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Ro+UV+UF Water Purifier

RO+UV+UF Water Purifiers

What is (RO+UV+UF)?

RO, UV, and UF are the acronyms for Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Violet & Ultra Filtration respectively. whenever RO, UV & UF technologies are added together, then we got most excellent way to clean water for drinking

How does (RO+UV+UF) work?

The RO Technology always uses a semi-permeable membrane for the water purification purpose that allows only water molecules to pass through it while blocking the dissolved and suspended impurities.

The RO technology always used for water purify which have a high quality of salt. Basically, UV technology is used always in taking the germ-free water. The best ever UV water purifier kill all types of bacteria & the other waterborne disease-causing germs.

Inside the UV water purification, a UV bulb has fitted which throw ultraviolet rays everywhere due to his effect all types of germs and all the other microorganisms kill. After all of this, the ultra-filtration (UF) technology always use a thread of fibers for remove the all types of extra hardness from water. In this process involves passing water through microfiber threads, thus removing mostly salts.

When should to use RO+UV+UF water purifiers?

Choosing the excellent water purifier for the home or office is not as simple as it sounds. The most important major point is that what is the TDS level of your water supply. It means total dissolved solids, which water contains in the form of dissolved salts, heavy metals and impurities like lead, mercury, and arsenic.

TDS is virtually like a measure of combined impurities.50-150ppm is excellent water TDS level which is pure-able and above 1200 TDS is unacceptable. This is the only reason for using the RO+UV+UF should be used when the water has high TDS levels (1000-2000ppm).

Moreover mostly rivers are the big source of water in Indian households and these are getting contaminated and muddy in the running days due to factory-wastes and sewage disposals. Due to these contaminants pose serious health issues increasing in India like Cholera, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Typhoid etc.

Quickly should be active about for water treatment plants. meet certain quality standards & despite that, many harmful bacteria and viruses slip through the cracks and contaminate the water supply to our homes.

Groundwater is an also important source of drinking water in our homes. It is also increasingly getting polluted in running days because of the excessive use of pesticides (Endrin, Heptachlor, Lindane, and Pentachlorophenol), fertilizers (Urea and Sulfates) and Radio-nuclides (Radium, Uranium).

It is also very difficult due to the presence of unwanted heavy metallic compounds like Fluorides, Arsenic, Mercury, and Lead.

The RO+UV+UF technology can work with to much dirty & muddy water. The Powerful treated RO+UV+UF filtered water has various industrial experiments like boiler feed water for power generation, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, semiconductor, and metal finishing.

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