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3 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Must Stop After 50

When you decide to become Age Defiant and have made the decision that you are not going to let your age dictate to you how you are going to live out your remaining years, there are a number of decisions that have to be finally be made.

One of the areas we all work on including myself is those self-limiting beliefs we have dragged along with us through life only to later find out they serve no purpose but to limit your success and behavior.

There are a multitude of self limiting beliefs that many of us drag along with us but three of the main ones I like to see those of us over 50 finally defeat if we expect to be exceptional after 50 is

1.  Believing that as we age that  are health will automatically falter.

2.  Believing that you are too old to change.

3.  Being too concerned what others think of us.

Having a self-limiting belief that we are doomed to poor health generally will bring it to pass due to our self-limiting beliefs. What we see and think in the mind will bring about its physical equivalent. After all our friends and family will moan and groan how they are " falling apart " as they get older as well.
Who we associate with in this manner tends to be absorbed by our minds as well and just feed into this mindset.

Sure physical changes do happen I do not deny that , I have undergone those changes myself however as age defiant warriors, you must understand that your health is closely tied to your beliefs and how you personally feel about responsibilities like getting a strength training program in place or making changes to your eating habits and what your are consuming.

I know previous generations before us felt that getting older meant taking it easy and not exerting ourselves any longer. The human body was not designed for that kind of lifestyle.

It was designed to move and stay active and so should you. Your health will be closely tied to your mental programs that you are running non-stop in your brain. Western culture is no help either, the idea of retiring and sitting back and doing nothing is the worst advice I have ever heard.

The next self-limiting belief that is one of my pet peeves is this crazy idea that we become too old to change. That may one of the most crippling self defeating behaviors you can carry with you as you age.

Its cripples your growth and leads to both physical and more importantly mental stagnation. When someone's fights change they are telling you they lack the self-confidence to change which also is a part of their self esteem.

You can no longer expect to live like its 1975 in the year 2017. That is a dead end street to your growth and happiness unless you have made the conscious decision to give up on your life and if you have, you may as well just plan your funeral.

To  become an age defiant warrior, you must embrace change, change is good, it is the life blood of your existence to gain new knowledge and expand your horizons. Why in the world would you decide to give up now?

learn to embrace change and invigorate your life.

The industrial age that we grew up on is gone, this is the information age where a strong back now is being replaced with  a strong mind. Be part of the transition!

Another self-limiting belief that will stop you in your tracks as you age is still being concerned what other people think.  Really? Why in the world should you care what others are thinking, your job at this point of your life is to live your life the way you want to as long as it is not causing harm to others.

Is there a bit of selfishness involved , yes at times there is however, if you do not do what you want to do now in life instead of doing what others expect you to do then when will you?

In case you do not know this, it makes no difference what you do, there will always be someone who will be pissed at the decision you made and you will not please everyone and if you spend your time trying  to be a people pleaser then you are wasting your time and, after 50 , you do not have a whole lot of time to waste.

Time is your precious commodity at this point, it always has been , we just were too young to appreciate it.

Its the time in your life right now to live your dreams and not someone's else's. There will not a be a second go around in life to my knowledge.

You should only be concerned what you think, that is what is important and that is what will make your life either a living heaven or hell.

Self-limiting beliefs are a life killer and for many of us they have crippled us in pursuing our dreams and going all out in life. Isn't it time to unshackle those beliefs and make the decision to live on your own terms now.

Living a life of regrets at the end will not be something neither you or I want to go through.

Becoming age defiant is not only beating and standing up to the physical odds that time will place on us but more importantly to stand up and beat the hell out of those mental demons that have controlled you up to this point.

Its time to become strong both physically and mentally and live your life now because there will no tomorrow.

Contact me if you would like more information on this topic or leave a comment below to share with others in how we over the age of 50 can become  AGE DEFIANT!

Richard Haynes PTA, CPT
Bradenton, Florida.

This post first appeared on The Age Defiant Warrior, please read the originial post: here

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3 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Must Stop After 50


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