldom give importance and emphasis on designing a better experience for navigation.

In the business website, you may find sticky navigation, sidebar navigation, fixed navigation, but you don’t know the menu is the best fit for your site, right?

Actually, it depends on the overall design. You have to figure out which navigation performs well. To opt out the best-suited menu, you have to run a series of split testing and select the navigation gets a maximum click for a time being.

Navigation not only helps human, but it also assists search engine bots to index your inner pages and contents.

Showcase Trust Boosting Elements

Trust is the key for online platforms. Here in the online, the more you can maximize the sense of credibility, the more you get acceptance from the targeted audience.

If you think, you can interact well with your targeted users only showcasing high-quality service and unique product; you might go wrong.

In online, you have to present social proof that other people are getting benefited from you. You might be thinking which are social proofs, right?

It’s simple but based on your industry; the social credibility traits will very. As I sell best WordPress plugins, I’ve showcased client testimonials, portfolio projects.

But there are a couple of site feature that enhances site credibility like team member showcase, customer Logo Slider, and physical addresses. If your website doesn’t come assembled with the intended component, you can use my free WordPress plugin. My plugins are.

GS Logo Slider

award winning website
GS Logo Slider is such a slider carousel that help you to showcase the logo of those clients who are socially famous. Like you sell the web or mobile applications. If you get a chance to serve big brands like Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, enable my client logo slider and place the logos on your site. I bet, It will add value to your business growth.

GS Testimonial Plugin

GS Testimonial Slider
Testimonial slideshow carousel is another essential plugin I’ve developed. You might have noticed more 95% of small business websites which include a dedicated section for presenting client testimonials. As most of the customers read online reviews before purchasing through the internet, positive testimonials from existing clients play an excellent role.

If you still don’t have any slide attached to place customer feedbacks or have a testimonial slider that can’t create an astounding impression, get GS Testimonial slider and examine the difference.

GS Team Members

GS team member plugin
When it comes to subscription-based product, people alway try to select those websites which provide their clear team details at their site home page or about page.

Now the question is why people looks for the face of people in the virtual world. It’s because after sales service is the matter here. Such as my customers always sends an inquiry email to ask several questions before purchase. When I send the reply them with the due response, the get assured that there is someone who will help them in trouble.

If you have a team but not have any team members section on your website, add them now using my GS Team Plugin.

Site Loading Speed Matters Here

No people want to wait. Even individuals with incredible patience get outraged when they have to wait infinitely. Nothing happens differently on the web. If your website doesn’t load in 3 seconds, you will lose more than 40% visitors. The visitors won’t wait for your complete site loading, but abandoned immediately when it take more than 3 seconds.

Assure Responsive Design

If you head over to your site analytics to find total mobile visitors, I believe the total number will cross more than 40% to 50%. With the exponential usage of smartphone, people from mobile devices visit websites extensively. So, don’t forget to enable responsive design for your business website.


Here I’ve included those aspects that I found necessary. If you come to know that I’ve missed any of the key points, inform me. I’ll add them here.

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5 Best-Kept Secrets for Creating an Award-Winning Website You Never Know


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