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How is an Evaporative Air Cooler different from an Air Conditioner?

The winds of winter are waning and soon we will be taking out our Air Coolers or calling up for air conditioner maintenance. However, if you are thinking of getting a new cooling solution for your home or office in the coming summers, we are offering a quick comparison between the air cooler and air conditioner for your consideration.

The main difference between an air cooler and an air conditioner is that one uses evaporation of water as a coolant whereas the other uses refrigerants to absorb the heat in the passing air.

Evaporative Air Coolers

How is an Evaporative Air Cooler different from an Air Conditioner

Evaporative air Coolers are widely used in India. They are often referred to as swamp coolers, desert coolers or simply, coolers. Air coolers are cheaper to buy, run and maintain. The air cooler has a simple design. There is a tank at the bottom, an exhaust fan on one side and three replaceable mediums for water circulation. A pump is used to pass water through the cooling mediums that act as the walls on three sides of an evaporative air cooler. The fan is installed on the fourth side to pull hot air through the wet mediums.

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As the hot air passes through the wet medium, the water absorbs the heat and the fan releases cool air into ambient space. Modern air cooler models such as the ones from Honeywell have an ice tray to make the cooling more effective during peak summer months.

Air Conditioners

The air conditioner uses stored coolant or refrigerant to recycle the air inside an ambient space. The coolant absorbs the heat from the room air and pushes cold air through a fan mechanism.

Advantages of Evaporative Air Coolers

  • Air coolers are eco-friendly as they use a natural process, i.e. evaporation of water, to cool the air.
  • Air cooled by an air cooler is pleasant and offers optimal relief from the summer heat by humidifying the dry air. On the other hand, chemical refrigerants used by air conditioners can dip the temperatures way below normal, which is not good for health.
  • Air coolers also recycle the indoor air through cross ventilation whereas air conditioners only recycle the ambient air which may increase the amount of pollutants present in an indoor environment.
  • Air coolers are much more energy efficient than air conditioners, making them cheaper to run in comparison with air conditioners.
  • Modern air coolers also come with dust filters to filter dust and debris from the incoming air.
  • Portables air coolers can be moved within the house for multipurpose use whereas wall and window air conditioners are fixed units.
  • Air Coolers from brands like Honeywell also have a ‘connect and forget’ feature which allows you to setup automatic water refill for the unit.
  • Since air coolers use a simple mechanism, they are easy to maintain. Air conditioners on the contrary require periodic service and coolant refills which can be cumbersome and costly in the long run as well.

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How is an Evaporative Air Cooler different from an Air Conditioner?


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