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How to Make Exercise More Comfortable


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One of the most common reasons that people are so hesitant to Exercise is the discomfort they feel when doing so. Although there are some people who enjoy the discomfort because they know it means they are getting results. There are many more who would rather not suffer too much for their health.

The good news is, although exercise is always going to be at least a little Uncomfortable sometimes, there are some ways to make exercise more Comfortable and here are some of them:

Make Exercise More Comfortable with a Better Bra

If you’re going to get serious about exercising, and you happen to be a woman, get a decent sports bra, period. The average bra just doesn’t offer enough support for back and breasts when under stress and this can cause issues with chaffing, bruising, and pain. A goos sports bra should keep everything in place but still feel comfortable enough to move around in.

Deal with your glasses

Glasses wearers often find exercise uncomfortable for a number of reasons – their glasses steam up, fall off, or otherwise get in the way. It doesn’t have to be like that. First of all, consider wearing a sweatband which will stop any drips before they get to your glasses and cause a condensation problem. Next, make sure your glasses fit well and if they don’t, consider getting a new pair here. Third, try washing them with a small amount of dish soap – it sounds weird but it can really stop the fog. Once you’ve fone all that, your glasses should bother you no more.

Use anti-chafing lotion

If when you exercise, parts of your rub together that you didn’t even know you gad, it can be uncomfortable to say the least, but you really don’t have to suffer in this way. Simply apply a thin layer or anti-chafing lotion, or even vaseline to the affected areas and you won’t have to worry about that particular problem again.


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Wear what you want

A lot of people think that, when you start taking your health and wellness more seriously, you have to start wandering around in tight lycra, crop tops, and…well you get the idea. These kinds of gym wear can be more physically comfortable, but if you feel mentally uncomfortable in them, that’s no good! When you’re working out, wear whatever you feel like wearing as long as it’s comfortable and won’t get in the way. Baggy band shirts and sweats are just as valid as lycra yoga pants and a sports bra and no one will really care what you’re wearing when they’re busy working out anyway.

How to Make Exercise More Comfortable with Better Shoes

That being said, if you’re going to be running or doing any sorts of activities that are high-impact on the feet and ankles, it really is worth investing in a good pair of running shoes that support the area and absorb some of the shock of your body’s impact. You’re far less likely to get a stress-related injury if you have the right shoes. 

Don’t force yourself to do stuff

The thing about exercise is that there are so many different ways to do it; from volleyball to weightlifting, you have so many different options open to you. It’s foolish then to keep doing an exercise you hate and which makes you feel uncomfortable when you can simply quit and try something else instead. As long as you’re moving regularly, there’s no shame in admitting a specific activity isn’t for you, and once you find something you do love you’ll feel much more confident when you’re doing it.


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Get professional help

When you’re just starting out, you may not know how to use the weight machine or elliptical correctly which could cause you no end of physical discomfort and potential embarrassment. The good news is there are personal trainers out there who can show you exactly how you use those machines and work with you until you’ve got your form down. Once you reach that point, you won’t feel uncomfortable about hitting the gym any longer.

Bring a friend

If you struggle with embarrassment, body issues, or a lack of self-confidence when you’re exercising, it can be hard to carry on, but one thing that will certainly help to ease your discomfort is bringing a friend along to workout with you. You can chat to each other, encourage one another on your journey to fitness, and you’ll be having so much fun you won’t even think about anything negative at all.

Exercise really doesn’t have to be uncomfortable!

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How to Make Exercise More Comfortable


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